avatarby John VelascoDecember 13, 20160 comments

The Apple Airpods are now on sale at the Apple Store for $159.99. The wireless headphones were recently delayed due to quality control issues, before going on sale earlier today with an estimated delivery date of December 19.

In the last couple of hours, the date reportedly slipped first to December 22, then December 29, and now it appears that the Airpods are four weeks away.

The Bluetooth earphones, announced in September alongside the headphone jack-less iPhone 7, can detect when they are in a person’s ears and activate Siri with a double-press. Though they had the potential to be a big seller in the holiday season, the limited availability, and delivery after Christmas day, will no doubt hamper their chances of achieving huge sales figures.

We’ll keep an eye on the availability in the next few hours but don’t be surprised to seem them out of stock if you head to the Apple Store.