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We all know that the best way to protect our mobile devices from the bumps and grinds of daily life is to install a protective case. This holds true for the Apple iPad Mini 3 as much as for any Windows or Android tablet out there.

Let’s take a moment to look at a few good iPad Mini 3 cases, and what makes them so special.

Update August 2016: With Apple officially pulling the plug on the iPad mini 3 this past fall, users are now able to purchase the iPad mini 2 and the newer iPad mini 4 directly from Apple. You can still find the iPad mini 3 for sale from alternate vendors, and we still think it is a great device, it is just now discontinued. This month we updated a handful of prices, with a couple going more expensive on us, most our other options have gone down a few dollars, this is good.

Dollar store tablet sleeve

Velcro Neoprene tablet sleeve

That’s right, I am starting off with a sleeve from the local dollar store. Now, I recognize that a sleeve is not technically a case, but I truly believe in having a simple sleeve around for most of my tablets. Even with a case installed on the iPad Mini 3, there are times that a sleeve helps to keep things clean and dry, just spend a day at the beach if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

For just $1 you can get an adequate neoprene sleeve that will not provide much impact protection, but is ultimately disposable and a life saver when needed. Best of all, unlike the cases we are about to talk about, a simple sleeve will work with any of your similarly sized tablets, not just the single device it was designed for. However, please invest in a better quality sleeve if it will be your only means of tablet protection.

Enough of that, let’s get this list started.

Apple Smart case

iPad Smart Case blue
It goes without saying that one of the best cases out there for your Apple device, is the one built by Apple. It is a fairly simple smart cover case that provides a snug fit, access to all the ports, protection enough for normal bumps and a smart cover that turns on and off your display, as well as folds up to make various configuration stands.

Grab it from Apple directly, or hit up Amazon for your Apple iPad Mini 3 Smart case for as low as $22.00

Buy the Apple iPad Mini 3 Smart Case now

MoKo leather smart case

Apple iPad Mini 4 Moko case
Not to suggest that the other cases are not elegant in their own right, but if you are looking to go a little more elegant, perhaps a leather case would suit you. This 4.5 star case on Amazon is all leather, has convenient straps to hold the cover in place as well as a hand strap for easy handling, and a few slots to act as an adjustable stand.

There are many cases like it, but the MoKo leather smart case is one of the best, and it will only run you $20.95 right now on Amazon.

Buy the MoKo leather case now

OtterBox Defender series rugged case

OtterBox Defender series case
If you are looking for something a little more along the lines of indestructible, to handle the most rugged of situations for your iPad Mini 3, OtterBox is a name you should trust. Admitting that the OtterBox Defender series case does not offer a screen cover, you should be able to otherwise Hulk smash your device into the rocks without much damage. We highly advise not giving that a try, but we’ve beaten up a few OtterBox cases in our time, they are an excellent investment in protecting your device.

OtterBox Defender series case for your iPad Mini 3 will run you $40.97 right now on Amazon.

Buy the OtterBox case now

Fintie Kiddie case

Fintie iPad Mini 3 case
Now, I know what you are thinking, the Apple case is great for sitting on the couch, the leather case for taking to the office and the OtterBox for when you go camping or to a construction site, but what option is there for the ultimate in tablet destruction, children? For the rough and tumble youngster in your world, this sturdy but soft rubberized case should protect your iPad from those corner denting drops and flat back falls. Again, this case does not offer a screen cover. A convenient carry handle that flips into a kickstand may be the best part of this case.

In a wide range of available child-friendly cases for your iPad Mini 3, put your child’s destructive force to the test with the Fintie Casebot Kiddie case for just $17.99 right now on Amazon.

Buy the Fintie case now

Only the bravest, or perhaps most foolish, of us run around with our iPad Mini 3 unprotected. The world around us can be a disaster for a mobile device, from the grains of sand on a table top to the impact of a fall, and there is a simple solution to protect your tablet from most of it, a case.

If you do not go for one of the cases on the list above, we hope that you at least have a look around for other methods to protect your device. Remember, you won’t need it until you need it, and then it’s too late.

What case do you prefer for your Apple iPad Mini 3?

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