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Previous generation Apple TV devices were quite limited, but with the new iteration the doors to new possibilities have been opened. The system finally has access to an app store, voice commands and touch controls on its remote. Not to mention better integration with your mobile devices.

But this also means that in order to enjoy the full experience Apple TV has to offer, you might need to get yourself some extras. There is plenty of fun to be had with the new system, so we have put together a nice list of our favorite Apple TV accessories. Let’s jump right in.

Apple HDMI Cable


You will need to buy an HDMI cable, as the actual Apple TV doesn’t come with one. We seriously don’t like the idea of Apple not including something as basic as an HDMI cable, but all we can do is complain and lead you to some good options.

Some may consider Apple’s HDMI cable a bit expensive, but it is also not excessively pricey. It goes for $19.99 on Amazon and measures 1.8 meters.

It’s a good option for those who prefer sticking with Apple accessories, and in my opinion this cable does have some special qualities. While other HDMI cables are thick and bulky, this one has a thin cable and low profile. It looks almost like a phone charging cable.

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AmazonBasics HDMI Cable

amazonbasics hdmi

But hey, an HDMI cable is just and HDMI cable, right? Why spend extra money when you shouldn’t? Amazon does offer some great accessories at super low prices, and this HDMI cable will do the job just right. It goes for $5.49 and measures 6 feet.

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TotalMount Apple TV Mount


Have a wall-mounted TV or simply don’t want more clutter? This Apple TV mount will keep your home entertainment system clear by attaching the device on the back of your television. It has clips that will easily hook to TV vents, or you can even screw it on the wall.

You can grab this neat accessory for only $19.95 from Amazon.

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Apple TV Remote Loop


Some of us have been known to throw remotes across the room, so we thought including this loop was important. Just click it into the Lightning port and adjust the loop around your wrist and you will be safe.

This accessory goes for $12.99 from the Apple Store.

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SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller


There’s plenty of MFi (Made for iPhone) controllers that will work with the Apple TV, but we are fans of the SteelSeries Nimbus.

This SteelSeries gamepad is a full-featured gaming accessory. It sports pressure-sensitive buttons, a console-style design, Bluetooth 4.1, an integrated battery and more. All for $47.99. Not exactly cheap, but a worthy investment for what it offers.

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Guitar Hero Live


Are you a fan of the Guitar Hero franchise? The new Guitar Hero Live is on Apple TV and you can even get a cool guitar accessory for your jams. It is not cheap at $99.95, but we know there are plenty of fans around.

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Twelve South HiRise 2


Having to worry about charging yet another device is a hassle, but keeping your Apple TV remote alive can be made a little easier with this charging dock. It was designed for iPhones and iPads, but will work like a charm with the Apple TV remote.

The Twelve South HiRise 2 goes right in line with Apple’s streamlined design and has a great metal construction that won’t disappoint. But you will have to pay $51.76 for it.

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Now you are ready to enjoy your Apple TV! Are there any other accessories you would recommend? Hit the comments to let us know.