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Apple iPad Mini 4 hero image

Apple has officially announced the next generation iPad Mini 4, along side a couple new phones and some other gear at their September 9th, 2015 Hey Siri event in San Francisco. The new iPad Mini 4 mostly follows the same design language as previous mini offerings, but with a few great new enhancements.

Please note, Apple did not provide any images of the iPad Mini 4 just yet, so you are seeing my boring old iPad Mini 3 in these images, sorry. (Update: some official iPad Mini 4 images added.)

Design and specifications

Starting on the outside, the new iPad Mini 4 still rocks the 7.9-inch display, full metal backing and button and port layout. The power button still lives up top, volume buttons on the right and the power port on the bottom with the speakers. The Home button remains round, an Apple design standard, and still houses a fingerprint scanner.

Apple iPad Air 2 Home button

Moving to the updates, the back side now houses Apple’s high-end 8MP camera sensor. On the inside, you won’t see, but will find a processor update to the A8X chip, known as the main chipset found in the iPad Air 2.

This updated processor allows more than just updated performance, you’ll recall that the iPad Air 2 is the only last generation iPad that will receive the newest multi-tasking features of iOS 9. Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture are all headed to the new iPad Mini 4.

Apple iPad Mini 4 apps

Truly, the Apple announcement made short order of the iPad Mini 4 announcement, basically stating that it is all of the greatness of the iPad Air 2, but sized down to the mini size form factor.

Assisting in making things faster and smoother on the iPad Mini 4 will be an update to 2GB of RAM, that is double what Mini users have been enjoying thus far.

Pricing and availability

Apple was proud to announce that the iPad Mini 4 is available now for the somewhat expected starting price point of $399. We are guessing entirely that that will be a 16GB model, with options up to 128GB. We’ll also assume that you can add the normal $130 to each model price to obtain cellular connectivity.

Update: official pricing has been released, that’s $399 for the WiFi only 16GB model, $499 for 64GB and $599 for 128GB. As speculated, add that $130 to each to gain cellular connectivity.

Apple iPad line pricing 2015

For those wondering, the now last generation iPad Mini 3 can now be had for about a $100 price drop, but it has been removed from the Apple website, leaving just the iPad Mini 2 at a new starting price of $269.

Apple iPad Pro

This is not the only new iPad announced today, be sure to check out our coverage of the new Apple iPad Pro, offering the latest and greatest that Apple offers in a tablet.

What do you say, is the new Apple iPad Mini 4 looking like the device for your needs? Stay tuned for more details, we’ll be taking the iPad Mini 4 for a full spin and bring you all the details as they become available.