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Earlier this year, ASUS officially launched its Chromebook Flip 2 for $499. The 2-in-1 convertible was a successor to the company’s original Chromebook Flip. Now there’s evidence that ASUS is planning to launch yet another Chromebook convertible later this year.

A listing for the Chromebook Flip C101 was first spotted by Notebook Italia on the Taiwan Excellence Awards website. The listing showed a placeholder image of the original Flip as reference, but it is not likely to be the final look for the product. The page adds that the Chromebook will have a whopping 16 hours of battery life and is just 15.6mm thick.

Both of those specs sound excellent on the surface, but we will likely have to wait a while longer before we learn anything else about the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101. It’s possible the company could officially reveal the new convertible at the 2017 Mobile World Congress trade show in a few days, but it seems more likely that the company may wait until later this year to reveal more info on this product.

Keep in mind that Google has already announced that all new Chromebooks that are launched in 2017 will include support for running Android apps, downloaded from the Google Play Store. Hopefully that support will be extended to this upcoming ASUS Chromebooks as well.

  • Ris

    good news

  • 1solo

    They need to put out an updated 10.1 version of the flip at a Pricepoint of $300 or lower i dont think the masse’s are willing drop $500 on a Chromebook just yet.