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If you’ve been holding out for a pair of Apple AirPods you might not have much longer to wait. A sales assistant at Conrad, a German electronics retailer, reportedly told a customer that had called up to cancel his AirPods pre-order that they would be in stock on November 17 and reach pre-order customers on November 18 or 19.

The customer promptly got in touch with German Apple blog called ApfelPage and spilled the beans, saying:

I have just spoken to an employee of Conrad Online Store, because I ordered AirPods there on 14/10 and I wanted to cancel it today. According to the employee I spoke with, they will have inventory from November 17 and I will have mine delivered between November 18-19.

We can’t confirm the legitimacy of the claim, but we did call Conrad to check. We were told “we can’t confirm availability” which may mean they simply can’t or they’ve now realized the cat is out of the bag.

In any case, the rumor will come as good news for anyone disappointed in the delay of AirPods availability. Initially scheduled for October, the AirPods were delayed indefinitely for unknown reasons before rumors started surfacing that the $159 truly wireless earbuds wouldn’t be available until January 2017.

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