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Apple iPad Air 2 Gold face down camera tt

Are you still searching for the perfect case to protect your Apple iPad Air 2? Although it’s no longer the latest iPad on the market, the iPad Air 2 remains the choice for many of you, more than likely as the new iPad Pro 9.7 performs a few more tasks than you care for for your mobile computing needs. No matter how old it is, protecting your iPad Air 2 is a smart move and we’re going to help you navigate the thousands of available options with our roundup.

If you hadn’t heard me say it before, I always recommend having a simple tablet sleeve kicking around for your iPad Air 2. It does not have to be fancy, but your iPad, including a case, should be able to slide in, providing protection from dust and water as the case protects from bumps and bruises.

We will frequently update this list with new cases that we find, or when prices seem to jump around considerably. This month we’ve removed the Belkin QODE keyboard case, it is discontinued, as well as adjust a few prices – it appears that  most iPad Air 2 cases are becoming more expensive, we hope that’s not a permanent trend. 

It is true that we’ve discussed cases for the iPad before, but those were general iPad cases, made for the various iPad models out there, today’s list is purely to focus on the iPad Air 2, much like the list we put together for the iPad Mini 3 a short while ago. If you are unsure which device you are rocking, have a look around the buttons, the iPad Air 2 does not have a lock switch, where previous iPad versions and the iPad Mini 3 currently have, and the newer iPad Pro 9.7 includes a camera bump, you can’t miss it.

Enough with all the explanations, get ready for our list of the best iPad Air 2 cases.

Apple Smart Case for iPad Air 2

Apple Smart Case iPad Air 2We begin our list with the case made by the folks that made the tablet in the first place. The leather smart cover folds over to double as a stand, the hardened shell of a back provides a snug and well aligned fit resulting in all around coverage for your tablet.

As the default case for which we will begin our list, Apple’s offering is a solid option, if maybe a little on the expensive side. Grab your Apple Smart Case for Ipad Air 2 from Amazon starting at $67.00.

Buy the Apple Smart case now

KHOMO iPad Air 2 case

KHOMO iPad Air 2 caseWith the factory case by Apple out of the way, let’s continue our list with the KHOMO Dual super slim rubberized iPad Air 2 smart case. Available in a wide range of colors, this case provides about as close to the Apple built equipment as you’ll find, and at a fraction of the cost. This is an extremely well rated case offering a supportive back cover and familiar tri-fold front smart cover. If we were looking for genuine Apple products, but couldn’t afford them, this is the case we’d buy.

Grab your KHOMO iPad Air 2 case from Amazon starting at just $14.94.

Buy the KHOMO case now

Casemade Leather Portfolio case

Casemade iPad-Air-2-Folio-Case-Brown-1We recently spent some time with the Casemade leather folio case for the iPad Pro 9.7, and we liked it enough that we want to recommend their offering for the iPad Air 2 as well. This is a well made leather folio case, available in two colors and styles, with a plastic clip in holder inside the leather outside.

I could go on about craftsmanship and the simple, yet effective design, but let’s just say that if you are looking for a nice sturdy leather folio case, go ahead and grab the Casemade case for the iPad Air 2 today for £34.90 (about US$46.32.)

Buy the Casemade leather case now

Devicewear Ridge slim leather case

Devicewear case iPad Air 2Keeping things simple, the Devicewear Ridge slim leather case offers up all of the same protective and smart cover capabilities as most offerings out there. What we like about this case is the near solid front cover that has just one bend to operate as a stand. This is one of the best cases you’ll find for your iPad Air 2, if you like the style.

Grab your Devicewear Ridge slim leather case for your iPad Air 2 from Amazon for $27.99.

Buy the Devicewear Ridge case now

Ballistic Tough Jacket case

Ballistic Tough Jacket case iPad Air 2We are big fans of Otterbox cases, but for those looking for an alternative, this Ballistic Tough Jacket case is a good option for the protection of your iPad Air 2. Made of ABS plastic, this four-layer case provides raised and enhanced corners and surfaces to ensure that your tablet avoids contact with most surfaces. If you venture into rough places with your iPad, a rugged case may be the best option for you.
Check out the Ballistic Tough Jacket case for your iPad Air 2 from Amazon for $36.99.

Buy the Ballistic Tough Jacket now

Fintie iPad Air 2 case

Fintie iPad Air 2 caseFintie has the only case on the list today that sports a swiveling twp piece cover. The idea is simple enough, you can use this synthetic leather, smart cover equipped case as a multi-position stand in either landscape or portrait position.

The case comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and there is even an optional version with a mini Bluetooth keyboard on board. Grab yours now starting at $14.99.

Buy the Fintie iPad Air 2 case now

Otterbox Defender Series case

Otterbox iPad Air 2 case limited edBreaking the mold, but not your tablet, Otterbox does not provide the typical light materials and full screen cover of the others on our list today, instead, a three layer case provides some of the best protection from drops, bumps and grinds you’ll find. In place of a front cover is a screen protector, and you’ll find dust covers over top of all your ports.

The Otterbox Defender Series iPad Air 2 case is a little on the pricey side, but so is all the best protective gear out there. Grab yours for $61 on Amazon.

Buy the Otterbox Defender now

We do hope that the list above at least gets you headed down the right path to finding the perfect case for your iPad Air 2. Remember, there are thousands of cases out there, and there is no one perfect solution for all – spend some time, you’ll find the case for you, it’s out there.

What case do you prefer for your Apple iPad Air 2?

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