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Best iPhone 7 hybrid cases

With more than just a few options out there to protect your new iPhone 7 from bumps and spills, it’s time to see what else you can pack into a case. From extra power, digital and physical storage space and kickstands, join us for a list of the best iPhone 7 hybrid cases.

As always, we’re going to explore a few different categories, we suspect you’ll find some great options out there within each style of case. Also, I want to point out now that I was unable to find a good case that adds a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it was worth looking for.

ZeroLemon battery case for iPhone 7

Best iPhone 7 hybrid cases - Zerolemon

Power for our mobile devices is a great thing, and extra power for your iPhone 7 is just smart. If you do not like hauling cables on the daily, and can handle a bit of a bulkier device in pocket, checkout the 4000mAh battery case by ZeroLemon. Adding an approximate extra 10 hours of web browsing time, this case will keep you powered and safe on the go.

Check out the ZeroLemon battery case for iPhone 7 from $80 on Amazon today.

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Spigen kickstand iPhone 7 case

Best iPhone 7 hybrid cases - Spigen

Some of us take for granted that our case of choice already contains a small feature like a kickstand, but not all cases do. If you are hoping for a simple stand built right into your case, check out this Spigen iPhone 7 slim armor case with kickstand. I use the equivalent case on my Nexus 6 and it’s great.

Look for a kickstand in the Spigen iPhone 7 case for $29.99 from Amazon today.

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Floating CaliCase for iPhone 7

Best iPhone 7 hybrid cases - Calicase

We keep coming back to this CaliCase universal phone floating case, and for good reason, your new iPhone may be waterproof, but in deep water is not the time you want to realize that it still does not float. If you are looking to make sure that your phone is safe in most waterlogged situations, this universal case has got you covered.

Check out the CaliCase floating universal phone case for $14.95 from Amazon today.

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Wallet iPhone 7 case from Spigen

Best iPhone 7 hybrid cases - Spigen Wallet

Many of you like to keep things minimal when on the go, perhaps sliding a couple bank cards into your iPhone 7 phone case will help. There are two models available, but the concept remains the same, these hard shell cases have hidden doors that open to hide cards or a bit of cash, it’s not a full wallet, but it’ll certainly handle a quick run to the store.

Check out the Spigen iPhone 7 Flip Armor case or the Slim Armor case for $39.99 today.

That’s all for today folks, please do share any of your favorite hybrid cases and we’ll be sure to check them out for future updates to this list. Do you opt for a hybrid case, or do you prefer individual accessories in your day to day iPhone 7 use? Tell us which of the best iPhone 7 hybrid cases we picked out is your favorite and how you protect your iPhone in the comments below!