avatarby Jimmy WestenbergMarch 21, 20170 comments

Right now, there are a few different ways to create videos on iOS. First there’s iMovie, which can create full-fledged movies out of video clips and audio tracks. There’s also the Memories feature in Photos, which stitches together a bunch of photos to create short, sharable videos.

But today, Apple is making the video creation process much easier, with the introduction of its new iOS app called Clips.

Making videos in Clips is a pretty simple process. Just hold down the big red Record button, and let go when you want to stop recording. Repeat this process until you have all the video footage you need, then drag your clips into your desired order. You can also add photos, filters, emoji, titles and animated icons to make your videos really stand out, too.

Clips also brings a new feature called Live Titles, which allows users to create animated captions and titles using only their voice. You can add effects like comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full-screen animated posters.

In addition, there are dozens of music tracks to choose from, and they’ll automatically adjust to match the length of a video. Basically, Clips does a bunch of the intricate editing stuff for you.

Once you’re satisfied with your video in Clips, you can share it directly to your favorite websites including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more. Oh, and when you share these videos with friends in the Messages app, Clips will suggest who to share with based on the people who appear in your video, as well as the people you share with most often.

Clips will be available in the App Store in April, and will be compatible with the iPhone 5s and later, the new 9.7-inch iPad, all iPad Air and Pro models, iPad mini 2 and later, as well as iPod touch 6th generation. All of these devices must be running iOS 10.3.