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The iPad continues to give new ways for individuals and businesses to communicate and collaborate. A new crop of apps this year have continued to push the evolution of connecting with other employees and colleagues. These apps create powerful possibilities for working together.



When it comes to video chat, no service is as robust and ubiquitous as Skype. Microsoft has continued to improve its performance on the iPad, making it a must-have for anyone wanting to be readily available for face-to-face communication.



Talkboard is a slick whiteboard app that is perfect for brainstorming, making presentations or collaborating with colleagues. The latter skill is easily accomplished by connecting a social media account, such as Twitter or Facebook. Other users can then access and contribute to your boards.

Conference Pad

conference iPad

It is one of the most dreaded feelings in business: arriving for a presentation and then being handed a stack of slideshow printouts – which then are laboriously read word-for-word by the speaker. Ditch that concept with Conference Pad, which allows one to broadcast a presentation on up to 15 iPads simultaneously. Control what the viewer sees directly from your iPad, increasing the odds they will pay attention.

Flint for iOS


Businesses or other groups that use Campfire for project management will be well-served by Flint. Users can quickly move between multiple discussion rooms and get push notifications on updates. Perhaps most importantly, it also supports Emojis.

OmniPlan 2


A team that wants the highest level of customization possible in task management should give serious thought to OmniPlan 2. Projects can be specifically detailed out in a timetable and assigned to specific team members.

Fuze for iPad


Host and run meetings with up to 12 HD video streams with Fuze. If that isn’t enough, Fuze offers an upgrade that allows for up to 125 live participants at once. A 2013 Tabby Awards winner, Fuze also runs in the browser, so you don’t always have to have your iPad around to join a meeting.



With a complete redesign for iOS 7, Evernote is lighter and faster to use than it has ever been. The company also rolled out some more collaborative features for business, such as a universal search across a company’s shared business notebooks. Notes and notebooks can be shared with others, making group projects far easier. Evernote also has a cool presentation mode


box (1)

Box is the cloud storage service that is built for business and productivity. The company’s iPad app (a 2012 Tabby Awards winner) allows you to manage your files, sharing them with others for easier collaboration.

Nearpod Business


Nearpod has made a big push into business to coincide with its success in the education market. With Nearpod, presentations take on a more collaborative feel as the presenter can mirror content on to other user iPads. Send out question-and-response items to foster a discussion instead of simply talking at a group of somewhat attentive individuals.

Note Anytime

note anytime

Note Anytime is a powerful collaborative whiteboard tool. A 2013 Tabby Awards winner, it is extremely accurate with stylus or touch input and can be used for PDF and document annotation, whiteboard brainstorming and as a vector graphic sketching tool. Its versatility can be extended from business collaboration to other consumer-friendly tasks like digital scrapbooking. Note Anywhere’s developer, Metamoji, has also introduced Share Anytime, an interactive whiteboard app for the iPad that allows highly visual collaboration of text and images among up to 100 simultaneous meeting participants.