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Earlier this week, WikiLeaks posted up what it claims are thousands of documents from the Central Intelligence Agency. These papers allegedly show how the spy organization used exploits in smartphone operating systems to listen in on conversations. Today, Apple said that it has already fixed at least some of the exploits that were revealed in those CIA documents via recent iOS updates.

According to a statement sent to the BBC by the company, Apple that it “will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities” in iOS. While it did not go into specifics on which exploits mentioned in the CIA papers were fixed, it did urge all iPhone and iPad owners to download and install the latest version of iOS so they can stay on top of the most recent security patches.

The papers, also known as the Vault 7 files, show that the CIA found 14 different iOS exploits. However, many of them were found on older versions of Apple’s mobile OS. Apple said today that almost 80 percent of all iOS device owners are currently using the most recent version.

The Vault 7 files also list 24  =vulnerabilities in Google’s Android that let them listen in on smartphone conversations. As of this writing, Google has yet to comment on the leaked papers. Those same files also showed similar exploits in Microsoft’s Windows PC OS  and in smart TVs made by Samsung, the latter of which allows the agency to listen in on chats via the TV’s microphone. Both companies said they were aware of what was listed in the papers and were looking into their claims. So far, the CIA has not commented on whether or not the Vault 7 files do, in fact, come from the agency.