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apple-line-dividers Wollae (Reddit)

Several Redditors have posted photos from various Apple store locations around the U.S. showing line dividers outside the stores. Sveral Redditors witnessed the dividers being set up and reported a flurry of activity going on inside. This has led many to believe the new 2017 MacBooks will go on sale immediately following the Apple event scheduled for 10AM PDT.

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The image above shows a “line divider” outside Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco, but others have been reported in other locations as far flung as Hawaii and Indianapolis. The Redditor that posted this photo, Wollae, reported the lines went up after closing time and that there were contractors taking measurements of the floor inside after hours.

Speculation has ranged from the line divider being used to protect the trees (which are apparently usually inside) to making a new in-store display for the MacBooks. But several Redditors have noted a store redesign is unlikely.

Whether or not you will be able to buy a new MacBook today or not, the product line is due for its first major refresh in years. And that will surely capture a lot of attention.

Will you buy one of the new MacBooks? What feature are you dying to get?