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Apple iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Mini 3 mini 4 back

We started this list just a little over a month after Apple announced and began shipping the iPad mini 4. We think the latest iteration in the mini iPad lineup is a solid device offering, well worth your consideration and a worthy upgrade from older mini iOS devices.

With the new iPad mini 4 in hand, it is time to look at the best accessories to keep you and your device productive and protected. We’ve previously researched the best iPad mini 4 cases, now it is time for the best overall list of iPad mini 4 accessories.

Note: we will regularly update this article to reflect changes to our recommended accessories. For this August 2016 update we had to swap out more than a few cables and chargers, we had to bump up a price or two, but mostly things got more affordable, if only in a bang-for-the-buck kind of way.

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Case and cover

Apple iPad Mini 4 Apple smart cover

Obviously, in one form or another, physically protecting your new iPad mini 4 from bumps and bruises is a priority. As mentioned, we’ve already strolled down case and covers lane, check it out for all the details, for now, it is hard not to recommend the official iPad mini 4 smart cover and silicone case.

Provided by Apple themselves, this case and cover combination brings full device protection, and the convenience of a smart cover. There are many third party offerings that will cost you a lot less, but you can head over to Apple to grab these accessories, or hit up Amazon to get your smart cover for $39 and silicone cover for $57.

Buy the Silicone case nowBuy the iPad Smart Cover now



You need not look far to find a good stand able to hold up the iPad mini 4, it is a fairly thin and light device with no awkward shapes or buttons. I won’t tell you that I am using my foam knee-pad trick as a stand for my iPad mini 4, but it certainly gets the job done. That said, just like the iPad mini 3, we think the simple Arkon folding tablet stand is your best bet here.

You’ll want to step it up if you need a stand for secure mounting, or uneven placement, but the Arkon tablet stand serve you well otherwise. Grab it for $12.95 on Amazon today.

Buy the Arkon stand now

Bluetooth Keyboard

Anker Bluetooth Keyboard

While I debated adding a keyboard to this list, with the idea that you’ll use the iPad mini 4 for entertainment more than for productivity, for those looking to doing any real writing on the device, a keyboard is a wonderful thing. Of course, Bluetooth is your best bet for connectivity.

With so many great Bluetooth keyboards out there, it is never easy to choose the best for your needs. Consider the features you want, like if you want a full size keyboard, or maybe an ultra portable keyboard, before you go shopping. If you are just looking for a quality general use keyboard, check out this Anker Bluetooth ultra-slim keyboard. It has good battery life, is easily portable and feels pleasant to use.

The old version will run you $13.99, or grab the new Anker Ultra compact slim profile Bluetooth keyboard for $19.99 on Amazon.

Buy the Anker keyboard now


Stylus iPad Notes Drawing Sketch Wacom Bamboo tablet

While the newly announced Apple Pencil offers great functionality for the iPad Pro, the iPad mini 4 would not benefit quite so much. Instead, we’ll actually go back to an old stylus offering, the Pencil smart stylus by FiftyThree, made initially to accompany the popular Paper by 53 drawing app.

If you are just looking for a touchscreen compatible stick, you can find those for a few dollars, if you are looking for a stylus that provides different input based on the pressure and angle you are using it, and even new functionality when you flip it over, Pencil by FiftyThree has got you covered. For a bit more money, the Walnut version has a magnet to attach the stylus to your iPad, otherwise, the Graphite color starts at $49.95 on Amazon.

Buy the Pencil by FiftyThree now

Charger and cable

FosPower Anker USB chargers

Without a doubt, the supplied official Apple charger for your iPad mini 4 is the best charger for your new tablet. If you are looking for a good charger to add extra charging locations to your world, we have a couple options for you today.

First up, for those on the go, the FosPower world-wide universal charger offers up dual USB ports and can plug into the wall in the majority of countries around the globe for $12.95 on Amazon. If your travel is a little closer to home, and you’re looking for something a little more similar to the Apple charger, check out this Anker 24W charger for $10.99, It’s got two ports and has Anker’s IQ technology, so you can charge almost any USB powered device, not just your iPad mini 4.

Buy the FosPower World charger now
Buy the Anker 24W charger now

Anker USB charger

For those that are looking for more of a permanent desktop solution, the Anker 5 port 40W charger is still my favorite. You could jump up to the 6 port version, but I opted for two 5 port chargers for my desk. Grab the new Anker 5 port 40W USB charger for $23.99 on Amazon.

Buy the Anker 5-port USB charger now

Monoprice Lightning cables

Don’t forget to grab some extra Lightning cables as well. Monoprice is still one of our favorite vendors for all cables and connectors, but Amazon has come a long way with some quality options. Grab a decent cable for about $6.99, or jump up to the LED indicator light equipped Luxe series for around $11.49.

Buy the Anker Lightning cable now
Buy the Monoprice Luxe series cable now

Portable powerpack

Anker portable USB charger

Power on the go is as important as having a quality charger at home these days, while we are big fans of the large capacity RavPower portable chargers and the solar chargers from ZeroLemon, I will again recommend Anker today. The Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 has been a long time favorite of mine, I use it at least once per week for the last two years and it shows no sign of degradation, sadly, it has been discontinued. Since it is right now inexplicably overpriced at $75, we’ll instead show you its larger capacity sibling.

Grab the 16,000mAh Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5 for $32.99 from Amazon, or the bigger and newer Anker PowerCore 20100 for $42.99.

Buy the Anker PowerPort 20100 now


Over at our sister site, Sound Guys, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and wired headphones available on the market. Ranging anywhere from $33 to $499, you’re bound to find some great audio accessories to pair with your tablet, smartphone or ultrabook. Head to the links below for more information.

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Bluetooth speakers

Once again, our friends over at Sound Guys compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy for under $50. On the list, you’ll be able to find multiple powerful wireless speakers for $25, or some higher end models that range up to $49. Be sure to check out the link below for a full list of the best Bluetooth speakers available on the market.

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There you have it, with the plethora of accessories available for the iPad line, these are the tools we think will serve you best with your new iPad mini 4.

What do you say, is there a specific accessory that you can’t live without?

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