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Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. These 15 utilities can supercharge your iPad workflow.


2.1b Tweetbot Screen-resized

In the early days, the joke was that Twitter was for posting what you had for lunch. But savvy companies know that a presence on the social media juggernaut can have a huge impact. And a great Twitter client is key. Tweetbot’s got a top-notch interface, and it supports multiple accounts in style. Configurable gestures will help you make quick work of managing your feeds.

Adobe Photoshop Express

2.2b Photoshop Express Screen-resized

Photoshop Express offers basic image editing tools for free. Crop and adjust images with intuitive tools, or spring for the feature packs available via in-app purchase, and add new borders and filter effects to your images.

Camera+ for iPad

2.3b camera-plus-ipad

There are lots of photo apps for iPad, but if you’re only going to use one, Camera+ is it. The app offers a wider range of controls than Apple’s stock Camera app, and Camera+ integrates with a wide variety of third-party apps for quickly sharing images with team members. Camera+ also offers a slew of ready-made filters for tweaking your images, as well as manual editing controls.


2.4b Hootsuite Screen

HootSuite can help manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts for your business. You can schedule posts to keep from inundating your followers The conversation view is perfect for viewing replies in their original context, making dialogs easier to follow. HootSuite also lets you track clicks, and monitor keywords, so you can keep an eye on what people are saying about you and your competitors.


2.5b beejive

Instant messaging is an increasingly important part of your communication toolbox. Every service offers its own client, but a good, multi-protocol chat app keeps things simple. Beejive is one of the best. It connects to everything from AIM to Facebook to Windows Live Messenger. Thanks to integrated push notifications, Beejive can keep you logged in so that you’re always in contact.

Kayak Pro

2.6 b Kayak-resized

Kayak makes planning trips (and taking them) simple. Browse flights, hotels, and rental cars right in the app, and booking a hotel is as easy as a few clicks. Kayak can also help you make connections. There’s an integrated flight tracker, and the app includes airport terminal maps so you can find your way in unfamiliar airports.

Hotel Tonight

2.7 b Hotel Tonight Screen-resized

Last-minute travel can get expensive, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. Hotel Tonight can keep costs down, helping you find good deals on decent hotels—even with very short notice. All properties have been vetted by Hotels Tonight, and the app offers deals in an expanding range of cities. You can even chat in-app with customer service, who can help if you run into any snags.

Google Authenticator

2.8b Google Authenticator Screen

Lots of confidential data finds its way into your inbox every day. That’s why strong protection for your email is so important. Gmail users can enable two-factor authentication, which requires a password and a secret code that’s always changing before granting access to your email. Google Authenticator connects to your Gmail accounts, and automatically generates passcodes for two-step authentication. It’s quick, secure, and works on all your iOS devices.

Data Usage

2.9b Data Usage Screen-resized

Now that the carriers have eliminated unlimited data plans, it’s important to keep an eye on things when the meter is running. Data Usage offers a comprehensive set of monitoring modules, and the app can alert you when you reach certain thresholds you preset. Using the app for the first time will require some setup to enter your billing cycle and usage information, but subsequent months will reset automatically.

Photon Flash Web Browser

2.10b photon

Apple has made their stance on Flash pretty clear. But sometimes, you still need to access flash enabled sites from your iPad. Photon is a flash-capable mobile browser that offers a full compliment of browser features, including tabbed browsing, an anonymous mode that routes your traffic through Appsverse’s servers, and a powerful toolbar.

USB Disk for iPad Pro

2.11b usbdisk

You’ve already got email and cloud services, but sometimes the best way to transfer files is the old-fashioned way. USB Disk Pro lets you use your iPad like a flash drive. Drag and drop files from your PC or Mac—that’s it. The integrated document viewer lets you preview data, and there’s support for a ton of different file types.


2.12b 1Password iPad lock-resized

Using complex, unique passwords for all of your accounts is one of the best ways to make sure your private data remains private. But remembering 19-character strings of gibberish is nearly impossible. With 1 Password, you don’t have to. The app creates unique, complex passwords for every site you visit. It also manages other important things like bank accounts, credit card numbers, and other data you need to keep secure, but accessible at all times. And of course it also works on your Mac or PC via companion desktop apps.


2.13b LinkedIn ScreenIMG_0117

LinkedIn is the grown-up version of Facebook, an always-on networking mixer populated with colleagues, vendors, potential customers, and tons of business potential. Use the excellent iPad app to get connected, research companies and individuals, and keep up with important news in your industry. When and if the time comes, LinkedIn is also an invaluable resource for finding your next job.


Waze Social GPS Traffic & Gas

2.14b Waze Screen-resized

When Apple removed Google Maps from iOS 6, their lackluster replacement frustrated just about everyone. Waze harnesses the power of the crowd to give navigation info, as well as live traffic conditions, accident information, and more. Waze is also social, so you can share your route and arrival info with colleagues.



2.15b Snapseed Screen-resized

If you’re managing a company blog or social media feeds, a good photo editor is key. Snapseed easily handles everything from basic crops and straightening, to more advanced techniques like selective adjustments and stylized filters. It’s simple to use, and the results are stunning. The live preview is great for comparing “before” and “after” images so you get your edit just right.