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best surge protector

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It is always a good idea to protect your devices from an electrical surge with a surge protector. While mobile devices are not as susceptible to failure as, say, a desktop or notebook, it is recommended to at least plug in your bigger devices where possible. It is always nice having that piece of mind if something were to happen.

Here we go over our top picks for surge protectors ranging in features to fit your needs.

Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet surge protector

Belkin best surge protector

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Belkin is a very well known brand in the computing space. If you are looking for a very well priced, well equipped surge protector, look no further. This surge protector offers 12 outlets, coaxial support and RJ11 phone connections to protect all of your devices with up to 3940 joules of energy. If the surge protector fails, Belkin has backed it by a $300,000 connected device warranty.

There are a couple different options to choose from including 8 and 10 foot options. Be sure to check out the Belkin surge protector at Amazon starting at $18.60!

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APC P11U2 surge arrest

APC best surge protector

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This is another great surge protector, offering 11 outlets and two 2.4A USB ports to charge your mobile devices. The APC P11U2 surge arrest offers 2880J of energy protection, which is not as high as Belkin’s offering on this list, but the good news is that this is still a pretty good amount of energy that can be taken. The protector does have a $250,000 device warranty if something were to happen.

Be sure to check APC P11U2 surge arrest at Amazon for $32.15!

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360 Electrical 36083A compact rotating surge protector

360 Electrical best surge protector

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Looking for a portable surge protector while you are on the road? Then 360 Electrical’s offering may be perfect for you. The 36083A compact rotating surge protector allows you to always be protected while you are on the go, offering a single outlet rated at 104 joules. This may not seem like a lot, but for its size and price, it is definitely worth picking up and is better than not having any protection at all.

Check out the 360 Electrical 36083A compact rotating surge protector for $11.69 on Amazon!

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CyberPower CSHT1208TNC2G home theater 12-Outlet surge protector

CyberPower best surge protector

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If you are looking for an almost no compromises surge protector then the CyberPower CSHT1208TNC2G home theater 12-Outlet surge protector is the option for you. The only option that this surge protector is missing is USB ports, which may or may not be important to you. This unit offers 12 outlets, with 6 being power saving, 2 RJ6 jacks, 4 coaxial connections and 3 RJ11 jacks all being protected by 4350J of energy rating and a $500,000 device warranty. RJ45 network protectors may also be available, depending on the model shipped.

Be sure to check out this option from CyberPower from Amazon starting at $41.95!

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BlueTech 6-Outlet surge protector with 2 USB ports

Bluetech best surge protector

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Our options so far have been for long corded surge protectors, ora  tiny little adapter, but if you just want an extra plug on the wall, with the convenience of surge protection, the BlueTech 6-Outlet surge protector with 2 USB ports may be your best bet. Offering 6 outlets and 2 2.1A USB ports with 900J protection, this protector is perfect if you are not going far and just want to save space. Not to mention, this unit is available in 4 colors: white, green, pink and purple.

Check out the BlueTech 6-outlet surge protector at Amazon, starting at $17.99!

Buy the BlueTech 6-Outlet surge protector now

Extra consideration

In terms of electricity, we’ve been talking about spikes that can blow your electronics, but we urge you to also think of brown outs, or drops in electrical power. A full power outage is easy enough, your device simply ceases to have electricity, but smaller drops, resulting in less power going to your gear than is required for proper operation can also be harmful. Let’s be fair, a brown out is usually accompanied by a spike as the power returns, so both should be considered together.

A basic surge protector does not protect you from drops in power, just in the spikes, so if you would like to round out your protection, additionally ensuring that you do not immediately lose power to your device in the event of a power outage, consider a UPS. An Uninterrupted Power Supply is a small battery backed unit that connects to the wall and has plugs in it, just like your surge protector, but power from the wall is used to charge the internal battery and the battery is used to power your devices. This creates a clean power supply, free of spikes and drops, and offers a few minutes of battery time that you can properly shutdown your gear, if needed.

APC BE750G UPS battery backup and surge protector

APC UPS surge protector battery backup

Available in a handful of different sizes, functionalities and levels of protection, the APC BE750G is a fairly basic 750VA UPS. With 10 surge protected port, 5 of which provide battery powered backup, you should be able to run your desktop for a few minutes, charge a laptop for half hour or charge up a few phones and tablets for a couple hours.

UPSs are a little pricer than plain surge protectors, but the APC BE750G is decently priced at $79.84 on Amazon.

Buy the APC UPS now

Wrap Up

Be sure to keep your devices as protected as possible, so if a surge were to occur, you will be covered. Having been in a few surges myself, it is very nice knowing that all of my devices are protected.

Let us know in the comments if you use a surge protector!

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