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Apple seems to be very resistant to the idea of adding touchscreens to its lineup of MacBook notebooks. However, a company wants to give owners of the 13.3-inch MacBook Air a way to interact with the notebook’s display. AirBar has just announced that it will ship an accessory for that Apple notebook model that will add touchscreen functionality.

Previously, AirBar launched a similar product for 15.6-inch Windows notebooks for $69. This new product is just for the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. The device is designed to be placed on the bottom of the display and then hooked up to one of the notebook’s USB ports. After that is done, the MacBook Air’s display should work like a touchscreen, allowing users to tap on apps to open and use them. The display also supports the use of pencils or paintbrushes for people who want to take some quick notes or create some art on the screen.

So far, AirBar has not announced a release date nor a price for the MacBook Air version of its accessory. The company also has plans to release similar touchscreen sensors for 14-inch and 13.3-inch Windows notebooks sometime in the future, but again there’s no word on a specific date or price tag.

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