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Got yourself a brand new Apple Watch? It’s time to get it loaded with applications. There is a bunch of apps to be had; simply open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and you can start looking through thousands of them. Yeah… thousands. That does sound like a lot, which is why we have put together a list of our favorite Apple Watch apps to get you started.

Check out our curated list of the best Apple Watch apps and worry about exploring new ones later! By the way, this list won’t include applications that come installed when you first purchase your Apple Watch. But check those out too; they can be pretty awesome.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Updated October 2016: Removed Vine after Twitter announced plans to shut the service down.



Needless to say plenty of us are enjoying Uber, and now you don’t even have to pull out your phone in order to request a ride. The Apple Watch Uber app allows users to request a car, look at wait times, see driver details and more. It is simple, yet very effective.

Download Uber now

Google Maps


Apple Maps works very well on your Apple Watch, but we know plenty of you are more fond of Google Maps. You can definitely take advantage of Google’s map services, which can grant you text-based directions. After setting up your home and work addresses, it is amazingly simple to launch navigation to either of those locations.

Download Google Maps now



You are probably already using Twitter, so why not take advantage of its Apple Watch capabilities? With the Twitter app you can easily take a look at your feed, reply to friends, post a tweet and more. Pretty convenient for internet gossip!

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Another very popular social network compatible with the Apple Watch is Instagram. And boy does this app look great on the wearable! Instagram’s square images look like they were made for this screen. Check out your feed, like images, look at profiles and more!

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Facebook Messenger


Of course, Facebook can’t be forgotten when talking about social networks. The regular Facebook app has no support for the Apple Watch, but Facebook Messenger does. Everyone is on Facebook, making messenger a replacement to other messaging apps for many of us. Now you can keep in touch with everyone without even pulling out your phone!

Download Facebook Messenger now



Slack is not used by everyone, but plenty of companies, organizations and other entities see it as a valuable communications tool. If you happen to be a Slack user, Apple Watch compatibility will keep you in touch with all your co-workers.

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The Weather Channel


Do you like keeping track of the weather? Apple has its own solution, but some of you really trust The Weather Channel for all your meteorology reports. You will get weather alerts for rain, lightning and more, a well as an accurate glance at the temperature.

Download The Weather Channel now



There’s plenty of note-taking apps out there, but Evernote has stood out from the competition thanks to its feature-full nature and wide availability. It’s no surprise they have implemented Apple Watch support, giving users the ability to dictate notes and searches, view notes, set reminders and more.

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Are you a frequent Starbucks customer? If so, you will probably want the iPhone app, which does support the Apple Watch. You can use Passbook to pay for drinks, look at nearby locations and keep track of your account. All from the comfort of your wrist.

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Philips Hue


Philips Hue products offer smart lighting and other intelligent IoT gadgets that will make your life much easier, especially knowing it can all be controlled from your Apple Watch.

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Which are your favorite Apple Watch apps? Are there any you think should be in this list? Hit the comments to let us know!