avatarby Tab TimesJanuary 31, 20140 comments

Update: The enigma known as Flappy Bird surprised me by coming out for Android today as well, so I've added that to the slideshow below. I won't pretend to know why this game is so popular, but there it is.

Ever wanted to pretend to drive a snow plow? Of course you have—and now you can, with indie developer Dan FitzGerald's Dawn of the Plow, available this week on Android.

That's not the only exciting new release—what about EA's Dungeon Keeper, the retro-looking Shuttle Scuttle and Winds of Destiny, the fast-paced Worm Run, and the beautiful Pyro Jump? Plus iOS classics Deus Ex: The Fall and Minigore 2: Zombies finally make it over to Google's playground. Click through the slideshow below for all the best new Android tablet games.