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To accompany the recent jailbreak, the popular tweak repository Cydia saw a new build released by Jay Freeman that supports iOS version 10.1.x.

This new Cydia version is 1.1.28 and is marked as a beta release for use with the Luca Todesco jailbreak for iOS 10.1.x. Obviously being marked as a beta release means that its behavior is unpredictable and bugs should be expected. Nevertheless, without Cydia, a jailbreak doesn’t make much sense for the vast majority of people, so a version optimized for the latest public jailbreak is widely welcomed.

The new Cydia build supports 64-bit, which up to this point those who had already jailbroken their device were seeing warning messages about 32-bit only support. This was due to Cydia not receiving any optimization for the new jailbreak method. It also updates the APT package management tool bundled with Cydia to 1.14 from 0.7.25. Saurik has stated that whilst both of these changes may result in a slight performance decrease, the difference shouldn’t be noticeable and the changes were necessary for improved compatibility with the iOS 10 jailbreak.

Beta Release Changelog

  • There is now a third beta version, which fixes one issue with the first beta: packages with descriptions written in non-English scripts had all of their non-Latin characters showing up as ?’s. As some insanely large number of Cydia users are Chinese, this was a major problem ;P. The second beta also fixed this, but I could tell it was wrong :/.
  • There was an issue many people experienced where the new Cydia betas one through three would crash as Cydia would load if they had a repository in their sources list–the one people commonly ran into was the radare.org repository–that had a particular kind of mistake in the package’s control file; this issue has been fixed in beta four.
  • In the fifth beta version, I fixed the problem some people were running into with a “Filesize:0” hash sum mismatch for numerous common repositories. If you have a hash sum mismatch that does not print “Filesize:0” it is due to the repository having incorrect information in its Release file, but the “Filesize:0” ones were due to a bug in APT.

There is a known bug list being compiled here and with it being a beta, people using Cydia should expect issues. Odd issues being experienced so far are things like the update badge on the Cydia icon not updating correctly, as well as “Restart Springboard” not working.

  • On iOS 10, “Restart SpringBoard” doesn’t work: it seems to wedge the entire system :/. I currently believe this is a bug in the jailbreak (but am unable to verify with Luca as he doesn’t seem to be receiving my messages while he is at 33c3).
  • Recently, I’ve seen people starting to report an error “too many open files” when they have a large number of repositories; I don’t know if the number of open files has only recently been limited on iOS 10 or what is going on, but that’s my current thesis (and something I will probably try to fix); if you are getting this with a small number of repositories, that would be important to find out.
  • Cydia considers http and https to be separate repositories (as they are different origins), but APT considers them to be “the same” (sort of: it just happens to store them into their indexes to the same underlying backing file), squashes them together into a single entry, and then prints warnings every time you do a refresh. I am not yet sure which end of this I’m going to fix. (This issue was reported by /u/TheCitiz3n.)
  • People are reporting the update badge doesn’t work; hopefully this will be an easy one for me to fix.

There are a couple of ways to grab this new Cydia beta – the first is by visiting this link from your iDevice that is already jailbroken. Otherwise, head into Cydia on your device and add the source ‘http://apt.saurik.com/beta/cydia-arm64/’ to find three new packages to install: Cydia Installer, Debian Packager, and Tape Archive.

Adding the sources into Cydia will show additional version updates automatically available for install.

Have you installed the latest Cydia beta? Drop us a comment below and let us know how you’re finding the experience.

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