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Apple iPad Air 2 Home button speaker grills

Despite being a little on the older side at this point, the Apple iPad Air 2 is still a slick tablet, one I’ve been using and plan to keep using for years to come. We think you’d be pleased with the tablet for your basic usage requirements, it was, after all, the best that Apple had to offer in their mobile department for quite some time, just keep in mind that the iPad Pro 9.7 is the new powerhouse in the line, for your productivity needs.

One of the best and easiest ways to not only help your iPad Air 2 survive the years to come, but to get the most out of it as well, is to load up on accessories. A case and a stand are a great place to start, keyboards, Bluetooth speakers and more will help round out the experience. Here is a quick list of the types of accessories we think are worth looking into, and a few examples of some of the better options out there.

Before we begin, I just want to say one quick word about our choices today. Most of the accessories we will look at today have an official version built by Apple themselves. As there is a great chance you already know this, we will try to look at accessories from alternative manufacturers around the industry. After all, there are hundreds of quality choices out there, and we can do nothing more than inspire you to go find the pieces that work best for you.

Update August 2016: We will frequently update this list with new and more relevant products and purchasing options. This month we’ve replaced more than a few items with newer and possibly shinier offerings. At the very least, we managed to find less expensive purchasing options, saving you money so you can buy more accessories.


Apple iPad Air 2 roocase OrbOne of the smartest, and most common accessories for any iPad is a case. We recently took a look at our favorite leather smart cases for the iPad, but we also want to show you the roocases Orb 360 Rotating Folio. Protection is obviously the key purpose in a case.

Functionality, such as acting as a tablet stand, providing easy handling, access to the ports and camera as well as having a smart cover that turns on and off your device as the cover goes into place, is also important. You’ve got it all with the roocase Orb, $15 at Amazon.

Buy the roocase Orb 360 now


Apple iPad Smart CoverIf a full case is not your style, there is a simpler solution of just the smart cover to get you by. The same rules apply as for a case, providing protection, at least for your display, and smart functionality are very important.

The Apple iPad Smart Cover attaches to the sides of your iPad Air 2, providing a little bit of edge protection, and all the front protection to get you through your normal day. The Apple Smart Cover will run you $24.99 and up for the more common colors, but you can grab some off-beat colors for as low as $13 on Amazon.

Buy the Apple Smart Cover now


Anker tablet StandIt would be irresponsible to suggest that the iPad Air 2 is heavy, but in terms of mobile technology, it is one of the larger and heavier tablets on the market today. As such, it can become a literal pain in the neck to hold the device for extended periods of time.

There are nearly as many iPad and tablet stands available as there are iPad cases, a strong, portable, affordable option is this Anker tablet stand for $10.99 on Amazon.

Buy the Anker tablet stand now


Anker Bluetooth keyboardWhen it comes to getting the most out of your iPad Air 2, especially for productivity and, dare I say, work, a keyboard is an excellent accessory to keep you going. We recently took a look at a few great Bluetooth keyboard options, of which the Anker Bluetooth Keyboard for $19.99 from Amazon stood out for us.

Buy the Anker Bluetooth keyboard now


Stylus amPenMany tablet users enjoy taking their slates to the next level when it comes to artistry or using their iPad as an input device for their PC. One of the easiest ways to maximize these efforts is by using a stylus as your input method. Newer iPad owners are taking advantage of the Apple Pencil on their iPad Pro or iPad Pro 9.7, sadly, this smart stylus is not designed for the iPad Air 2. There are many other great stylus on the market today, such as the amPen with replaceable tip starting at $7.95 from Amazon.

Buy the amPen stylus now

Extra power

There is one fundamental truth to battery powered mobile technology, those batteries become depleted after a fairly short amount of time. When that happens to your iPad Air 2, you simply find an outlet and plug in that fancy Lightning cable to get more juice. And when you are not at home, a backup cable and an extra charger are all you need to keep the lights on.

Anker Lightning CableIf all you need is an extra power cable, you have many options available. We’ll show you this Apple MFi Certified cable from Anker today, but don’t forget to also check out one of my favorite cable suppliers, Monoprice.

Buy Monoprice lightning cable now

Anker 4 port USB chargerThis 2 port charger from Anker is a solid device, one we’ve been using for phone, Android tablet and iPad alike for months, and love it. However, it is currently out of stock, and there is a newer model available, so, if the original 2-port charger for $20 is good, the new 4-port charger for $22 at Amazon must be better, right?

Buy the Anker 4-port charger now

Power pack

Speaking of power, when you are on the go, an external power pack can be a device life saver. Here are a couple that we think are great, and should each provide as much as two full charges for your iPad Air 2.

RavPower powerpackThis RavPower unit can commonly be found on sale over on our sister site Android Authority. We think it is a great powerpack, and we think it will serve you well. It packs 16750mAh, which should get you about two full charges of your iPad, and includes a little flashlight all for $33 on Amazon.

Buy the RavPower 16750mAh battery pack now

Anker 2nd Gen Astro 3Personally, I am a big fan of the Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 pictured to the left, it has served me well for a few years now, but it’s discontinued. Instead, I’ll point you toward the newer, larger (capacity) and faster charging 20000mAh PowerCore 20100 for $40 on Amazon.

Buy the Anker PowerCore 20100 now


Over at our sister site, Sound Guys, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and wired headphones available on the market. Ranging anywhere from $33 to $499, you’re bound to find some great audio accessories to pair with your tablet, smartphone or ultrabook. Head to the links below for more information.

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Bluetooth speakers

Once again, our friends over at Sound Guys compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy for under $50. On the list, you’ll be able to find multiple powerful wireless speakers for $25, or some higher end models that range up to $49. Be sure to check out the link below for a full list of the best Bluetooth speakers available on the market.

SoundGuys – Best Bluetooth speakers of 2016
Sound Guys – Best Bluetooth speakers under $50

There you have it folks, with the thousands of accessories out there for your Apple iPad Air 2, we think these few are the key set that every user should at least consider for their tablet experience.

What is your favorite accessory for your iPad Air 2?

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