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iPad Pro 9_7 VS iPad Air 2 tt 32

There are varying reports as to the screen size of the iPad launching next year, but reports are consistent that the model will feature smaller bezels.

We’ve heard that the next iPad Pro will have either a 10.9-inch or 10.5-inch screen, and there’s even talk of a 10.1-inch version. However, whatever the size of the next iPad turns out to be, it seems Apple will be reducing the bezel size to accommodate the larger screen but retain the same physical form factor as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

New information coming from the supply chain expects that the new mid-size iPad Pro will share the same size as the smaller iPad Pro, but will be slightly thicker at 7.5mm. That makes it about the same thickness as the original iPad Air.

It’s specified that “informed” sources told Mac Otakara that the device will retain the top bezel where the front-facing FaceTime camera is found but will remove the home button. The report unfortunately stops short of specifying exactly how Apple plans to remove the home button but retain functionality.

Removing the home button and replacing it with a mechanism built into the screen itself has been a long rumored feature, and one that was expected to now come about until the iPhone 8.

It seems that to reduce the bezels, Apple have made the device a lot thicker than current models, but that could also be to accommodate a larger battery. Interestingly, Mac Otakara also mentions that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will also see its thickness increase by 3 mm to 7.2 mm.

As much as reduced bezel-less would look fantastic, I’m not sure how practical they would be on a device that requires almost permanent two-handed operation. The iPad Pro is a prime media consumption device and the bezels offer a great place to hold the device comfortably without interacting with the screen.

Could removing the bezels make the iPad harder to hold? Drop us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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