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Apple iPhone 7 Review 49

Apple’s iPhone day came and went and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now here! The removal of the headphone jack makes all 3.5mm headphones outdated unless you want to use a dongle, but more than likely you’ll want to take advantage of the Lightning ports for audio, for all the new possibilities for headphones or even Bluetooth for a truly wireless experience. If you’re going to opt for listening with lightning headphones, you’ll need to live a life of dongles to charge and listen. Otherwise, you’ll need to use wireless earbuds or headphones which are still a relatively young and emerging market. Either way, you’ll need a new case to protect your jet black iPhone 7, or whichever color you choose.

We’ve put together this list of the best iPhone 7 accessories to help you with your new smartphone. With the iPhone 7 now available (but some preorders still to be shipped), you’ll need to hurry before you’re stuck choosing between charging your iPhone 7 and listening to music.

iPhone Lightning Dock


The dock is back, but without the alarm clock or speakers from iPhone past. The lightning dock from Apple is a small functional dock perfect for charging or syncing your iPhone at your desk. On the dock, you’ll find there are two ports; a 3.5mm jack, and Lightning port. So you can plug in headphones while you’re at your desk or you can use the stereo speakers for listening in on a conference call. One way or another you’ll find the dock extremely useful when you need to charge and talk.

Overall the Lightning dock is perfect for anyone who wants a clean and minimal way to charge their iPhone on their desk without wires going everywhere.

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iPhone 7 Case Titan

The iPhone 7 may be water and dust resistant, but that doesn’t mean it’ll survive a hard fall. The iPhone 7 case Titan is a durable, sleek, and protective case for your shiny new iPhone. The case is made from shock absorbing material meant to absorb the shock of a nasty fall and not have a shattered screen. It’s sleek and modern design means you’re not covering your iPhone with a lucky and oversize phone protector that detracts from the overall slim and elegant design of the iPhone.

All-in-all, the Titan case will protect your new iPhone 7 from any nasty falls, giving you the peace of mind that lets you focus on your day. The case comes in multiple colors to match your iPhone and is inexpensive.

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During the iPhone 7 announcement, Apple introduced us to their first wireless earbuds aptly named AirPods. The AirPods are essentially the earpods with the wires removed, and whether you like the white sticking out of your ear, Apple’s made them the best experience on the iPhone. The wireless earbuds get around 5 hours of listening time, which isn’t the longest but with the charging case, you can extend it to a whole day. There is a W1 chip in the earbuds which is meant to help Bluetooth stay connected and prevent drops or spotty connections.

Price at $159 the AirPods are competitively priced, and could be a great buy if you want a great pair of earbuds that work with all your Apple devices. The earbuds won’t start shipping till after the iPhone’s arrive, but you can keep your eye out for them.

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Bragi Dash

The Apple AirPods won’t be out for a few weeks, and if you want a pair of truly wireless earbuds, the Bragi Dash could be the perfect fit. While they’re more expensive than the AirPods, they offer some smart features for fitness, audio passthrough, and noise canceling. The problem with earbuds, Dash including, is Bluetooth at times can drop but with such a small receive in the earbuds what can you expect.  The Dash earbuds aren’t one size fits all either, they have some different sleeves always to stay in your ear.

The Bragi Dash are the perfect fit for anyone who’s active and needs wireless earbuds in the post headphone jack iPhone. Not only that, they can be bought on Amazon today and be at your door in days.

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iPhone 7 smart battery case


The iPhone 7 has improved the battery life, adding two more hours to the iPhone 7 and 1 hour to the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple knows this small improvement will make many iPhone owners jump with joy, but it still might not be enough for many power users. Apple knew this and tweaked the iPhone smart battery case to fit on the iPhone 7 so you can enjoy much longer battery life.

While it’s not the best looking back bump, it can add hours onto your battery which can get you through a day of heavy usage. Overall, the iPhone 7 smart battery case is ideal for any iPhone owner who constantly drains their iPhone battery and cannot always find a charger. We’ve got an iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case review coming soon so stay tuned and check out more info at the link below.

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iPhone 7 Silicon Case


Apple always releases a series of cases along with their new iPhone’s, and this year is no different. The silicon case from Apple is a minimal case that protects your iPhone from bumps and falls without adding bulk. It comes in multiple colors, 7 to be exact, which will fit anyone’s style and color preferences.  The case feels soft and grippy in the hand, preventing it from slipping out and inadvertently falling.

If you’re in the process of pre-ordering or ordering your iPhone, you can add the case to your bag to get the phone and case delivered together – preventing your iPhone to go days without a case.

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Lifeproof iPhone 7 Case


The iPhone is dust and water resistant, but it isn’t waterproof. Lifeproof has been making cases for years, and this year they aren’t throwing in the towel. The Lifeproof for the iPhone 7 comes in a color version and Nuud version that’s clear to let you see your new jet black or rose gold iPhone. The case will guarantee the iPhone 7 won’t stop working because it took a dip in water for a little too long.

Overall, the Lifeproof case might be overkill for some but in a rough world, you never protect your investment too much. It’s great to have a water resistant phone, but waterproof is a much better proposition.

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iPhone 7 Presidio Clear and Print Cases


The iPhone 7 is an elegant and slick looking phone whether it comes in gold, silver, rose gold, or jet black. Having a clear case, it’s great to show off what color iPhone you have and not hide the iPhone from the world. The clear cases come with prints from feathers to dots that are stylish and great looking addition to your phone. It’s a minimal case but when you’re not prone to drops or falls you shouldn’t have a thing to worry about.

All-in-all, the case is minimal but keeps your phone protected while staying stylish and fashionable.

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Anker Powercore 20100


Keeping your iPhone charge is a little easier with the improved battery life, but even with the improved battery life the iPhone 7 could still die on you. Having a portable power cube with you means you’ll always have a backup battery without having an ugly power bank case. The Anker Powercore can charge the iPhone 7 times over, keeping you charged for days. The case also isn’t large or bulky like others the same size meaning you can always carry the device around with you.

All-in-all, the Anker power core is an excellent way to stay charged while on the go when you don’t want to have a battery case on your phone all the time.

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Lightning Audio and Charge Dongle


Dongles could soon become a common thing for iPhone users because many times you’ll not have a pair of Bluetooth headphones and need to use lightning to listen to audio, but also charge your phone. The Belkin dongle lets you use the phone for music while also charging your phone. The dongle isn’t bulky or heavy, so you’ll be able always to have the dongle in your back pocket when you’re traveling. It may be a bleak future full of extra accessories, but in the long run, everything will work itself out.

Dongles could become more and more common, but Belkin was the first to announce and ship their lightning to a lightning dongle.

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JBL Reflect Aware


The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t all bad news because now smarter noise canceling and audio pass through work without heavy batteries because lightning provides all the power. While this will drain your phone’s battery, you can grab a battery case or dongle to charge the phone. While the JBL Reflect Aware headphones are expensive, they have noise canceling to prevent excess noise from crowds or the wind.

Overall, the power draw from Lightning allows for more features that would have typically need a battery attached to the headphones. Now headphones will be lighter and more compact, but could cost more like the JBL headphones which will set you back a substantial amount.

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Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones aren’t completely wireless because there’s a wire connecting the two earbuds, but that slight downside allows for more battery. You can almost get 8 hours of continuous listening, which is double than most wireless earbuds.  The Jaybird headphones are some of the highest rated sports headphones with all of its features and long battery life. The headphones have an increase single to prevent Bluetooth dropout when outdoors, making your audio sound high quality. The earbuds on the jaybirds have different sleeves to fit anyone’s ear size, preventing them from falling out no matter what you’re doing.

In the end, the Jaybird X2 headphones are the best Bluetooth headphones for sports or just listening to music while on a plane or around town.

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Wrap up

Living in a post 3.5mm jack world isn’t easy at first. We’ll have to have the courage to find new headphones, which are more capable and sound better in the end. At the same time if you do use lightning to listen to music you’ll need to a dongle to charge and listen. Either way, you’ll need to find a new case to protect your new iPhone for the harsh world out there. In the end, the accessories that are the best for the iPhone 7 are all necessities, and the cases are the same ones we loved from the iPhone 6S.

Tell us in the comments below if we missed any accessories that you need for the iPhone 7.