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Apple CEO Tim Cook and other company executives have said multiple times they don’t see the need to create a touchscreen MacBook laptop. However, a newly published patent application may indicate that Apple could be thinking about offering an accessory that could turn an iPhone or iPad into a PC-like notebook instead.

The application, as posted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, both shows and describes the accessory. It says it would have a thin shell, a touchscreen display and keyboard, but with a slot where a touchpad might normally be located. That slot would be for an iPhone or iPad to fit into, and that would allow owners of those devices to have access to a full PC laptop, without the higher cost of purchasing a separate Windows or Mac notebook.

The patent said such a dock accessory could also include its own GPU, which could help boost the graphical abilities of an iOS device that is attached to it. This could allow an iPhone to play higher-end games or apps like photo editors that might otherwise have performance issues when played on an iPhone by itself.

So is Apple going to actually launch such an add-on for its iOS devices? At the moment, it doesn’t seem likely, but such an application does indicate that the company is open to extending the iPhone or iPad experience. Indeed, we have seen Apple launch the keyboard cover for the iPad Pro, which is designed to give the tablet features found normally in a laptop.

Would you buy an official laptop dock for an iPhone or iPad? Is such an accessory even needed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Peter T

    Haven’t Samsung already submitted a similar patent?