avatarby Scott Adam GordonFebruary 28, 20170 comments

Apple may introduce a special edition 10-anniversary iPhone later this year with a curved OLED screen, according to speculation from The Wall Street Journal. The device, what we’ve been referring to as the iPhone 8, is said to follow the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus and go on sale for in the region of $1,000.

The Wall Street Journal cites anonymous sources familiar with the matter and reaffirmed that the new device may drop the series’ typical physical home button in favor of a software solution at the bottom of the handset (i.e. in the “function area” we’ve heard about previously). Further, WSJ suggests that Apple might drop the iPhone’s Lightning connector for USB-C.

Other recent rumors regarding the iPhone 8 include that it could house a 5.8-inch end-to-end display and that it would feature a laser-based facial recognition scanner at the front.

It’s not exactly clear how all of this these rumors piece together and how much crossover there will be between the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and the anniversary edition iPhone 8. Apple tends to keep its “S” interval devices fairly similar to their immediate predecessors — and the 7s and 7s Plus believed to still house flat LCD displays — but the iPhone 8 murmurings indicate that it could be wildly different.

In fact, it doesn’t sound completely unlike the rumored end-to-end curved display bearing, physical home button lacking, Galaxy S8 from Apple’s competitor Samsung. The WSJ even speculates that Samsung is supplying the OLED panels.

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