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The long anticipated Apple AirPods have finally launched and unsurprisingly the wireless headphones are doing pretty well.

The wireless headphone market has steadily grown over the past year. In the U.S. last month, an estimated 75% of revenue from headphones sold online came from wireless models, up from 50% in December 2015, according to Slice Intelligence, who compiled a report tracking the growth.

What is interesting is that despite not even being on sale for that long, Apple’s AirPods led the way for those sales and was responsible for 26% share of online revenue for wireless headphones.

In second spot, again unsurprisingly, was Beats that took an estimated 15.4% of online revenue of the wireless headphone market, down from 24.1% since the start of 2015. With Beats and the AirPods combined, it means Apple is responsible for around 40% of online revenue for the entire market.

Slice Intelligence said wireless headphone spending on AirPods launch day was ten times greater than the pre-holiday average for 2016. December 13 was also the largest single day of online headphone spending last year, according to the research firm, exceeding the spend seen on Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

While Apple is still keeping actual sales numbers close to its chest, the sheer delay of shipping the product currently showing on Apple’s website and the revenue figures from Slice Intelligence show just how well the wireless accessory is doing. Current estimates for shipping the AirPods is holding steady at 6 weeks but Apple has said it is working hard to improve that time.

Slice Intelligence aggregated its data based on anonymized e-receipts from up to 353,926 U.S. online shoppers but of course with any third-party statistics, it may not tell the full story. Perhaps when shipping times begin to catch up with demand, Apple may come out with a more accurate figure as to how popular the AirPods actually are.

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