avatarby John CallahamJanuary 6, 20170 comments

Microsoft’s Surface Studio all-in-one PC got a ton of attention when it was first announced. Its 28-inch display could be angled so that it could serve as a drawing and graphics pad for creators. Today, as part of CES 2017, Dell showed off a similar creator-themed product, the Dell Canvas.

This product is technically “just” a monitor; it does not come with a PC like the Surface Studio. However, the design of the Dell Canvas allows it to be placed any angle, or even to lay flat on a table, so that people can more easily draw on it when it is hooked it up to a PC.  The display itself has a resolution of 2560×1440, but it has very large bezels, which are designed to let people rest their hands and arms on the display without messing up the touchscreen.

The Dell Canvas even has its own circular tool similar to the Surface Dial. Dell’s version is called the Totem, and it can be placed on top of the Canvas’s touchscreen to bring up a circular menu that can be used to activate a number of Windows actions, along with support from apps from Adobe, Autodesk, AVID, Dassault Systems, SolidWorks and others.

This is definitely a very unique product, and it will be interesting to see if graphic artists or designers who can’t afford the pricey Surface Studio will decide to give this a try. The Dell Canvas is scheduled to go on sale in late March for the price of $1,799.