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best laptop cooling pads

Laptops keep getting more powerful and thinner, but this also means they are getting much hotter. Especially considering more manufacturers are adopting metal designs. How can you control laptop temperature? You could just go easy on tasks, but then why have a capable computer? Another good trick is to always use a flat surface, allowing better ventilation, but sometimes that’s not enough. Why not go all out with one of these cooling pads!

These often feature raised angles, flat surfaces, cool materials and even fans. Some go as far as offering more USB ports and other extensions! Want to know which are your best options? There is a plethora of cooling pads out there, so we thought we could make your shopping simpler by putting together a list of our very favorite choices. Shall we dig in?

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AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

You want the basics? Maybe your computer doesn’t get too hot and all you need is to give it some breathing room. If that’s the case, we are big fans of the AmazonBasics Laptop Stand. It is made of metal and looks very elegant in any setting. It will also give your laptop a raised, angled tilt that will prove to be convenient to those who work in low desks.

This laptop stand is available in both silver and black colors. It only costs $19.99, too. One hell of a deal, if you ask us.

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Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

This one will look especially cool with your gaming set-up, thanks to its blue lights and aggressive design. Its four 120mm fans can go at 1200 rpm, giving it plenty of cooling power. And don’t worry about size, as it can hold laptops as large as 17 inches.

The cooling pad does come with some docking capabilities. There are two USB ports in it, but one of them is used to power the fans. The other USB port essentially makes up for the one the cooling pad is taking over, in your laptop. There’s also a set of fan controls, just in case you don’t want them to go full power all the time.

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Targus Chill Mat+


At $38.37, the Targus Chill Mat+ could be one of the better deals in this list… at least for those of you who don’t need a cooling pad that is very portable. This gadget comes with plenty of power. Its dual fans will keep your computer cool, while the 4-level height adjustments will make sure to improve the laptop’s ergonomics.

In addition, the Chill Mat+ offers one of the best docking experiences, featuring 4 USB ports for connecting peripherals.

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Thermaltake MASSIVE TM

Thermaltake MASSIVE TM

Now we are stepping into crazy territory. This fancy cooling pad is a beauty, but it will also cost about $100. Those willing to pay the premium price will get some amazing tech, though. Its dual 120mm fans offer plenty of cooling power, but what makes this fan special is not just its fans and awesome aluminum design.

The MASSIVE TM pad has sensors that keep track of your laptop’s temperature. The device can then be set to keep your laptop at certain temperatures, controlling fan speeds automatically. Impressive, right?

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Zalman NC3500

Zalman NC3500

This happens to be my personal favorite. The Zalman NC3500 is not only a cooling pad with a great fan system, it also features 4 USB ports and integrated speakers. You heard that right – speakers! We all know laptop sound is pretty much always underwhelming. This cooling pad will improve your audio experience with its stereo speakers, built-in 2ch USB sound card and dual amplifier.

Its design is also quite attractive; it pretty much looks like an over-sized Apple Magic Trackpad. And it’s convenient to see it’s not too expensive at $69.99.

Buy the Zalman NC3500 now

These products will definitely keep your computer running cool, while adding some extra functionality. Which of these are you buying? Do you recommend any other cooling pads? Hit the comments to let us know!

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