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Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

In the wake of the many two-in-one tablets on the market, which we suppose includes the new iPad Pro models, those of you with an older iPad looking to get the most out of their device, to be the most productive they can be, may be looking for a keyboard. Time is saved and more things are done when using a physical keyboard as opposed to doing all of those things on the on-screen keyboard of your iPad. Furthermore, a physical keyboard that connects to your iPad via Bluetooth is even more practical and convenient.

Say goodbye to tangled wires, messy workplaces, and even shortage of the product’s life due to the wire being constantly pulled, bent and squished. We are here to share with you some of the best iPad Bluetooth keyboards available today.

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We will be updating this article from time to time with new and relevant keyboards for your iPad. This update made some price changes, mostly reporting things as being more affordable. We did remove one discontinued iPad Air 2 case/keyboard combo, the New Trent Airbender, as well as the Apple wireless keyboard, also seemingly discontinued.

Apple Smart Keyboard

[iPad Pro: $169.00 at Apple, $189.99 at Amazon]
[iPad Pro 9.7: $149 at Apple, $145.00 at Amazon]

Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

For the few of you rocking the iPad Pro, there is a new iPad compatible keyboard in town, the official Apple Smart keyboard. Effectively converting your large-size Apple tablet into a small size laptop, the Apple Smart Keyboard connects and disconnects instantly via magnetic connection, much like that found on your Microsoft Surface tablet.

For those that want both the latest tech that Apple has to offer, and prefer genuine Apple equipment and accessories, this is about the best keyboard for you. It is not, technically, Bluetooth, but we couldn’t not mention it.

Apple has also released the iPad Pro 9.7, an update to their 10-inch tablet offering. Equipped with the same basic features and accessories as the iPad Pro, you can find the same Smart Keyboard offering here as well, just in a slightly smaller size.

Check out the Apple Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro from Apple for $169.00 or, if you have issues with buying direct from the source, it is a bit of a premium, but can be found at Amazon for $189.99. On the other hand, the smaller Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro 9.7 is $145 both at Apple and on Amazon.

Buy the iPad Pro 9.7 Smart Keyboard now
Buy the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard now

Sharkk Keyboard

[$16.95 – 21.99, Amazon]


This Bluetooth keyboard by Sharkk may look ordinary at first glance, but there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. This case is sleek, stylish, and has a rubberized matte feel. Moreover, this keyboard also serves as a case and an iPad stand, and effectively doing so with multiple viewing angles available. The stand itself is made of brushed aluminum, adding to its stylish finish.

As far as its usability is concerned, Sharkk goes all out in this product. The keys are tight and are very easy to press, the keyboard itself is easy to pair with your iPad, and to put the cherry on top, Sharkk provides its customers with excellent first class customer service.

Your iPad’s native auto correct feature will be disabled while paired with this keyboard. Additionally, this keyboard is specifically designed for the iPad Air, but can also be used with any Bluetooth capable device.

Buy the Sharkk keyboard now

Zagg Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

[$44.90 – Black, $48.99 – White, Amazon]


At only 6.9 mm thick, this keyboard is one of the thinnest available out there. On top of that, this keyboard by Zagg offers up to 30% more typing room compared to other Bluetooth keyboard. Pretty sweet thinking how thin it is.

Zagg does not stop there in surprising us. The keyboard itself is made of island-style keys and is very responsive, providing users a natural and speedy typing experience. Now here’s what makes this keyboard very unique: the keyboard has backlit keys that can be customized with different colors and brightness. This is very useful especially when using this in low-light areas, and it is more fun and personalized, too.

The case itself is made of a durable leather-textured cover, and is resilient enough to protect your iPad against scratches, dust, and dents. Overall, this is a really good case, even close to perfect. However, using this case adds some weight to your iPad, which is something not everyone can deal with. But if you are one who wants to transform your iPad Air into a slick looking netbook with backlit keys and does not mind the price tag, then this Bluetooth keyboard is the one for you.

Buy the Zagg keyboard now

Logitech Keyboard

[$56.34 – 66.94, Amazon]


This Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech is the most expensive in this list, and understandably so. It is very thin, light, and offers full-size keys with iOS shortcuts on board for a fast and fluid typing experience for its users. It also features having the ability to automatically wake/sleep your iPad as you open/close the cover, which is very hassle-free. For a superior experience holding your iPad in place, this keyboard is equipped with powerful magnetic strips that secure your iPad, allowing the case to be perfectly aligned with your iPad at all times, especially when you are on the go.

This keyboard has everything you need in a Bluetooth keyboard, and even more, making this the perfect complement to your iPad.

Buy the Logitech keyboard now

Anker Keyboard

[$13.99, Amazon]


Bluetooth keyboards do not get any simpler than this. This keyboard is just a keyboard, giving you a “mini iMac” experience with your iPad. As simple as this keyboard gets, Anker does not disappoint us. The very quiet, low-profile keys are very comfortable to type with and bring along with it a very minimalistic and modern way of connecting a keyboard to your iPad. Aside from being very clean-looking, Anker focuses on battery life in this keyboard. It will automatically go into power saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, and will wake after 2-3 seconds of pressing a button. This keyboard boasts to last for as long as 700 hours. That gives you half a year before you would have to charge this keyboard again.

Since this is nothing but just a keyboard, you would have to separately purchase an iPad stand to best utilize this keyboard. Other than that, if you prefer having a full sized keyboard that is very light weight and easy to carry while not disappointing in user experience, this is a keyboard that must be seriously considered.

Buy the Anker keyboard now

So there you have it, our take on the best Bluetooth keyboards for your iPad. Do you find yourself needing a physical keyboard for your iPad? If you already own one, how is your experience? Share with us what you think in the comments below!

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