avatarby John VelascoNovember 28, 20160 comments


Apple’s suppliers have added weight to rumors that the Cupertino company will introduce a curved-screen smartphone next year. The suppliers told The Wall Street Journal that Apple asked them to increase their production of thin OLED displays – which can be formed into curved versions – and deliver prototypes with “better resolution” than those produced by Samsung.

People familiar with the matter told WSJ that a curved display model is being prototyped, but that it may not enter final production because it is part of a pool of more than 10 potential designs. They also said that, if Apple was to launch a curved-screen OLED device, it could be just one of “several” iPhone 8 variants released next year, and likely the more expensive version.

The notion that Apple wants to outdo Samsung in display resolution, in particular, should be taken with a grain of salt. Samsung’s latest Super AMOLED smartphones feature resolutions up to 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels) but Apple’s iPhones typically employ screens with lower resolution than their Android competitors. Apple hasn’t commented on the speculation.

Meanwhile, a report last week suggested that Apple had captured a record 91 percent of worldwide smartphone profits in Q3 2016.