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As I have mentioned before, cases are very important, it is worth adding a little extra bulk to your device if it means that you can cut down on scratches and possibly save it from a drop. There are just about an infinite selection of cases to choose from when it comes to Apple products. Here are our picks if you’re looking for the best MacBook Air case.

Incase hardshell case for Macbook Air 13-inch

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I already mentioned this case a few times before, but this really is a great case if you are in the market for a hardshell cover for your MacBook Air.

Over the years, I have noticed that MacBooks scratch pretty easily, and the best way to combat that is a hardshell case. This way, your Air will always be protected. Not to mention, these cases look good too. Check out all of the options below! The pricing starts at $38.95.

Buy the Incase hardshell case now

Belkin Slim Polyester Backpack

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This backpack by Belkin is perfect if you want to transport your MacBook Air around. With its compact size, the backpack does not take up too much space and allows for you to also put papers or classwork in along with your notebook.

This backpack offers one large pocket with a dedicated notebook sleeve to keep your Air from bouncing around. You can pick up the Belkin Slim polyester backpack from the link below for $35.

Buy the Belkin Slim Polyester Backpack now

Lacdo Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case Bag

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Water resistance is a feature you want to have before it is too late, and Lacdo has you covered. There is no need to get a waterproof backpack – unless you want to of course – when a sleeve is just as effective. Lacdo offers a waterproof sleeve for your MacBook Air that comes in seven colors with a price tag of $12.99 from the link below.

Buy the Lacdo Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case Bag now

Twelve South BookBook for MacBook

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If standard sleeves and cases are not your thing, check out what TwelveSouth has to offer with their BookBook line. This is a full featured case that is made out of leather and looks like a book!

I personally think this looks cool and the case should also help prevent scratches while transporting and in use. You can pick up the BookBook from the link below for the price of $72.99.

Buy the Twelve South BookBook for MacBook now

Keyboard Cover By VCOO

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While this is not a case in a normal sense, keyboard covers are very popular and also look good as a replacement to the standard black. For $6.69, you get your choice of different color combination 3-packs of keyboard covers.

Buy the Keyboard Cover By VCOO now

Brinch 15.6-Inch shoulder bag

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If you do not usually carry much with you, a shoulder bag may be a good idea, and why not get one with style? This bag offers the ability to remove the strap completely and just use the handles if you prefer a briefcase style.

As far as compartments, you get the laptop compartment, of course, along with a side pocket for your charger, books or whatever else you may need. This bag is perfect for someone in college who does not have to carry too much at a time. The price is also a reasonable $25.99 and is available in six colors including grey, black and an assortment of colors.

Buy the Brinch 15.6-Inch shoulder bag now

Best Macbook Air Case – Wrap Up

With these cases, your MacBook Air will more protected than ever. There is no reason to not put a case on your notebook or have a sleeve if you so choose. These are just some of our favorites, if you do not own a MacBook Air, feel free to check out our other best cases and accessories for the MacBook 12, MacBook Pro and the best accessories for the MacBook Air.