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Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Pencil Prices

As you’ve already learned, Apple held an event today, September 9, 2015, announcing a couple new iPads, iPhones and more. Part of the festivities included the launch of two new smart accessories, designed specifically for the new iPad Pro, introducing the Smart Keyboard and the new stylus, the Pencil.

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

As an accessory that attaches magnetically to the new iPad Pro, the Smart Keyboard is a slender keyboard that doubles as a tablet cover for the 12.9-inch device. Made of a flexible material, the Smart Keyboard folds out to also act as a stand for your new tablet.

Apple was sure to point out that the structure of the keys is taken from their line of Macbook keyboards, offering what they tout as great feel and a good tactile feedback as you type. For now, the new Smart Keyboard will only be available for the iPad Pro. Priced at $169, it will be available along side the iPad Pro and Pencil in November.


Apple Pencil

Apple iPad Pro pencil skeleton

There has been rumor, speculation and rhetoric for years now that Apple would eventually launch a stylus, that day has come and it is called the Pencil. Designed as a tool to bring your new iPad Pro to life, the Pencil offers smart functionality and some innovative new techniques for the stylus market.

Starting things off, the Pencil, in conjunction with the power of the iPad Pro, offers pressure sensitive functionality and improved touch input capability. The iPad Pro is able to detect when the Pencil is in use, then changes its sensitivity and input detection rate to make for an almost pixel level control The demos show near real-time reaction and some impressively fine lines and input accuracy.

Apple iPad Pro Pencil Angle measure

Aside from pressure sensitivity, the Pencil is equipped with extra sensors to detect when you have the input device straight to the screen or at an angle. For things like drawing this enables the same sort of effects as a real pencil, creating wider input than is had with the fine tip point of the pencil.

As well coming in November with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil will run you $99.


There you have it, Apple has finally released a stylus, and has taken the newly announced iPad Pro straight to compete with the Microsoft Surface with its Smart Keyboard with magnetic connectivity. Sadly, we have little detail yet if the Pencil or Smart Keyboard will operate Рif even in a limited capacity Рfor your older iPad Air 2 or any of the other last generation iPads or new iPad Mini 4.

What do you say, are these the sort of accessories you would enjoy for your iPad? We have recommended a Bluetooth keyboard and a stylus as great accessories for the iPad, but are these official offerings too expensive?