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Goat Simulator originally launched for Windows in April of 2014, and slowly but surely made its way to almost every platform imaginable. The wacky-but-fun title was beloved by players, and has had a number of updates over the years that have increased the quality of the title to unimaginable heights, but the game has never been free on Apple’s touch-screen operating system.

Now, almost three years after the title’s official debut, you can finally become a Goat on your iDevice for the hefty price of absolutely nothing. The game was released on the platform a whopping 2 1/2 years ago, so it makes sense for iOS users to have been bummed out that they couldn’t experience the game on their platform before making a purchase decision.

While the game suggests you will be emulating a real goat, it is far from it. The goat you play in the game does nothing but wreak havoc for the other NPC’s in the title, giving you the opportunity to lick, kick, and jump your way to victory. There are a number of fun mini-games present that are sure to delight almost any player, so be sure to try it out for a while before you decide if it is for you or not.

We have no idea how long this freebie will be running for, so we suggest you pick it up as soon as possible. Even if the game goes back up in price after a bit, it will remain on your device with no additional cost after download.

Are you interested in this game? Have you played it before? Let us know your thoughts.

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