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iPad Pro 9.7

It is currently possible to record app activity and gaming sessions directly from iOS apps, thanks to ReplayKit. But we know the internet doesn’t like wasting time. Live streaming is often the best way to go, and Apple finally has the solution you have been waiting for.

They call it ReplayKit Live, and it does just what the moniker entails. This new feature will make it possible for developers to embed live streaming capabilities straight into their apps. Apple also claims adding live capabilities takes but a few lines of code for those already using ReplayKit, making it easy to implement.


These apps can then stream to any platform that supports the extension. One of the first to sign up is Mobcrush, a popular game streaming platform many of you may already know. It won’t be long before others get added to the list, though. This is Apple, after all.

You should start seeing plenty of games and applications featuring ReplayKit Live as soon as iOS 10 starts hitting iPads and iPhones around the globe. The new software version is expected to launch this Fall.

Just to clarify, this will be supported by plenty of applications, not just games (which is what we tend to relate live streaming with). Apple envisions people in education, medicine and other industries to jump on ReplayKit Live.

Are you looking forward to easy live streaming? We know we are. Hey, maybe we could show you some live game tests in the future! How many of you would enjoy that?

Source: Mobcrush
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