avatarby Dan BartramApril 6, 20170 comments

Apple are set to debut its new Clips app for iOS today in the App Store to give you yet another app to add filters and custom images to your video clips.

The premise of Clips is simple – hold down the record button to capture your video and insert it into a project timeline. From here, you can edit your video to add symbols, emojis, and of course filters. Think of it as a take on Instagram or Snapchat meets iMovie.

Clips for iOS allows you to create a short-form movie on your iPhone or iPad without a whole ton of work. You can even add text to compliment your video and you add it by simply speaking what you want it to say. The text is then automatically transcribed to your video courtesy of Siri, so you’ll need a data connection to get this to work. This Live Tiles feature adds a quirky element to your videos and if you transcribed a name into your video, iOS is even clever enough to suggest that person as a contact to share your creation with.

You can even add your own music as a soundtrack or select from the handful or pre-recorded tracks.

What’s more is that Clips will be available for the iPhone 5s up so it’s not like you even need the latest hardware to take advantage of Apple’s new video editing app.

No doubt we’ll begin to see videos created by Clips all over social media in the not too distant future.

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