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Keeping your mind sharp and active can also be fun. These apps feature engaging, innovative brain games that will help you both work out your brain and have some fun on your iPad.



Lumosity uses challenging brain games to build your memory, attention and thinking. You can customize mental workout goals and focus on specific areas of brain development. A free account gives you limited access to a brain profile and game categories. For more, $79.99 per year provides more in-depth profiles, training and access to Lumosity on the web.



Brainscape has many games and activities designed to strengthen your brain. Get started with trying out standardized tests, quizzes about the brain structure or language learning. Creating an account will sync all your saved activity and library across devices and the web. Brainscape also has several in-app purchases focusing on specialized topics, such as becoming a tech startup genius or better understanding music theory.



Working out your vocabulary and word-forming skills is downright fun with Letterpress. It is a gorgeous game that is played by forming words from a grid of letters. Connect it with Apple’s Game Center to get a random opponent or invite a friend.



Players must connect as many like-colored dots inside a grid within a one-minute timeframe. Creating squares clears the board of that specific color, which is the pathway to large point gains and bragging rights. After enough gameplay you can earn upgrades that make the game easier by extending the time or eliminating one of the categories of colored dots.

Fit Brains

fit brains

Fit Brains Trainer has over 360 different training sessions to work your memory, processing speed, concentration and other areas. Along with all the various training sessions available in the Fit Brains app, the company offers a suite of additional applications, including one geared for kids, to offer a wide variety of challenges.