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(Note to readers: An updated list of the 25 Best Apps for Android Tablets has been published here in October 2013)

From medical reference to real-time language translation, this list of the best 25 apps offers power, flexibility, and protection for mobile workers.

SwiftKey Tablet X Keyboard


We’ve found SwitKey’s custom keyboard to be more efficient than most—it has a split option for landscape, and forward-thinking users will be able to take advantage of this utility’s predictive capabilities, which can really speed you up.



It’s so ubiquitous and so indispensable that we feel a little lazy including it. In our minds however, this is easily one of the best five apps of the year. The note-taking and cloud syncing are excellent, but the ability to record audio within the context of any note? That’s sublime.

Juice Defender


It’s not the prettiest of Android apps, but road warriors looking to extend their Android tablet’s battery life should look no further. Juice Defender has more settings, options and toggles than we’ve ever seen. It also has five preset and customizable profiles that allow for easy power management.

RepliGo Reader


This PDF reader does it all. Extensive annotation capabilities, an easy-on-the-eyes night-reading mode, document rotation, and more. RepliGo also gets bonus points for syncing quickly and easily with Gmail, Dropbox, and Evernote.

Kindle Reader


Sure, Amazon has created its own tablet, but for existing Kindle subscribers who already own an Android tablet, the company’s Kindle app is ideal. The fact that many newspaper subscriptions now come through to the Kindle app makes it even better, even if they’re not the best-looking digital newspapers in the world.

Google Currents


Google’s news browser/reader is surprisingly elegant with a nice interface, and nice, clean-looking story pages. ProTip: Did you know that you can access TabTimes through Currents? Look us up.

Google Translate


An app version of Google’s amazing translation web site, this app quickly translates text between 60+ languages. A new Conversation Mode even allows you to communicate directly with another person in close to real-time.



The easiest way to describe the cloud-based data services Box provides is that this app is a combination of Evernote and Dropbox, but on steroids. We like the high levels of encryption, fast searching capabilities, offline access, and cross-app data sharing. Perfect for small to large businesses.

Citrix Receiver


The more businesses and IT admins we speak to, the more we hear about Citrix’ virtualized Windows desktops being the ideal combination of security and productivity. Corporations and employees who want to use their corporate tablet for work (or vice versa) should look no further.

PrinterShare Premium


Printing from a tablet is highly under-rated. You don’t really need it—until you *really* need it. This PrinterShare app is fairly easy to configure, particularly if you have Google Cloud Print activated.

File Manager HD (Honeycomb)


Maximize the potential of your Android Honeycomb tablet by using it just like you would a Windows PC. File Manager HD allows you to quickly move navigate the directories on your tablet, and even allows cut, copy and paste functions.

Package Tracker Pro


Does exactly what it says, and does it well. Track packages across over 20+ different shipping carriers, and you can sort packages into lists, set notifications, and sync with the developer’s website.

Intuit GoPayment for Tablets


Square gets a lot of attention, but Intuit’s GoPayment payment service is also remarkable, and it’s optimized specifically for Android Honeycomb 3.x. Set-up is easy, you can get a free credit card swipe, and Plus, you can quickly and easily sync your sales data with Quickbooks.

Adobe Collage


Less of a heavy design-oriented app and more geared towards inspiration and thematic projects such as mood boards, Adobe’s newest app is ideal for the less artistically inclined. This app allows you to import multiple images from multiple source and draw and design over them.

Mindjet for Android


Recently released for Android, Mindjet’s touch-based approach to mind-mapping software is elegant, efficient, and powerful. Existing Mindjet customers will also appreciate the deep hooks into the desktop version of the application.