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Got yourself a new iPhone SE? You might want to keep it protected, as that 4-inch screen offers great one-handed operation and it is rumored the smaller handset will not be making a return in 2017.

The best way to protect your iPhone SE is getting a good case, but we know there is a sea of options out there. What should you go with? It depends on what you prioritize. This is why we have curated a list of our favorite cases, each featuring different types of protection, features and style.

Shall we take a look? Let’s find you the right case!

Apple iPhone SE Leather Case

Going with your phone manufacturer’s original accessories is a great choice, and Apple does provide a great option for the iPhone SE. Are you a fan of leather cases? This one offers the texture and elegance leather has to offer, while keeping your smartphone thin and light. It also features a micro fiber inner lining that will keep your device shiny and free of scratches.

Do keep in mind this case was designed mostly to look good, so it won’t do much to keep your phone protected against harsher conditions. It will do a good job at keeping minor scratches away, but don’t expect too much luck when it comes to surviving a good drop.

The Apple iPhone SE Leather case is priced at $39.

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Speck CandyShell Clear Case

One thing about iPhone smartphones is that they look gorgeous. Apple’s design has become a staple in the industry, which is why many of you probably want to show off your phone’s aesthetics.

Speck’s CandyShell Clear Case is completely transparent and adds very little bulk to your handset. But this is not like those flimsy clear cases you find all over the place. Speck has put together a military-grade body with a dual-layer design.

It is not the cheapest at $23.99, but we believe the extra investment is worth every penny. This phone is both clear and effective.

Buy the Speck CandyShell Clear Case

Belkin Vans Checker Case

Your smartphone case should showcase a bit of personality, which is why we are fans of the Belkin Vans Checker Case. It is a good looking case that should keep your phone free of most scratches. It is not designed to handle major drops, but will keep your phone protected against most daily dangers.

By the way – this thing is currently only $4.99!

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Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum Case

Some prefer more solid materials, and aluminum has all the benefits you could ask. This type of metal is both resistant and light. This Case-Mate cover has a dual-layer design that also happens to be thin. And boy does it look good!

You can find the Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum case for $35.

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Carved Walnut Traveler Wood Case

Metal is awesome, but some feel like it is too cold and harsh. Nature lovers may prefer wood as a material fit for cases, and this one is awesome. The Carved Traveler Wood Case series come with a back made of real wood, while the bumper is composed of slim black rubber.

There’s a plethora of wood options to choose from, by the way. I just happen to prefer the walnut version. Interested? You can get one for $24.

Buy the Carved Walnut Traveler Wood Case

Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book

If what you want is something much more classic and with plenty of character, Pad & Quill is known for making some of the most unique cases around. This one will give your phone the appearance of a small notebook made of leather.

Open the case up and you will find a wooden cradle around the phone, keeping it well guarded. There’s also plenty of storage space for cards, cash and more.

The Little Pocket Book is not cheap at $53.95, but it is simply gorgeous and screams quality.

Buy the Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book

Twelve South BookBook

Twelve South is also known for its unique products, and this one definitely won’t disappoint. While Pad & Quill’s case looked like a notebook, this one gives off a classic leather book appearance.

The wallet-styled case also has room for cards and other belongings. It also happens to be cheaper at $29.99.

Buy the Twelve South BookBook

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case

Need something that will take a beating? Let’s get you introduced to a couple rugged cases. The first one is the Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case. It is not thin and light, but it does pass (or exceed) US Department of Defense Standard 810F. This is one rigid case.

The unit is built of shutter-resistant polycarbonate, shock-absorbing silicone and a protective screen that makes it resistant to water. It will take a good amount of force to damage your phone with a case like this. And at $24.99 it is not a bad deal.

Buy the Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case

OtterBox Defender Series Case

When it comes to rugged cases, the Otterbox brand is beat by none. They are known for their quality cases and have almost become a synonymous with super rugged cases.

This Defender Series case comes with a triple-layer construction that also features a built-in screen protector. It also includes a belt holster (if you are into those).

While Otterbox cases tend to be more expensive than usual, this one is also priced at $24.99. Not bad at all.

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Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Cases are great for protection and aesthetics, but I happen to be more of a practical guy. There’s nothing like an accessory that will also improve your experience.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus features an integrated battery that will extend your phone’s life by a long haul. Simply turn it on when your phone is dying and the 2,100 mAh battery will jump into action.

This is one hell of an investment, and it is only $37.09.

Buy the Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Wrapping up

Which of these 10 cases is your favorite? Are there any others you would recommend to your fellow iPhone SE users? Hit the comments to let us know!