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ASUS is bringing some interesting things to the table this year at CES. Today the company revealed the Chromebook C202, which is a rugged little notebook specifically designed to endure the kinds of wear and tear that comes from being in the hands of school kids. It’s a book for the classroom, and ASUS has built it to be drop-resistant, backpack-friendly, and easy on your wallet.

ASUS has also made the C202 extremely modular, allowing you to disassemble it easily with unspecialized tools. If the battery goes out, chuck it and plug in a new one. Same with the keyboard and power socket. You can basically take the whole thing apart in your living room if you want to.

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Spec-wise, we’re not looking at much here. You aren’t going to be tricking out Skyrim or anything on this baby. ASUS’s school-savvy Chromebook comes with an 11.6-9nch screen (1366×768), and it’s powered by an Intel Celeron chip. In terms of RAM, you can choose between 2 and 4 gigs, and the internal storage is only 16 GB. Still, with a price tag of $219 or $229 (for the 2 GB and 4 GB of RAM respectively), you’re really getting a lot for what you’re paying. The C202 is looking to ship in February, so if a sturdy little Chromebook is on your wish list, check back with ASUS in a month.

What are your thoughts on this rough-and-tumble Chromebook? A solid pick for the clumsy student, or are there better options on the market? Let us know in the comments below!

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