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Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand Best Laptop Stands

Laptops are become increasingly powerful as of late, and have become the popular choice for most modern consumers at home and at the office. The portability of a laptop is great, but since they are more capable than ever, they’re often replacing the desktop computer for many users. If you’re using a laptop at your desk, a laptop stand is essential for ergonomics, organization or just for looks. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best laptop stands that will work great with your desk setup.

Allsop Redmond Laptop Stand Best Laptop Stands

Allsop Redmond Adjustable Laptop Stand

[Price: $30.06]
Allsop offers an array of office supplies ranging from mouse pads to cleaning supplies, from laptop cases to tablet and headphone stands. If the goal of having a laptop stand on your desk is ergonomics, Allsop’s Redmond Adjustable Laptop Stand is an excellent choice. Depending on your sitting height and the position of the stand, you can easily adjust the stand’s angle to work perfectly for you. A small lip on the front of the stand keeps your laptop from sliding off even at the steepest angle. The open design leaves you with a bit of storage underneath as well. If you often push your machine to its limit, Allsop’s design allows for good airflow to the bottom of your computer, keeping it a bit more cool. This is definitely a good choice for the minimalist’s desk.

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Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand Best Laptop Stands

Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand

[Price: $139]
Ergonomics and comfort aren’t the only reasons to invest in a laptop stand. If you’re going to add a piece of equipment to your desk, you’re going to want it to look nice. The Grovemade Maple Laptop stand is among the best-looking of the category, with hand-finished materials and made entirely in the United States. With its aesthetics also comes functionality. The stand is angled to give a bit more height to your laptop screen, and the space underneath is a perfect place to hideaway a keyboard and mouse while away for your desk. While this an excellent piece for its form and its function, it does take up a considerable amount of space, so you’ll need a pretty sizable desk.

It’s worth mentioning that Grovemade produces a ton of other desk accessories that follow the same design language as the Maple Laptop Stand. These include, pen holders, mouse pad, wrist rest, Magic Keyboard holder, and more.

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Roost Laptop Stand Best Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stands

[Price: $74.95]
Having a dedicated stand on your desk for your laptop is great, but what about when you’re on the move? For those that travel frequently, a portable laptop stand is something great to keep in your bag. The Roost Laptop Stand fits that niche perfectly. It’s not the best looking product on the market, but what’s important here is function. The stand is height-adjustable from 6 – 11 inches to fit whatever is most comfortable to you, and it comes with a nifty nylon carrying sleeve. This truly is a traveler’s go to.

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Twelve South BookArc Best Laptop Stands

Twelve South BookArc

[Price: $50]
Prefer to forego the smaller screen when at your desk? The Twelve South BookArc neatly stows your laptop away in a vertical fashion while you plug in to an external display. Twelve South’s vertical laptop stand has a milled aluminum design (and the iconic chamfered edges) that makes it a perfect match for Apple computers. This isn’t the only vertical laptop stand out there, but Twelve South has a great reputation for making beautiful products, and the BookArc is no exception. Outside of being good-looking, this is a great choice if you’re looking for something with a bit of a smaller footprint on your desk.

If you were digging the wood design of the Grovemade stand above, Twelve South’s BookArc möd is the best of both worlds.

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Twelve South HiRise Best Laptop Stands

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

[Price: $70]
Oh, hey – another Twelve South product! The BookArc is great for using your computer in “clamshell” fashion, but if you actually do want that extra screen real estate, check out the HiRise. This is a solid option that elevates your laptop to a custom height to work well with any other displays you might have atop your desk. Again, Twelve South has a great reputation for well-designed products, and the HiRise works perfectly with the aluminum (picture Jony Ive) design of Apple products. The HiRise uses v-shaped arms topped with silicone grips to keep your computer in place. This also leaves plenty of room for airflow. Like the BookArc, the HiRise manages to take up only a small amount of space so you have more room for all of your stuff.

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What kind of laptop stand is on your desk? Is it something as elegant as the Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand, or are you simply using a stack of books?Do you have a preferred laptop stand that isn’t on our list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!