Apple News Welcome

Apple announced their latest mobile operating system back in July, iOS 9, slated for a fall release. Since the announcement, a beta version of the software has been available, including the new Apple News app and service.

With the final public release of iOS 9 due as early as today (September 16th,) we though it a good time to show you what the new Apple News on iOS 9 is all about.

News aggregation

First things first, Apple News is a news aggregation service much like Flipboard and other reader services. The idea is simple, instead of you navigating the web by yourself, hitting each and every website that is of interest to you, Apple News will hit the sites for you, collect the news and display it in one app on your device.

Apple News start and list

The moment you sign in, Apple News will ask you to select a few topics of interest by way of choosing publications that appeal to you. Moments later you are off and running, enjoying all of the latest news from the selected online sites.

The basic list is a little disheveled, with articles smashed up against each other in an infinite scrolling page. Tap into a story to see it in more detail, this is where the magic happens.

Text formatting

Apple News reader vs webpage

Apple News is able to provide a simple reading format for the material, stripping away all of the fluff and advertisements, leaving you with just the most important images and consistently formatted text. If you do not like this reading layout, you can always tap to head to the source website to see the article as it was originally created.


Apple News split view

While there is actually little multi-tasking to be done within the app itself, Apple News is capable of rendering in the new Split-Screen layout on your iOS 9 powered devices. It even has a new layout for your general news feed that simply lists the articles in order, stacked one on top the other in a neat and orderly fashion.

The same, but different

Apple News top graphic icons

If you are a user of one, or more, of the many other news reader apps available on Android or iOS, Apple News presents as a nice option, but really, nothing you haven’t seen before. Flipboard, Google Newsstand and so many more applications provide similar functionality. Perhaps the best reason to consider Apple News is for the integration with the browser, where articles can open in the full web view within the app itself, instead of handing the connection to the actual web browser.

As we have only been playing with the demo version of Apple News in the iOS 9 beta on our iPad Air 2, we will be sure to bring you more coverage of the app when the official iOS 9 is released for public consumption.

From what you see so far, is Apple News going to pull you away from your current news aggregation service?