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Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook review

So far, no Chromebook on the market has true support for a stylus, but that may be changing very soon. A listed commit on the Chromium support site may show that we will see more Chromebooks with true support for the writing accessory in the near future.

The commit describes how developers will be able to widely implement the Wacom stylus firmware updater on more than one device. which would seem to suggest that the Chrome OS team is preparing for multiple new Chromebooks that will be able to support that updater.  So far, the Samsung Chromebook Pro, which the company has still not officially announced, is the only one that may include such a stylus.

A true stylus is supposed to work with a capacitive touchscreen, in combination with a digitizer in the accessory. This is supposed to offer users more precise writing control on a smartphone or notebook display, along with support for pressure sensitivity.  In theory, a Chromebook  with a touchscreen could benefit with such support, such as pressing lightly with a stylus to write with a fine touch, or pressing down with more force to create a thicker line, or perhaps to activate special features.

Would you buy a Chromebook with an included stylus and, if so, what you use it for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.