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Apple Watch stands

Your Apple Watch needs a home. You know… other than your wrist. You could just use the included charger and leave it on any flat surface, but that is not the best way to use and showcase your expensive gadget. Instead, you can look for a nice stand or dock. These will make for a much better experience and can often bring forth extra functionality.

But of course, because this is an Apple product, there is a sea of available options. How do you find the right one? We have put together a list of our favorite stands and docks for the Apple Watch, making your accessory quest simpler. Let’s dig in.

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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock


Want to go with an official product? Apple’s charging dock is great. The iPhone maker is known for its design prowess, and this charger definitely doesn’t fail to impress. Its circular design and seamless look will almost disappear into any setting. The charger itself can be elevated to make for a stand position, or you can lay it down to simply place the watch over the whole dock.

It is beautiful and does what it should very well, but it is priced at $79.

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MiTagg NuDock Power Station Lamp


This is pretty much the ultimate charging station for your Apple Watch. It is elegantly designed, very versatile and amazingly convenient.

The NuDock can charge your Apple Watch, iPhone and a third product, saving up power outlet space while looking amazingly good. And this dock was made to be more than just a station for your gadgets; it is also a lamp with adjustable settings.

It is not a cheap product, though. In fact, it is the most expensive accessory in this list, priced at $149.40 on Amazon. Some may deem it worth every penny, though.

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Mophie Apple Watch Dock


Mophie is mostly known for its battery cases and packs, but they also make some great stands, and their Apple Watch Dock doesn’t fail to impress.

The dock will look very elegant in any desk setting, thanks to its aluminum body and leather accents. Meanwhile, the cables can easily hide in the body to make for sleek aesthetics.

It is not the cheapest at $47.99, but Mophie is a trusted brand and this dock competes only with the best.

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Aerb Bamboo Apple Watch Dock


If that Mophie charging station is too expensive, Aerb has put together a very nice solution for you. This Apple watch dock is made of bamboo and costs only $7.99 on Amazon.

It definitely helps that the station offers a spot for both the Apple Watch and an iPhone, with cable management for the watch included. It is affordable, good-looking and very convenient.

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Sena Watch Case


This is not only an elegant charging station, it is also a case that can store your Apple Watch when traveling. This leather enclosure can store your watch and cable while on-the-go.

To turn it into a charging station simply pplace the lid on the bottom side and prop up your wearable to keep it visible. It can be put together and disassembled easily, thanks to its magnet system, offering the convenience you need.

It is $59.95, but is one of the best-looking and most convenient Apple Watch accessories we have seen.

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There you have it, guys! Those are our very favorite Apple Watch stands and docks. Which one are you going for? Are there any others you would recommend?