When it comes to enjoying your mobile experience beyond your normal smartphone, tablets offer a larger display and often more pure power to process your enterprise apps, or just relax with your favorite game. Apple offers two sizes of their iPad to suit your needs, no matter which you go for, we’re here to help you get the most out of it.

Here is our quick list of tips and tricks for your Apple iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3.

The basics

Before we really dive into this list, there are a few basics you probably already know that all iPad users should be comfortable with. Luckily, we’ve talked about a few of these recently.

Apple iPad Air 2 Mini 3 grass rock

Of course, protecting your iPad is important as well, be sure to look into screen protectors and cases, either leather or hard case, to protect your tablet from any bumps and bruises.

Last thought before we dive in, many of the features below pertain to all of Apple’s mobile products running the latest version of their popular iOS platform, including iPhones, iPads and more.

#1 – Control Center quick settings

iPad Air Mini Control Panel Quick Settings

Many of the relatively simple administrative tasks on a mobile device can be handled easily enough through the main settings on your iPad. Things like volume control, display brightness, media playback and toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth and more under your control. Access to these controls is crucial to an enjoyable mobile experience, but, what if you could access these settings while within any app, without needing to head to a dedicated settings menu? Control Center to the rescue.

By default, the Control Center is but a swipe away, simply pull up from the bottom of your display, and enjoy quick access to crucial controls of your device.

iPad Air Mini Control Center settings

If security is of the utmost of your concerns on your iPad, you should know that the Control Center is accessible from your Lock Screen. Luckily, you may prevent this access in the main settings, with ultimate lock down making the Control Center only accessible from the unlocked home screen of your device.

#2 – Quick access to recent apps

iPad Air Mini recent apps

As one navigates their iPad, jumping from one app to the next during their daily routine, they may find it somewhat cumbersome to return to their home screen in order to access each new app. As with the quick settings of the Control Center, there is a way to jump quickly to another app without having to go the long route. At least for apps that you’ve recently accessed.

To quickly jump to a list of your recent apps, quickly double tap your home button.

From the list of recent apps, swipe left and right to see the entire list. Swipe an app upward to dismiss it from this list, effectively closing the app. Finally, tap on the desired app to jump to it, with no need to return to your home screen first.

#3 – Siri

iPad Air Mini Siri

I suspect most of you have heard of Apple’s friendly voice assistant, Siri; Apple’s voice activated and audio response application that offers the impression that intelligence can be found in your mobile device. In reality, Siri is simply a convenient way to access and search the internet and through the apps on your device, with a few canned responses built in to make the service almost conversational.

To begin speaking aloud to your iOS powered iPad, simply press and hold your home button for a couple seconds. Siri will pop up and immediately begin listening for your inquiry. This even works when your screen is turned off.

iPad Air Mini Siri settings

Head into the General section of Settings to find additional settings control for Siri, like the ability to enable the “Hey Siri” true voice activation.

#4 – Re-arrange app icons

iPad Air Mini rearrange apps

The default user experience on your iPad can be a little overwhelming at first, what with all the app icons just stacked one after the other on your device home screen. As you install more and more apps, this can get even more unruly. Don’t you wish you could re-arrange the app icons? As you might imagine, this can be done, and it’s pretty easy to do.

Tap and hold on any app on your home screen for a couple seconds. You will enter into an edit mode, you’ll know it when you see it, all of your icons will start shaking and there will be an “x” at the top of your manually installed apps.

Your options are pretty simple. Tap the “x” to uninstall the app. Tap and drag any app to a new location on the screen, to the edge of the screen to move to the next screen or to the bottom quick launch app bar for access across all home screens. Finally, you may drag and drop one app on top of another to create a folder, then other apps may be dropped in to the folder as well.

To exit the edit mode, simply tap your home button.

#5 – Protect your privacy on a per service or per app basis

iPad Air Mini Privacy settings

As you utilize apps on your iPad, you will be asked to verify their access to specific aspects of your device. For example, mapping apps will request access to your Location Services, allowing the apps to utilize your device GPS.

If you are uncomfortable with the access given an app, or would like to turn off a particular service for using too much battery, you can do so in your device Settings. Look for the Privacy section in Settings to view all of the accessed features of your iPad, including your Contacts, Photos, Microphone and Cameras. Tap into any of the categories to see what apps have access, then turn off that access for each app desired.

iPad Air Mini Location services Privacy settings

Alternatively, you will find a Settings entry for each app you have installed at the bottom of the Settings left hand menu. You will again find Privacy settings within each app that will allow you to turn on or off access to the features of your iPad.

#6 – Restrict background sync on a per app basis

iPad Air Mini Background refresh app privacy

When it comes to finding the right mobile contract at your local cell phone carrier, there is no more precious commodity than data services, your very connection to the internet. As your data connection can be a very expensive thing, your use of that data must be kept under control.

As it turns out, your iPad has a blatant disregard for your data limits, unless you instruct it to ease up. Look for the section called Background App Refresh within the General section of Settings. You may turn on or off background sync of each app that is capable of doing so.

With an app set to not refresh in the background, it will then refresh when you next start the app. As this may be ideal for services that you do not use frequently, be aware that blocking background refresh may prevent your device from checking for and notifying you of new emails or social media events.

#7 – Notification control

iPad Air Mini Notification in settings

Speaking of your apps refreshing in the background, the true advantage of doing so is in your device bringing you notifications of your new email and more. As you likely know, a new notification will simply pop up onto your screen, and will be found in the Notification panel when you swipe down from the top of the screen.

iPad Air Mini Notification settings

Did you know you can control exactly which apps are allowed to provide you with notifications? That’s right, simply head into Settings and then into Notifications. We will cover this in more detail in a future post, but for now, know that you can fine tune your notification experience, controlling not only which apps can pop up, but how and when as well.

#8 – Quick Mute

Apple iPad Air 2 Gold face down camera tt

This is a simple thing. You are likely accustomed to tapping the up and down volume rocker buttons on the left top edge of your iPad to change the various volumes on your device. In the event that you need your volume turned down immediately, you can press and hold the volume down button to instantly mute the device.

Wrap up

As you might imagine, the full list of tips and tricks to get you through all of your iPad navigation needs is an extremely long list. We hope that these tricks today will help you get the hang of navigation and basic settings on your device, after all, we all have to start somewhere.

Do you have any awesome tips or tricks that you think should be added to this iPad list today?