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Smartwatches are all the hype. There’s plenty of options out there, but finding the right wearable is a simple choice for many of you. Millions are touting iPhones, making the Apple Watch an obvious decision. The only issue is that the Apple Watch isn’t exactly cheap.

In fact, prices can get pretty hefty if you decide to get fancy and go for one of those 18-karat gold Apple Watches (they go up to $17,000). But hey, the cost does start at $299, making the Apple Watch relatively accessible.

It’s always good to save a buck or two, though, so we have gone on a quest to find the best Apple Watch deals around the web. Let’s get started.

Apple Watch Sport


The Apple Watch Sport is the most affordable of Apple’s wrist wearables, with prices ranging from $299 to $349. It can accomplish the same in terms of functionality. It is the design and build quality that you will find different.

The frame is made of anodized aluminum, while bracelets are constructed with either fluoroelastomer (rubber) or woven nylon. They are functional and simple, yet good-looking. And some people just happen to prefer this look!

Apple Watch


This is meant to be the standard version of Apple Watches. The frame’s material is upgraded to stainless steel. Bands take on a more classic nylon, leather or metal look. Prices do go up a bit for the aesthetic changes, though. The cost ranges from $549 to $1099, but we have some good deals that may alleviate the strain on your wallet.

Apple Watch Edition


Technology was never so fancy. With the Apple Watch Edition you get gold cases. Literally… gold. Not just gold-colored. Aside from giving you all the functionality of a smartwatch, these wearables will look elegant and serve as a status symbol at any event. But be ready to pay the price for it, as these watches also range from $10,000 to $17,000.

Sadly, there are no good official deals out there, but some companies to plate other Apple Watches with gold. These will cost much less, but they are not quite the real thing. Regardless, it’s the closest we could get to a deal on Apple Watch Edition devices.

Are there any other good deals you know of? Hit the comments to let us know. Who is signing up for one of these?

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