avatarby John CallahamJanuary 6, 20170 comments

While a small selection of smartphones are being released with native support for wireless charging, it’s rare that we see a Windows laptop with the ability to ditch a direct wired charging support. This week, as part of CES 2017, Dell revealed the Dell Latitude 7285 2-in-1 laptop. The notebook, which is targeting the business market, include support for wireless charging for its detachable keyboard base.

That means this laptop can be charged with a power mat that uses WiTricity’s magnetic resonance wireless charging technology. This is, of course, perfect for the business user who may be constantly on the go. There’s no more need to bend down and connect a cord to this laptop to charge it; it just needs to rest on the mat and then the owner can simply lift it off the surface when it is fully charged.

Dell is also planning to sell two other optional keyboards for the Latitude 7285 that won’t support wireless charging; one is a thinner and lighter travel keyboard, while the other has an even larger battery that will add four more hours of life in addition to its standard 6 hours. Dell has not yet announced prices for the notebook,  its wireless charging pad or its optional keyboards, but it plans to begin selling all of these products sometime in June.