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Got a brand new Apple Watch? All Apple Watch versions look great, but sometimes you have to step out of the conventional to really find what suits you best. The most convenient way to alter an Apple Watch’s looks is by buying different bands. There is a sea of options out there, so we have curated an exclusive list with our very favorite ones.

By the way, we will only be listing third-party straps in this list. Apple makes some amazing bands, but those are very common and easy to find. Adding them to this list would really add no value, but you can look through them at Apple’s dedicated page. Now, let’s get started.

Reserve Strap


The Apple Watch can do a lot, but only for a limited time. Battery life is an important factor, and though an Apple Watch is estimated to last up to 18 hours, sometimes that’s just not enough. This is why the Reserve Strap is special; it was made to charge your Apple Watch on-the-go. It’s a similar idea to a charging case on a smartphone.

The concept is amazing, but there is one huge caveat. Recent updates to the watch have disabled the accessory port’s functionality. This means the strap no longer serves its intended purpose, but the company is hoping Apple will make things right. Until then, the Reserve Strap only works with watches running software WatchOS 2.0 and lower. Furthermore, sales have been halted, but you can pre-order the product if interested. It’s not cheap at $249.99, but promises great functionality.

Pre-order the Reserve Strap

Lux Woods African Blackwood Band

Lux Woods African Blackwood Band

Apple Watch bands made of rubber, metal and fabrics are very common, making it difficult to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Lux Woods has put together a strap that will really give your wearable a unique touch.

As the name entails, this band is made of wood and features a stainless steel clasp. It goes for $64.99; expensive, but not over the top. Not to mention it is very stylish.

Buy Lux Woods African Blackwood Band

Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff


Pad & Quill has become known for its leather and wood tech accessories. These include cases, bags and now even Apple Watch bands. The Lowry Cuff has a very unique, yet elegant look. This is a true piece of craftsmanship, featuring tanned leather, a velvet soft suede interior and nickel finish lugs/buckles. The product is so good the company promises a 25-year warranty on the leather!

As for the price – the Lowry Cuff goes for $129.95. Expensive, but gorgeous.

Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff

Wristouch Meta Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel 316L Bracelet


Stainless steel is among the most popular Apple Watch band materials, but some of you would want its benefits without the streamlined aesthetics. This is a more unique bracelet, featuring a stainless steel construction with a carbon fiber finish.

Prices for the Meta series range between $99 and $129.

Buy the Wristouch Meta Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel 316L Bacelet

Hoco Link Bracelet v2


If you do like the stainless steel look, Hoco makes some of the best bands around. It is simple, yet elegant and resistant. It also comes with a butterfly lock, which is new when compared to its predecessor.

Buy the Hoco Link Bracelet v2

Case-Mate Turnlock Strap


Case-Mate’s accessories are very popular, mostly because they manage to find the right balance between affordability, aesthetics and quality. The Turnlock Strap is among the cheapest in the list, with a low price of $16.77 on Amazon. Not bad, right?

The only problem is that the look is not for everyone. It’s pink and comes with a cute little charm.

Buy the Case-Mate Turnlock Strap

Form•Function•Form Button-Stud Band


This brand prides itself in their concept of a cyclical philosophy in which form follows function, which in turns follows form again. Staying true to their ideals, they have created a band that is as equally good-looking as it is convenient.

No tools are required to install this band, and it is amazingly simple to operate. The product comes with click-in band adapters and no buckles. Instead, it has a button stud right below the watch. It is easy to put on, but also comes with its sacrifices. Because the band has to be perfectly fitted, you have to give the company your wrist dimensions before the purchase. This means you can’t easily sell them or give them away, as not all of us have similarly sized body parts.

This band goes for $94, but they do offer a lifetime size warranty. You can have your band adjusted for free… forever.

Buy the Form•Function•Form Button-Stud Band

Clessant Exotic Bands

We know some of you are fans of leather, but not just the usual type you see everywhere. Clessant takes things to a new level by offering Apple Watch straps made of ostrich, stingray and alligator. Prices range from 159 to 270 Euros, but those bands sure look exotic.

Buy the Clessant Exotic Band

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro


Apple Watches can get very pricey, so you might want to keep yours well protected. The SUPCASE is a rugged band that keeps your smart watch safe under a dual-layer cover made of polycarbonate and TPU. It may not look as sleek as the Apple Watch was intended to be, but will probably appeal to the sporty users around here. And at $21.99, you are getting a hell of a deal.

Buy the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro



Finding a good band online can be hard for those of us who really want a personal connection with accessories. For the more demanding Apple Watch owners there is Casetify. Aside from having a wide collection of designs, Casetify makes it possible to customize your own bands.

It works much like Moto Maker. You can choose your colors, update images with designs, choose the sizes and more. At $49, these can be considered pricey for the quality you get, but the design will be truly yours.

Buy the Casetify band

Which of these Apple Watch bands is your favorite? Are there any you think should be added to the list?

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