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iPad-Air-2-iOS-9-First-Impressions-TabTimes-1-of-5Last week, Apple took its iOS 9 operating system out of beta and unleashed it upon the world and while we’re preparing a full review of the final version, I wanted to give you my first impressions of the new OS.

Some of the improvements in iOS 9 are focused on bringing entirely new experiences for the iPad. A few of these features were not fully realised with the iPad Mini 2 we used for our initial iOS 9 beta hands-on, luckily, I have since switched to the iPad Air 2. Now I am taking full advantage of all the new multitasking features, and with iOS 9 officially released to the public, you can, too.


The iPad has always had a large display but until iOS 9, Apple had never added features that took advantage of the bigger screen real estate. In the new version of the platform, we’re now treated to two features that have made iOS 9 a lot more useful for me; Slide Over and Split View.

The former can be activated by swiping in from the right of the display and this lets you view information in another app without having to back out and switch directly to it. When you want to use the two apps side-by-side, you simply drag the divider into the middle of the screen and both apps come into focus and I’ve found both of these features are not only easy to use but transform the iPad Multitasking experience.


Another feature added in iOS 9 is proactive suggestions, with Apple hoping to emulate Google Now by delivering information that you’re likely to need before you ask for it. In the past week, I’ve found that the iPad Air 2 has learnt a little about my usage and now prompts me to play a particular playlist I enjoy in the morning. It’s a small feature that does feel quite nice as the experience doesn’t feel so soulless.

There’s a host of other changes and improvements that we’ll touch on in the review next week but I will say that the performance on the iPad Air 2 also seems to have been optimised. Whereas there were a few glitches I came across on iOS 8, the update to iOS 9 has been mostly smooth and both, battery life and overall performance, seem to have improved.

iPad-Air-2-iOS-9-First-Impressions-TabTimes-2-of-5 iPad-Air-2-iOS-9-First-Impressions-TabTimes-5-of-5

For a more in-depth look at iOS 9, be sure to stay tuned for our full review. Have you updated to iOS 9 and if so, what do you think? Has the performance of your iPad improved and are you able to use all the new features? Do you have any questions about iOS 9 on the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or other iPad model? Let us know your views, questions and which iPad you have in the comments below guys!