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iPad Pro 9.7

Welcome to our December Tabtimes Monthly, an overview of the best tablet, ultrabook and smartphone related technology news and reviews of the last month. Subscribers to our Monthly newsletter will be familiar with what they see here, just be sure to sign up for our giveaway for a chance to win a hot device.

November was an interesting month as OnePlus launched the upgraded OnePlus 3T, Xiaomi’s concept phone underwent serious testing, Huawei announced the Mate 9 (and the ludicrously-priced Porsche Design Mate 9), DJI unwrapped several new drones, we went to the LA auto show, Google’s Daydream View underwent a review and more so kick back, enter the giveaway and join us for our top tech highlights of November 2016.

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Giveaway: Apple iPad Pro 9.7!!

iPad Pro 9.7 review

A big congratulations to last month’s winner: Anne. S from the USA who is taking home the Apple iPhone 7!!

The iPad Pro 9.7 might have been out for several months now but it still reigns supreme as one of the best tablets on the market. While other tablets have tried to come close (and failed), the iPad Pro 9.7 is arguably the best portable tablet on the market and we like it so much, we’re giving one person the chance to win one!

iPad Pro 9.7 International Giveaway!

Other giveaways running this month from our partner sites:
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ChargedDJI Mavic Pro Drone!
AndroidAuthorityBest Android Phone giveaway!

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Now you’ve entered the giveaway, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and join us for a quick recap of last month in the world of tech!

In reviews this month:

It’s been a busy month in the TabTimes labs with several products being examined and tested before their reviews are published. While we’re yet to publish some of these reviews, we have revisited some of our old favourites and updated them with new information.

Where better to start than our giveaway tablet this month and the iPad Pro 9.7 is still one of our favourite tablets on the market. Sporting some very powerful internals coupled with iOS 10 and a great display, this tablet combines the power and performance of the larger iPad Pro 12 with the portability and style of the iPad Air 2. The result? A great tablet that’s arguably the best iPad to date! Check out the updated iPad Pro 9.7 review for more info!

If you’re looking for something that’s still portable but has the power of Windows behind it, the  might come up in your searches. With a 2-in-1 form factor that’s designed to make working on the go easy, it runs the full Windows 10 OS, has an awesome Dock that also works with the Macbook 12 and has some powerful internals. Is it the right device for you? Find out in our Huawei Matebook review!
Huawei MateBook

Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3
If the Matebook doesn’t quite take your fancy, then maybe Microsoft’s own Surface Pro 4 will. This month we revisited a very popular and important comparison as Microsoft’s latest flagship 2-in-1 took on its predecessor. At a lower price, the Surface Pro 3 arguably offers as good an experience as its newer sibling so which one should you buy? Find out in our Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3 comparison!

Of course, sometimes a 2-in-1 or a tablet can’t replace the power and performance of a dedicated computer and the Dell XPS 15 2016 is arguably one of the best ultrabooks ever made. With a series of power options, a great keyboard, awesome speakers and Windows 10 Pro, the Dell XPS 15 is great and the display is one of the best on an ultrabook. Is it the right computer for you? Find out in our Dell XPS 15 review!



The best of the best!

After you’ve decided which phone, tablet and computer is right for you, the next step is finding the best accessories for your new gadget. Sorting through the minefield of cases, docks and cables might seem like a daunting task but worry not as we have you covered!

iPad Pro 9_7 VS iPad Air 2 tt 12

For new tablet owners, you’ll find our round ups of the best Android games for tablets, best tablets for kids, best windows tablets, best VPN apps for iPad and best shopping apps for iPad crucial to deciding what tablet to buy and making the most of it! Of course, if you choose to buy an iPad Pro 9.7 (or you’re lucky enough to win our giveaway), you might be looking for a keyboard or case so head on over to our roundups of the best iPad Bluetooth keyboards and best iPad Pro 9.7 cases and covers to find out more!

Macbook 12

For other gadgets, we’ve also got you covered with several roundups of the best gadgets for your phone, laptop and home. Macbook 12 owners should head over to our roundup of the best Macbook 12 accessories while iPhone 7 owners should check out the best iPhone 7 slim cases and best iPhone 7 headphone adapters for the essentials. If you’re a busy professional, you’ll want to check out our roundup of the best tablets for sales professionals and if you’re in the market for a new laptop, our round up of the best laptop processors and best laptop cooling pads also has you covered!

Best Desk Setup Under $500 Featured

Lastly, if you’re looking to setup a new desk, we’ve also got you covered with our roundups of the best essentials at various price points. For those on a budget, the best desk setup under $250 roundup has you covered whereas if you can spend a little more, our roundup of the best desk setup under $500 might be what you’re looking for. Next week, we’ll be bringing you what we consider the very best desk setup available for under $1000 with a top of the range monitor, mechanical keyboard, mouse and audio setup!


Around the network:

November took the Android Authority team to Munich where Huawei announced the new Huawei Mate 9 alongside the first device in its partnership with Porsche – the aptly named Porsche Design Mate 9! Both devices bring with them some very impressive specs and the Porsche Design variant tops the regular Mate 9 with a better QHD display, 6GB of RAM and 256GB storage!

From one Chinese OEM to another as Xiaomi stole the show with the Xiaomi Mi MIX! A concept phone that’s still very real, it is the closest we’ve come to a bezel-free smartphone but is the 6.44-inch smartphone a must have or is it worth waiting for the next generation model? Find out in full Xiaomi Mi MIX review!

From smartphones to VR but sticking with Google and we have the Daydream View, the latest VR headset out of Mountain View, the evolution of the Google Cardboard and arguably the first headset that will truly bring VR to the masses.

Is it the best VR headset and a must-have this holiday season? Find out in the VRSource Google Daydream View review!

November also saw our Charged team head over to LA for the launch of DJI’s new drone as well as the electric-centric LA Auto Show! Check out our DJI Inspire 2 launch impressions, then head over to the DJI Mavic Pro unboxing and setup: before you fly before checking out the new Chevy Bolt EV, Porsche hybrid and the best of the LA Auto show!



Looking ahead to December..

And that’s a wrap for last month but what does this month have in store? As we come to the end of the year and the holiday season, we’re also just weeks away from a new year and doing it all over again. We’ll be at CES in January in force with a large team, booth and lots to look forward to and we’ve got tons of other exciting updates to share with you in the coming weeks as well!

Finally, we’ll also have a lot of reviews, comparison and versus roundups for you to check out this month but for now, we recommend our HP Spectre 13 review (and a comparison against the Apple Macbook 12) and our roundups of the Best 4K monitors and Best Ultrabooks!

Thanks for taking the time to read our highlights from the past month and good luck in the giveaway! Let us know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

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    I like Space Grey. Reason being, when the bezels are black, in a dark room they pretty much become invisible so you can focus more on the screen. Had an Iphone 5s Gold, and I would always notice(get distracted) by the white that was visible in a dark room. But really it’s just a preference.

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  • tamer wahba

    Space gray

  • Silver iPad pro

  • bogdan

    space gray

  • Kate Merrill

    Gold looks best 🙂

  • Ariska

    Space Gray

  • Reyan Kinng

    Space Grey

  • Robert Kovacs

    Space Grey

  • g. leong

    space grey

  • Gianna Katal

    Gold, or Rose Gold! Thanks for the opportunity!


    i like space gray

  • Rohan Mehta

    Space Grey ! forever…

  • Nikos KarKar

    Gold or Space Grey!

  • Darius Robin Carvalho


  • purple

    I like the RoseGold best.

  • Tanya Berglund

    Rose Gold

  • Hello Kitty

    Rose gold is the best.

  • JLhugo

    The best is Silver

  • Jesús Jorcano Díaz


  • p3h2o


  • paspals


  • Jason

    space grey

  • Lukman Jimoh

    Space grey

  • Kit Merrill

    Gold seems more jazzy.✔ (my avatar pic is a moldy peach, by the way – not me)

  • eszpa

    Rose, Silver and Space grey the best colors

  • Manjina

    Space grey is my FAVE!

  • Ljupco Ristovski


  • Susan

    Rose Gold is cool

  • M83893

    Silver or Rose gold

  • Lucas Emrich

    space grey

  • dave


  • Pedro Monteiro

    Space Gray

  • Ebrahim Kheriwala


  • macez

    Space Grey

  • Carol Denny


  • Pedro Camacho


  • Kamilkos

    Space grey because I don’t like white bezels

  • diannearsenaul


  • dharmang hirani

    space grey

  • DarylDaryl


  • dnh1910


  • Tim


  • SteveO

    Space Gray

  • Ze Pedro


  • Nikita

    Space Gray

  • Mazé Castro


  • Ryan Lee


  • Antonio


  • Audrius Sadaunykas

    Space Grey

  • Rose Gold looks intriguing 🙂

  • Áron Hallai Seiler

    Silver or rose looks great!

  • Terence V.


  • Avram Razvan

    Silver by far


  • adarsh nair

    Rose Gold

  • ลุงหมี ตาแก่ขี้บ่น

    Space Gray Nice

  • Leon Cavalcanti Rocha

    Even though the other colors are beautiful, Space Gray is still the one to go!

  • Jose Mariano Raposas

    Space Gray

  • Awsumist

    Gold for the bling

  • Karabo Seitisho

    Definitely Space Gray!!!!

  • Paige Yang

    Space Gray

  • Chris Minko

    Space gray for me.

  • dguy25

    Space gray

  • Keyvan


  • Michał Zińczuk

    Gold – looks lively, yet still stylish 🙂

  • Leslie Crosbie

    I would LOVE it in ANY color but if I had to pick… RoseGold is very pretty!

  • Rohit Dhyani

    Space gray

  • Ompong

    The Rose Gold !

  • Kareim Patterson

    Rose gold!

  • digmol

    Space Gray the best

  • Sinan Oğuz

    Space Gray

  • Reginald Sandifer

    Rose Gold is my first choice, Space gray would be second.

  • Crazy Diego

    To me the pink one is the most beautiful.
    (Thanks for this contest, and good luck to everybody.)

    • Dan McCormick


      • 2gar

        agree, silver is the best

    • Edith Marie

      ITA, PINK!

  • JuanD


  • yassin sherif

    Space gray FTW!!!

  • Lorenz Tiburcio

    Space gray

  • Esmeralda


  • Hargun Singh Tikku

    Space Gray!

  • Adrian D.

    Silver or space gray for me would be the best colors, others are for teens, but i wouldn’t be bothered if i had one in gold or gold rose:)

  • Walter

    Gold! 😀

  • Aakash Thakkar

    Silver!!! The classic color

  • Costas S Lamprinos

    Space Gray is my favourite

  • Jonathan Sookun


  • ♡☆


  • swapnil

    Gold followed by Space gray

  • T. Hylton

    Space gray looks the best to me!

  • Amy Heffernan

    Gold 🙂 Thanks. Happy Holidays!

  • kim niland

    Rose Gold

  • rickjbryant

    Space Gray….but happy with anything.

  • Viren Mody

    Space gray!

  • samdono


  • tpoage

    I like the silver the best.

  • Raymond Diep

    Probably Silver

  • Michael Darling

    I like the rose gold.

  • Rajesh

    Space Grey it is <3

  • Carolyn Massey

    The Space Grey

  • Avinash Kumar

    Gray 🙂

  • Luis G.


  • gidif

    Space Gray

  • Jennifer Raybon

    Space gray

  • I like the color of RoseGold for ipad.

  • Paul Gardner

    I would like the gold one please

  • Mak Cau Theng

    Space gray.

  • SheilaR

    I like the silver

  • Sabrina Ockerman

    Pink please

  • Bogart X

    ROSE GOLD! haha

  • Carlos Brito

    Space Grey

  • I like the Space Gray color the best

  • Nicole Leger

    i love the rosegold

  • Jessica c

    Rose gold

  • Vipul Chaudhary


  • Tammy Horn

    Rose Gold.

  • cole5234

    Rose gold

  • amiller1955

    My favorite color is space gray.

  • Nalane Singh

    RoseGold is my favorite color. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • stefaniegladden

    I love the rosegold ipad!

  • Olexander Tkhoryk


  • b0ne

    Space Gray ftw!

  • Alessio

    Classic White!

  • Deanna

    I like the rose gold, but silver would be my second choice. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sofian Nouari

    i like space gray

  • Rohani Rimu

    Rose gold

  • Alison Braidwood

    I think the rose gold is super pretty.

  • Julian Corbitt


  • dawn Gordon

    I like rose colored one

  • Albus

    Space gray! 😀

  • kirintor

    I like the silver version the most.

  • steve weber

    I like the silver.. classic.

  • Carol Burgess


  • davetaube

    I love the Space Gray!

  • Obaid

    Love the Space gray

  • Donna Dennis

    I love the rose gold.

  • Lauren Yost

    space gray

  • Gabriella Rola

    ROSE GOLD!!!

  • AlPhoenix87


  • Andrey Tsaruk

    Silver or Space Gray

  • Andrew Knight


  • definitelyvindieselbro

    Space Gray

  • Ibraheem Huss

    Space Grey

  • Dexter Cruz

    Space gray please

  • Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    I love the silver 🙂

  • Steven Blaser


  • Gold is really sexy. But only for an iPad.
    Cheers from Germany Dudes.

  • Shams Shimul

    I like the silver color. It looks aristocratic on electronic gadgets.

  • Chris Roeszler

    If I’m lucky enough, gold please. And thank you for running a contest, I appreciate the chance! 🙂

  • Rogue_Femme

    I love the Space Grey iPad.

  • Nicoline Lopez

    the gold one…

  • Dhawal Patel

    i would love to win it in gold. thx

  • Christy George

    I love the Rose Gold!

  • Marlene V.

    I love the rose colour

  • Cathy

    Gold is my fav iPad color.

  • bjpentney

    Love the gold.

  • Amanda

    Spacegrey is my favorite colour.

  • Bigbadspikey

    space gray!

  • Tony Cruz

    Silver, please. Thank you !!!!

  • Stanislava Denisenko


  • Catherine Robichaud

    I like the Space Gray one.

  • Mehmet

    Rose gold

  • AJ

    I like the silver the best.

  • C L. Chin

    rose gold!

  • Violetta Tkhorik


  • Oswald Lau

    Rose gold

  • Koby Herbst

    I like the space grey

  • Grendel

    Space Grey – it’s classy…

  • Barrie

    I like the gold! Fit for a queen…lol 😉

  • Jorge Granda

    I would like the silver IPad.

  • theponyhalf~

    Rose Gold is my fave.

  • John Paulo Navidad Ruiz

    I think the rose gold (pink) would be good for an ipad

  • Amanita Sheemar

    Pinkkk ❤️❤️ Ma fav colour

  • tracywed

    The rose gold please

  • Donnas

    I like the Space Gray.

  • Paul S.


  • Michelle Levine

    I like the silver ipad

  • Paul T

    Rose Gold <3

  • Debbie Petch

    I like silver. Thanks!

  • krysta

    I really like the iPad in Rose Gold:)

  • onyiakpanisi

    I love the Rose gold

  • Jennifer Truong

    Rose Gold is nice!

  • DeniseH

    I really like the silver color Thank You for the chance to win TabTimes!

  • Carol Anne Larsh Barrette

    I love love love the pink one.. my girls will love it too

  • Jacqui Bartlett

    Rose Gold 🙂

  • jwtsonga

    Space Gray

  • Arnprior

    Rose Gold

  • melissa

    i’d love the rose gold!

  • jlenhart

    I am a fan of the rose gold!

  • Chendrasena O

    iPad with Space Gray made it best!

  • Eugene

    Gold is the one for me…

  • Diana

    Rose Gold screams that it should be located at my house! 🙂

  • George(tte) Washington Bunny

    Space grey.

  • johmike

    Gold is best!

  • Donna Hewko

    Rose Gold for me! Its beautiful.

  • Lynn

    I love the Rose Gold color

  • DGleeson


  • Kevin Ng

    Has to be space grey for me

  • Natalie

    I love the rose gold.

  • Nathan Lapointe

    Rose gold for me!

  • ronn

    Space gray is the best color.

  • ksceviour

    I love the rose gold

  • daydreamsun3


  • Greg Butler

    Rose gold for me please!

  • Holly Storm

    I love the rose gold

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I would like the Space Idea

  • Joey

    Space Gray!!!!

  • teeslee


  • Anil Sharma

    Space grey is my favorite…

  • TJ

    Definitely Space Grey

  • Lee Durgan

    I like the gold and the pink one,can’t decide!

  • Mark Owens


  • Anna Johnson

    Silver ☺

  • Tina Hopkinson

    Silver please

  • Mark Bainbridge

    The gold or silver are the best

  • disqus_DBnGkCWk23

    Space Gray for me, Please!

  • Track runner

    I like silver best for the iPad.

  • Calvin F.

    Silver or space grey would be great

  • tamiv

    I like the Gold one

  • Heidi C

    rose gold

  • sarah oswald

    I love the rose gold color the best because its different than most colors.

  • Janine McNally

    Gold I think!

  • David

    Space Gray

  • urcnstarz

    My favorite is the RoseGold, I like the way it looks.

  • Diane Wilford

    Space Grey

  • dmwsmiley


  • Peggy D

    rose gold

  • Kristin

    I like the silver

  • Pam Flynn

    I love the Rose Gold! It is so sexy!

  • dlhaley

    RoseGold is pretty

  • Jodi Clark Kershuk

    I like Rose Gold the best.

  • My favorite is gold. Would go nice with my iPhone 6 gold! Thanks for the chance!

  • fossie55

    I like the Rose Gold
    Florence Cochrane

  • Stephanie Crane

    Rose Gold!

  • tammy ta

    I think I like the gold one best.

  • Rahul Rajan

    Space Gray!

  • inkchick

    My favorite colour is the Rose Gold.

  • devilwoman15

    Love the gold one if I get lucky enough to win – good luck everyone

  • Randi C

    Space Gray!!

  • TallNFunny

    I like the Space Grey!

  • Isabelle Simard

    RoseGold for mama 😉

  • Sean Cuthill

    I am a fan of the space grey colour.

  • Donnie Springfield

    I like the space gray

  • dorsy28

    Rose Gold

  • abhijay

    Space grey

  • Peggy Doty

    Rose Gold is the neatest color.

  • Landyz

    Rose gold is the best!

  • Anshum Jain

    I personally prefer space grey although rose gold looks awesome as well!!!

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    I am a big fan of rose gold.

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    I love the pink it’s my favorite color,

  • Swapndeep Singh

    Space Grey

  • christine burd

    I like the rose gold one .

  • I like rose gold… it matches my iphone!

  • manjit kaur


  • Aashish Pokharel

    Rose Gold!

    Btw do u guys want me to kill some one to get this for free ? :p

  • carlos guillen

    Space Gray

  • batye1


  • Paula (lilpeej)

    I like Space Gray best!

  • Harsh Vardhan Kabra

    Space gray! Though I wish iPad had the jet/matte black colorway.

  • Alana LeSueur

    I do not currently have an ipad or the ipad pro, so if I were lucky enough to have my name drawn, my choice of colour would absolutely have to be GOLD. Thank you so very much.

  • Alana LeSueur

    I like the GOLD colour as my best choice for the ipad. As I do not currently have my own ipad or ipad pro, I would be so excited if my name were the lucky person drawn. Thank you so much, for this giveaway.

  • Ian Hinkle


  • Crystal Porter

    I like the rose gold, but I also like the Space gray

  • Amber Keller-Beer

    I love the rose gold

  • Anjali Ahuja

    Rose Gold !

  • rogerkaikko


  • Phyllis

    I like the space gray.

  • Dede

    I really like the silver color but rose is great too!

  • Paul A. Faletti

    I like the Rose Gold one.

  • D O C

    I like the RoseGold.

  • Sapphire amegago


  • Richard

    Gold is good for me.

  • Stefanie Haluk

    I love the rosegold.

  • Danalee Davis

    I like rose gold. Thank you for the chance.

  • shammerle


  • Carla Milton

    I like the Rose Gold

  • karen petrychko

    space grey

  • space grey

  • Mohd Areeb

    Space Grey…Loved !t!!>
    Good Luck Everyone..

  • Chris

    I like silver!

  • hodari

    space gray

  • Jason H


  • Jurkus Petras


  • Cole

    I think silver looks best!

  • Murali Krishnaa

    I always prefer the Gold color. looks stunning!

  • RBuschyX

    RoseGold FTW!

  • i like the Gold

  • Quartz

    I prefer the color Space Gray

  • Damon

    Space Gray

  • Rohan Kuche

    Space Gray iPad looks the best


    Love the rose gold!!!

  • Bruno Yuji Kimura de Carvalho

    Space gray all the way!

  • Noor Siddiqui


  • Jobi Cosme

    Definitely Rose Gold.

  • Who am I kidding, any color would do me just fine, but I like the space grey a little better than most

  • Gonda

    Space Grey



  • Martizz

    the RoseGold version is so damn beautiful !

  • zzisiss


  • Kumud Shah

    I think rosegold looks best..

  • Nieves Rial Vilanova


  • Gail Davis

    Rose gold is so nice.

  • Patrick


  • Eric Kung

    Space Gray!

  • PB and J

    Rose Gold!

  • Carolina Roger Manzano

    Space Gray

  • Faqih Hilman


  • Riccardo

    Space Gray

  • tornadokiller

    space gray

  • PL

    Silver or Space Grey are both pretty nice!

  • stargr

    Space Grey!

  • Muhamad Hakimi

    Rose gold is the perfect colour of any Apple product.

  • Paul Walker

    Space grey

  • Nicholas Sebastian Veron

    gold or space gray ofc

  • Yanto Lee

    Space gray

  • Mike Heinen


  • Vince

    Rose Gold!

  • Crax Prax

    Space Gray is the sexiest!

  • Karl Joseph Directo

    Rose gold is amazing color.

  • Jhon Smith


  • Ana George

    RoseGold <3

  • George

    Space gray

  • Federico Dubbini

    Rose Gold

  • Lucian Cornea

    Space grey

  • Fong Zhi Hui

    Space grey!

  • Samia Nahhas


  • Karthic Kumar

    Space grey

  • Michaelk

    Space grey.

  • curtis

    Would love a space grey version!

  • Barbie Noor


  • Ovidiu Iuliu B

    Silver is my favourite.

  • katsrus

    Rose Gold

  • Ruthenium Neon Blobfish

    Space grey if I had to choose.

  • y_oo

    Gray, space gray

  • Adam Wright


  • Lol


  • Shadow Morgan

    Space gray!

  • Gorgon

    A gold one would be great.

  • Hugo Chung

    Space Gray all the way!

  • Matias Makkonen


  • Vlad

    I like the silver one.

  • miguelm75


  • Mandy Bruenger


  • Axîn Florin Alin

    Space Gray

  • guardian588

    I like silver the most, very simple and fitting for the iPad

  • Thristan

    Silver for me!

  • ann_sam

    Rose gold

  • Petros Loukas

    Space grey ftw

  • Mahdi Kabir

    Space grey is the coolest !!!

  • Muhammed Ayeb

    Rose Gold

  • Jorge Costa

    Space grey.

  • Rose Gold

  • Matthew

    space grey beautiful colour

  • Sanjith Sreenivas

    Space Grey

  • anunay sharma


  • Kashveer Sewjalal

    space grey would be awesome for me

  • Lee Morelli

    Space Gray

  • Shakeem Coltes


  • Leisa

    Rose Gold

  • Utkarsh Chauhan

    Space Grey

  • Douglas Houston

    I like the gold one


    Space Gray would be my first choice. Thanks for having these giveaways every month. It is a great thing when people/businesses give back. To everyone at TABTIMES, their families and friends, I hope you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a fantastic New Year.

  • Pedro Miguel Tavares


  • Leonard Wong


  • Space Gray.

  • Małgosia


  • traymona

    Rose gold

  • Χρυσάνθη Λουκά

    Rose Gold!

  • penny

    rose gold

  • Neftalí Correas

    Rose gold

  • Robert Palasy


  • Tiffany S

    I love the rose gold ipad.

  • Bale Who

    space gray, all the way!!!!

  • Gezz İnti

    rose gold

  • Dino Petek

    space gray

  • Phemo Joshua Babusi

    Rose gold

  • Khva0

    Classic silver FTW!

  • EllieSunshine

    I like the Rose Gold the best. But I would be happy to win any color.

  • Amogh Ayya


  • Eivan Sabater

    rosegold. cause it’s two colors in one haha

  • Mobin Haque

    Rose gold

  • Raquel Solis

    I love Rose Gold Please!

  • Shawn Stover


  • Alexandre Montilha


  • Lauren Mahalia

    Rose gold please ❤❤❤

  • Amit Chauhan


  • Yeakin Ashrar

    Gold !!

  • Scorpion905

    Space Gray

  • dlhaley

    I love the RoseGold color.

  • LizzieA

    Rose Gold is definitely my favorite, but honestly, as long as it works, I can’t be picky lol

  • bohwat


  • Keith Alexander Jr.

    The rose gold looks swag af

  • Antonis Georgiou


  • kubo

    For me it’s Space Grey

  • GoogleNexusPrime

    Space grey

  • Anton

    Space Gray

  • Enrique

    space gray

  • Tuck Choy Lee


  • Etai Mizrahi


  • Giannakis Markou

    Rose gold for my sister!

  • Miloš Momčilović


  • Jerren Solomon


  • Nitin Hassija

    Rose gold.

  • D Dhanu

    Rose Gold

  • Kelly Hysell


  • Klára Glenister


  • X-man


  • Mahesh pandey

    Love Silver iPad

  • VioletS

    Rose gold is my favourite

  • Gustavo


  • Zee Bermudez

    Rose Gold

  • Maxim Ivanov

    Space Gray

  • Lê Quang Phú

    for me, it’s silver

  • Space Gray

  • Andre M

    Space Gray

  • Cindy Peterson


  • joesdadnick

    Rose Gold

  • TaraP

    Space Gray

  • Ron Hutton


  • AJ

    I like all the colors, but I would want Space Gray because it’s the only one that has a dark bezel. I see that we can replace the bezel if we want, but I’d rather not have to do that. So Space Gray is my final answer.

  • Tanmay Jadhav

    Space Grey

  • Cassandra

    Space Grey!

  • nikatapi

    space grey!

  • senal

    Space grey FTW!

  • redips77


  • Brian Kautz


  • James Williamson

    Space Grey ftw

  • alkazzzzz

    rose gold!!!

  • Darren Scrubb

    I really like Gold color the most.

  • Ednildo Macena

    Space gray

  • I like the silver.

  • Jai Cabigan

    space gray

  • David Serrano

    Space Gray is the best color

  • Hana Hadzri

    Rose gold for me from Malaysia

  • Paulo Silva

    Space Grey!

  • Kimpoy Abacan

    Space Gray!

  • Alexandra Petrou

    Space Gray

  • HeeeT

    Space grey!

  • Deb Philippon

    My preference is the space grey.

  • deniz dogan

    Rose Gold

  • Sirrr

    Space gray

  • djluke

    Rose Gold FTW!

  • Ron Ablang

    Space Gray.

  • Ömer Fadıl USTA

    Rose Gold

  • Milene

    Oh, the rose gold is the best <3

  • Linday Wilkins

    the gray one

  • Great Artiste

    rose gold

  • Erico Tena

    Space gray please. Thanks Tab Times for the giveaway! Godspeed.

  • Andy Xtian


  • Karen McHood

    i like the RoseGold – it’s kind of like copper – different than everyone else.

  • pinksuzanne

    I like the Silver colour.

  • Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado

    Space gray

  • Chui Ping Yan


  • Robert Easton

    space grey

  • Ernane Vasconcelos

    Space Gray

  • Christopher Sousa-Wynn

    Space grey.

  • Joe Burba

    i like gold

  • Glen Houghtaling

    white or gray

  • Gentian


  • Aditya Nandan

    Space Gray!!

  • Erin

    I like the Rose Gold the best.

  • Eric Torres

    Space Grey

  • Adalbert Arkosi

    Space Gray

  • Dhanvin

    Space grey, or silver are the best!

  • A.Cristi

    space gray

  • Nikola

    Silver <3

  • Carlos Luis Barón Carrero

    any color is good, if I have to choose I’d choose Silver

  • francesco


  • Bellicová Kim


  • Moriah Ward

    I LOVE the Rose Gold one, it’s such a lovely color.

  • Ingrid D’Souza

    Space Gray all the way! <3

  • R. E. Rodriguez

    Space Gray is the best colour.

  • Rob S

    space gray

  • Oscar Gomez Pimentel

    Silver 🙂

  • Charles Arbogast

    Space Gray

  • Jet Gun


  • SarahJ

    I love the RoseGold

  • Rita Leonard

    I love the rose gold color

  • csantiago78

    I would love to get the Space Gray.

  • Andrej Čuščak

    White color is top!


    Silver !

  • Андрей

    Space gray.

  • ALexander

    I’d like punk gold iPad, But I will be very happy to any of them. 🙂

  • Mihai Boca

    Space gray

  • Julian

    The grey iPad pro !

  • Zheyi

    Gold please.

  • Aniket Srivastava

    Rose Gold Color

  • Алексей Сергеев

    Space Gray – i like space!!!

  • Simina Goia


  • Jarne Claesen

    Space gray

  • Nitzan Lavi

    Space gray

  • Ankush Bm

    Gold is for rich so I prefer black or in this case space grey…..

  • Laurent Latulippe

    I like grey

  • Davorin Kolarič

    Without a doubt – silver!

  • RobertR

    Space Grey 🙂

  • Nirmallya Addy

    Golden iPad for me….

  • Carmen

    like the gold one 🙂

  • Space gray!

  • Jody Delport


  • Terry Henson

    I like space grey

  • Lukas H.

    Space Gray it is

  • Amy Z

    Rose gold is my favorite!

  • James Goettel

    Space Grey

  • 7odd60

    I must admit the rose one is enticing

  • Channing Jacob

    Space Grey and Silver

  • serg

    space gray 😀

  • Matt Dailey

    Rose gold

  • john

    Gold ftw

  • Martin Lathan

    Space Gray….

  • Julia Christoforidou

    SPACE GRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Kim Smith

    I’d love the Rose Gold to match my phone.

  • Mithun

    rose gold

  • P.Panagiotidis

    Space Gray

  • Umer Surmawala

    I like the space gray, to me it seems to be the most classy elegant looking finish.

  • Diogo Reis


  • Oscar

    Space gray

  • Denis Woś

    Space Gray

  • john-rambo


  • srellok

    Space Gray

  • jsyam22

    I think I’d go for Space Gray

  • Doktor Ivsa

    Space gray

  • Izak Krivoruk


  • Larson Thorpe

    Always have been a fan of darker colors. They hide the grime hands leave behind better. There for I say space grey.

  • Diana Dumitriu

    The rose gold or gold will be perfect

  • Erick Garcia

    Space Gray !!

  • Space Grey!

  • alireza_asol

    space gray

  • Tircovnicu Claudiu

    Space gray !

  • Péter Katalin


  • sonytaito

    Space gray is a true classic

  • gt gogeta


  • Jan Žemlička

    I like silver!

  • RuiCruz

    Space Gray all the way !

  • jaiave

    Space Gray

  • ashish sonpitale

    rose gold……………

  • BlackAsphodel

    Space Gray

  • Amaan

    Space Gray

  • Cristina Lima

    I choose the golden one.

  • Sergey Krasilnik

    Space Grey!

  • Stephen

    Silver’s a sliver better than the rest.

  • Shyuan

    Rose Gold.

  • Josh

    gold is my favorite

  • Redouane

    space grey all the way!
    thank you for the amazing giveaway

  • Randy Bradford

    Black. if you can get it.

  • Ákos Zorin


  • Julius Šeškauskas

    Space Gray !

  • Nikita Emeline

    I think gold is the most beautiful one

  • Ольга Кимак


  • jc_komas

    Gold is my favorite!!!

  • Don Evans

    space gray

  • Carol Oddy

    I like the rosegold color.

  • CassePer

    Love the RoseGold version 😉

  • Paulo

    Space Gray

  • Terry Schonauer

    Space Gray please…

  • Kelly Krol

    Rose Gold

  • Celso Rodrigues

    Space Gray for me.

  • Rui Barbosa

    iPad Gold would be great 🙂

  • Kharv

    Rose gold

  • bata99

    Space Gray is my favorite!

  • Nyunyó

    Rose gold is the best

  • Christian Jakobsson

    Space Gray: a classic!

  • Sandipan Dey

    Rose Gold looks so beautiful. I really wish atleast for the 1st time in my life, my winning luck clicks. Thanks for this giveaway

  • jaff

    rose gold

  • Alex Panaite

    Space grey is the color I like the most

  • coach_daves

    I love space grey but there are a couple in my house that would love the pink one.

  • Adrian Cheong

    Rose gold.

  • eman azmi

    I love the rose gold colour. Good luck to all (^^,)

  • Chatio

    I like the space gray

  • Thomas

    Space Gray

  • David Son

    Rose gold

  • Andrew

    Space Gray

  • Apostolakis Dimitris

    gold the best color

  • Vidit Jain


  • Karin Dollery

    I think Rose Gold would be lovely.

  • Lorie

    I like the Rosegold one. Thank-you for the opportunity!

  • Mathias

    Space grey is the way to go!! Good look everyone 🙂

  • Elizabeth E

    I like the silver!

  • Astro arunesh

    i like the gold colour

  • Sergio Teixeira

    Space grey is the color I like the most!

  • R4PH1T4

    Space Gray

  • Jonnie Tamares

    Space Gray

  • Theresa A.

    I like the Rose Gold. Happy Holidays!

  • Khushali Sarnot

    Space Grey

  • Funmi Adams

    Rose gold

  • Simone Pulcini

    I love the gold one!

  • Dan Valentin

    Space gray for sure.

  • Andry Petryshyn

    Very fast device

  • Leo Ios

    Space grey

  • Geek_Musical

    I like the ‘space grey’ color =D

  • Edi Salic

    Silver 🙂

  • Moises Valenzuela

    i love the Space Gray color!

  • MAX G.

    Space grey for me!

  • Diva


  • Darla Peduzzi

    I like the Rose Gold.

  • Mary Lamprinou

    space grey

  • slaczky

    Color does not matter to me, because I need one ios device for app development and app testing. If I could choose one I say space gray is a nice color.

  • Stephen Kish


  • agvf

    Awesome space grey iPad

  • Jonathan Love

    Space Gray

  • omegatrac


  • Timothy Jackson

    Rose gold !!!!!!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    rose gold <3 xoxo

  • Faye W.


  • Vapeweazel

    Space Grey, please.

  • peterg201

    Gold,, Would be a NICE Win!

  • J. Wong


  • Toño Galan Ramon

    Space gray… Thank you!


    My daughter would love the rose gold…

  • Duke_VIPER

    Gold I guess.
    Rose gold is nice as well.

  • Hodsmat

    Space Gray

  • Décio Henriques

    I like the Gold 🙂 nice giveaway, thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Hamzah

    Space Grey is the best

  • Juan Christoper

    Every colour that you give to me i would be appreciate it

  • Kimbre Music

    The rose gold is gorgeous!!

  • Sara B

    gold is the coolest colour

  • João Martins

    Space grey

  • Marck Eco

    Gold for me..

  • Petra S

    I’d choose the rose gold just for something different. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • pinkrosev

    rose gold

  • Muhammad Akmal Abdillah

    Space Grey

  • MaKo

    .: Space Gray :.

  • amy fisher

    rose gold!!

  • Ramona Răican


  • kovalio


  • Daniel Aguiar

    White. thx

  • Minco

    Space Gray

  • Dave


  • piroska

    I love the Space Gray.

  • Maribel R

    I like Gold the best.

  • tubbyj

    space Grey

  • Enri Fel

    Space grey!!!

  • Wendy Hutton

    Ilike the space grey

  • Djemaioune Harone

    Gold for me is the Best

  • PIFA123

    Rose Gold looks the best to me.

  • Ajay Shrivastav



    Rose gold is the best looking one and love to get it

  • Onur

    A gold one for sure.

  • Rich Toomey

    Space gray #1.

  • Ashley Whitman

    Rose Gold is my favorite!

  • marialuisa12

    Rose Gold is my favorite!

  • Deb Christie

    I love the rose gold color. It is quite elegant to me.

  • Isabel


  • Jacqueline Nikolish

    I love that space gray, but I have never owned a tablet of any kind, so I would be thrilled with any color.

  • TheAntic

    Space Grey

  • David Samardzic

    definitely gold!

  • Space Gray

  • Gabriel Hoving

    space gray

  • Karen Jaras

    Rose gold for me!

  • Vilma Pacheco

    Silver for me!!!

  • Ilona


  • Dori

    rose gold 🙂

  • Silverfox2406

    space grey

  • DrigoOfficial


  • destinystar

    space gray

  • José Cervantes

    the gold looks amazing :)!

  • Pablo


  • Thuy Vu

    I love the classic silver best

  • Kilgore Trout

    Simple Space Grey

  • kim

    Rose gold

  • Double00

    I’d say the silver is sick it had that raw look that would be well hot to own, yeah it would definitely inspire my mood when i got out of bed and checked out the world from my sofa

  • Anderson Mayers

    Space Gray!!

  • Tazmanian Delta

    Space grey, please 😉

  • Scott Melzer

    Silver is still the best.

  • Patrick Hopper

    Space grey!

  • Ian Tong Yen Chiun

    Space Gray is my choice

  • Space Gray.

  • Ronald


  • 2abner

    ” it’s not easy being green”-)

    • 2abner

      …so original white will have to do..-)

  • R. Rizky Indarnoto Wibowo

    Gold..very elegant 🙂

  • Susan

    Rose Gold

  • diego sojo

    space gray

  • ✌ Keke ✌

    Rose gold.

  • Gniewko Geezus West

    To me the Rose Gold is my favorite color of any apple devices

  • Norazimin Yassin

    RoseGold, Gold, Silver or Space Gray? Any color are ok for me ^_^

    But for this, I choose Silver

  • biochem4321

    Space Gray

  • Judy H

    I love the Rose Gold, its pinktastic

  • Jon C

    I really like the Space Gray one! Good luck to everyone.

  • Sylvie C.

    Rose gold

  • Luc Lafreniere


  • Nicole Given

    Rose Gold

  • Isaac Daly

    Space gray

  • Mark Terrazas

    “Space Grey” would be my choice in colors. Space grey just reminds me of all things Apple.

  • prithvi raju

    grey color is the best

  • Irfan Kresnadi

    space gray!

  • Sofa Krivoruk

    Rose Gold

  • jhardy93


  • Eugenio Jr Wolf

    Space grey totally, and happy holidays

  • waterresist

    My vote is for the rose gold version.

  • Gershom Collymore

    For me definitely Space Gray

  • James

    Gray color looks impressive.

  • Maritess

    Rose gold, please and thank you.

  • tank82

    space grey

  • Harsh Harlalka

    Space Grey or Gold looks amazing!

  • Natalie Schilla

    I like Rose Gold the best.

  • ValleyVR

    Space Gray it is very traditional!

  • Ashley Dam

    Space grey is the best colour.

  • Sujan

    I m a silver surfer fan so i like the silver .

  • Murtaza Danish


  • Rahul R

    Space Gray

  • judithmanuel


  • Sonya S….

    Rose Gold for me!..

  • Summer Forsythe

    rose gold please!

  • Johan Nathaniel Soedjono

    Space gray

  • Aditya Yellamilli

    Space Grey

  • Kevin Nguyen


  • kim mignella

    rose gold

  • AlessadroFranza

    For me the correct is Silver.

  • Mahar Yoni Ardi

    Space Grey any beyond

  • RushNum

    Space gray please!

  • Silva Lowie

    wow! i want the SPACE GRAY!! my dream ipad pro 9.7! WOAAAH!!!!

  • SS

    Space Gray

  • Jepree Espe

    space gray

  • Gloria Tretiak

    I would like the rose gold

  • Jepree Espe

    space gray

  • michelle

    Rose Gold

  • Sagar Chand

    Space Grey colour is the best of the best.

  • Christopher Nyambe Simataa

    Space Gray

  • red

    Space Grey I think I am a bit conservative maybe.

  • Corinne Fisher

    Space grey to match my phone

  • Michael F

    Space Grey would be my favorite color!

  • Natalie Chen

    Rose Gold

  • Sean McDonald

    Space grey

  • Wanda Perrier

    I like the Space Gray

  • Yury Anashkevich

    Space Grey would be my favorite color!

  • sandy weinstein

    Rose gold please

  • Denae B

    I’d get the rose gold!

  • ko chandru

    space grey

  • elwhizard

    space grey

  • Joseph

    Space Grey

  • Cahley Tod-Tims

    rose gold!

  • Jenny Pierce

    rose gold

  • space gray

  • Kaushik Medhi

    I love the RoseGold. color is Attractive

  • Karla

    Space Gray!!

  • apar

    definately the rose gold looks better to me!!!1

  • Space gray

  • Tejaswi G.N.

    silver is most atractive

  • James Arnold.♪

    Silver for me!!

  • Nikita Mantaw

    Rose gold for me

  • Bestin


  • rassin


  • Sujan A Poovaiah

    i like the black one

  • Gadila Sainath

    Rose Gold is the nicest looking color. Would definitely want one with the same color

  • arlo caño

    space gray!

  • johnlong


  • Space gray

  • Tracy Suzanne DeLoach

    I love all the colors, especially since I’ve never owned an iPad. So sad. 🙁 I think I would choose the Space Gray shade. Thank you for the chance to win TabTimes, and Merry Christmas!!

  • Wayne Hodson

    Space Grey looks best

  • Rasho Belchev


  • Istima

    Silver is great!

  • Nuno Correia

    I like the silver one

  • Srinidhi

    for me the display is the plus

  • Luis Perez Palmer

    Space Gray is the best

  • Srinidhi

    white is the most elegant one

  • Dean Liensdorf

    Space grey

  • Paul Cee

    Has to be space gray!!

  • Il Manu


  • Martin

    Silver for me 🙂

  • Keila Martins

    RoseGold <3

  • Sona D.

    Rose gold

  • Predrag Radojkovic

    The gold Ipad pro is amazing.I like that color!

  • Brent Desjarlais


  • Smart Zeeshan


  • Emily

    Space Gray always lol.

  • Robbin

    Space grey, definitely!

  • Sergey P

    Black is better, but to choose only those space gray!

  • Alex Fedos

    space gray

  • Twinington


  • Lahmpard Playing

    Silver Surfer

  • Tiago Martins


  • I like the RoseGold the best.

  • Rodrigo H.

    For me, gray is the most beautiful.

  • Hellbeck

    Space gray is what I would go for.

  • Roksana Sudarikova

    i would prefer the metalic pink 🙂

  • Niki Traynor

    I’d love to win the rose gold one

  • tywan james

    space grey

  • Szekely Robert

    Rose gold me to, please!!!!

  • Goetz G

    Space gray =)

  • Mike S.

    translucent is best… even if they don’t already make it.

  • Sagar Gurung

    I like the colour space grey because it gives you “space” and its grey 😀 lol

  • Nuno Neves

    Space Grey

  • jeanmeneghelli


  • James Tonks

    Space Gray

  • Eric Michael


  • Max

    Gray iPads are good

  • Shell Mac

    I like Space Grey Color

  • arvin tocino

    space grey

  • Ekmeet Singh

    I would like to win the Space Gray Model and (Thanks for this Contest and I hope to win the same 🙂 hehe )

  • Akash poojari



    My favourite colour would be rose gold definitely

  • Jocy


  • Nancy Bowers

    Rosegold is nice.

  • alstan

    dark gray is best

  • juanc212

    Space grey would be my pick!

  • Teet E

    Space Gray

  • opoy


  • Benoit Jagot

    i would be fine with any color to be honest… but space gray to pick one

  • Android Guy

    My favourite would be the gold ipad 🙂

  • Robin P

    Silver please

  • Si te quieres reír ven y entra


  • Margaret Castillo

    Rose Gold for me 🙂

  • albertfmp

    Space Gray !!!

  • Amolak

    Space Gray !

  • Ricardo

    space gray

  • Techno


  • Space Gray

  • Santanu Golari

    Rose Gold

  • md ghouseuddin Shafi

    I like space grey colour ipad the most. Hope to win this time…..

  • zzzada

    space grey

  • Rayo09


  • Shahrukh Zaman Akash


  • Linda Durdle Little

    I like the silver.

  • Eva Palomares

    To me the Space Gray!

  • JuanPe A Secas

    Silver, please

  • spooti

    Space Gray

  • Tomoaki Sugai Ler

    Space grey!

  • Yogi Wirahadi

    space grey

  • Amal Alim Maulana

    I’ll let you guys pick the color for me 🙂

  • Mahesh MJ

    Space Gray

  • Wiriya




  • Cecília Martins

    I can’t decide between rose gold and space gray!

  • Heiro78

    It’s gotta be space gray! or silver, i’d prefer a black. gold looks gaudy to me…

  • Daiga Grady

    The giveaway will not load today….says,”The connection was reset.” What does that mean?



  • Ioana Bădina

    Space Gray

  • Aaron Medina

    Silver plssss

  • Lou

    Space Gray

  • vprasrajan

    To me SpaceGray

  • Ignacio Nallar

    Space gray.

  • Sharyn S.

    Space Grey

  • Nuno Martins

    I prefer space gray

  • Juan Alarcon

    Space Gray or rose gold

  • Sunit Sebastian

    Space grey is the best !!

  • Melvin

    Space Gray

  • alexio92

    Space gray!!

  • Susan Jordan

    I like the Space gray! Thanks!

  • Gusti Surya

    Rose Gold all the way…!!


    Space gray

  • araneta

    Space gray

  • Jacob Hornick

    Space grey

  • Shannon Dana


  • Mohamed Ahmed

    silver and good luck.

  • nellis51

    Space Gray! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  • Katalin Rékasi


  • Corné Cornoster Bergakker

    Space Gray!

  • O Papa

    Space gray

  • Giselle Assis

    Thanks for the International Giveaway 😀 !!!
    I Loved Rose Gold.

  • Allan Jeff


  • Blair

    I would take any color but Space Gray looks the best!

  • Wanda

    rose gold pls <3

  • Marina Cook

    Rose Gold is so beautiful, I love it

  • tammy S

    I like the Space gray thanks

  • Jorge Carvalho

    Space Gray

  • Call me boring, but I prefer Space Gray. But I honestly don’t care what color the thing is, as long as it works as expected.

  • Carmen Esteban

    Space Gray is the best!

  • brehone

    space gray

  • Nur Fatehah Muhammad Yusuf

    definitely ROSE GOLD!

  • Albert

    Space Gray

  • Erlingur Grétar Einarsson

    Space gray.

  • youngdom

    Gold for me

  • William Kwok

    I like space gray the best

  • Space Grey by far. White is too popular.

  • Anshu


  • Ricky Yeung

    Space gray!

  • Duarte Alves

    Silver for me please! 🙂

  • abdullah farooq

    Thank you so much for the giveaway
    i dont care what colour it is, i just want it to work but silver if i had to choose

  • misslynn1977

    Space Gray Please!

  • Space Gray!!

  • @odiezc

    I like the Space Gray color. Thank you!

  • Ksusniper


  • bobygk

    Space Grey is by far the most elegant!


    space grey

  • Juan Ramírez

    Space Gray!

  • Valeria Beccari

    The Gray Silver! :3

  • terrifict

    I love the Rose gold

  • Ellie W

    I would like Silver

  • Mysterious

    Space Gray please!

  • Ahmad

    I like the grey

  • Robert Valentin

    I like Space Gray… It is in a case anyway

  • Nedra Whittemore

    Space Gray

  • Salman Tounesi

    I like Rose Gold

  • Glyn Williams

    I would love the Rose gold one, if I was lucky enough to be the winner 😀

  • Daichi

    Space Gray

  • Gabriel Gabremadhih

    Rose Gold or Gray.

  • Comeon man


  • Ryan Campbell

    Gold…it makes me look fancy 😛

  • James Martin

    Space Gray!

  • Varga Zsolt

    i want black (if no black then silver)

  • Déa Míkoläve

    Rose Gold

  • Murilo Farias

    I think Space Gray is the best. I always prefer the neutral colors.

  • Franjo Koledić

    Space grey ftw

  • nanite

    Space grey!

  • Oren Kaplan

    Space Gray!

  • Jana Williams

    Thank You So Very Much for this Amazing Giveaway, I Really Appreciate it! I Had a Samsung Tablet but it Broke After Only 8 Months and I Don’t Have a Smartphone or a Laptop So in Order to Get Online I Currently Have to Borrow My Mom’s Laptop So it Would Be a Dream to Win! I Kid You Not the One Thing I Told My Parents That I Wanted for Christmas was an iPad So I’m Beyond Excited About This! I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Accident and Hurt My Neck & Back So I’m Currently Not Able to Work, I Was an Aesthetician & Makeup Artist and I Loved My Job So I’m Pretty Upset That I Can’t Work at the Moment! It is So Hard to Be Broke Around the Holidays Too, I Feel So Guilty That I Can’t Afford to Really Spend Much on Gifts This Year! I Have Wanted an iPad for So Long Now and if I Won I Would Be Ever So Grateful & I Would Not Take it for Granted, Being Unemployed & Having to Rely On Others for Help Really Makes You Incredibly Grateful for Things! If I Won I Would Be Happy to Take Any Color, I’m Not really Picky but I think the Rose Gold is So Pretty So I Would Pick That One if I Won! Thanks Again So Much for This Chance, I Really Do Appreciate it! Have a Blessed Day and a Very Happy Holiday Season! – Jana

  • Saad


  • OscarO

    The Space Gray please 😉

  • Jura

    Space Gray is quite nice!

    Thanks for the chance!

  • hasan raza

    i think the space gray is the best looking color!
    hope i win this

  • Gy

    Space Gray

  • Apeksha S

    Rose Gold!

  • Karina dìaz


  • Paula Harris

    Rose Gold!!

  • Rubens Novicki Neto


  • Johnna Rhodus

    Rose Gold!

  • Linda Hynson

    Rosw Gold to match my iphone!!

  • Igor Volodko

    Space Gray

  • Laura Powers


  • τεмροяαℓ_αηοмαℓλ

    Gold or space grey! Thank you!

  • Víctor Antonio Lotrecchiano

    I like best Silver.

  • Val Seal

    I love the rose gold

  • kg

    silver is the best

  • Carl (N)

    space grey

  • Mel

    Rose gold is so pretty

  • wcse

    space gray

  • Patrick Miller

    I like the gold

  • soccerduck85

    space gray

  • Luciano Camus

    Space Gray

  • Nicole B


  • Lina Vaxman

    Space Gray

  • johandrwil

    Space Grey

  • Javez David


  • Nicholo Poriol

    Spacegray 🙂

  • Yuen Steven


  • Andre

    Space Grey is just gorgeous!! :O

  • Nitin Bansal

    Rose Gold is unique and best color. I loved it.


    As good as GOLD!

  • JsY

    Space Gray is the way to go!!!

  • Naveed Naqvi


  • TheCrone

    I love the Rose Gold colour

  • Carmelo Rivera


  • Tony Meyer

    Space Gray

  • Melissa

    Rose Gold <3

  • rose powell

    Rose Gold as I am a Rose thankyou merry xmas

  • Beksmum

    I love the rosegold, so pretty 🙂

  • BillJude56

    Space Gray.

  • Roger Yeakle

    Love the Gold Rose


    Space Dray please….thank you

  • Jiyo Jolly

    Space grey for me :).

  • Melissa Boyd

    I love the rose gold color. But not picky at all. Good luck to us all.

  • sh4un


  • Zaki Farhan

    that space grey still the best color for ipad

  • wartser

    def space gray

  • Hiew Vun Yau

    Space Gray

  • MichaelPerkins

    id take a gold one

  • Jim McPartland

    What is the second one going up?? Champagne?? Bronze?? Whatever it is…it’s my favorite

  • Ashley Nolan

    I like the rose gold iPad

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    Space gray

  • Trish Leonard

    I love the Rose Gold, it looks fantastic!

  • Tyrone Davey

    Space Gray please 🙂

  • Chuck Eames

    I like the mauve color best.

  • Preye C.

    Rose gold

  • Heather Bush

    silver works for me

  • Catherine

    I love the PINK iPad Pro… it’s my favorite color!

  • Diana


  • Yona Vaxman

    Rose gold

  • May Borati

    The rose gold is just gorgeous!

  • Christian Autor

    Space Gray pls :))

  • Edmond Leung

    Color white. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  • canabcan

    I definitely like the silver one.

  • Angus MacKinnon

    Space Grey

  • Debra Holloway

    I love the rosegold.

  • Lereko Monare

    Space grey, for sure.

  • Mike


  • Vaibhav Bansal

    Silver _/_

  • jayla1987

    Rose gold

  • ichrak

    pink or gold

  • ElaineB2

    I’d prefer the rose gold one.

  • Binod Gurung

    I always choose black or charcoal for most of my devices, but the Space Grey looks good too, so I would choose that color over the others.

  • Freak_1988

    Space gray is d best colour…

  • Armin

    Gold. Gold is the most beautiful 😀
    Good luck! 🙂

  • Ian Miles

    Gold All the way.

  • Rucha Khasnis


  • Angela

    Space Gray

  • Rayyan Aziz

    Space Grey

  • Chinmay Pandit

    I like space grey, it looks classy!

  • Mihails Solovjovs

    Space Grey

  • M S Thompson

    Space gray

  • Joanne


  • Joseph O’Connor

    I love the look of the gold one I think it’s the best

  • mikem22

    Definitely Space Gray

  • Pawan Bisht

    Space Grey

  • Treptači svemira

    space gray!

  • Kerollous Samy


  • Nor Aiman Nor Ezan

    i prefer white

  • Lukas Turlajus

    Gold 🙂

  • Rowel Lazaro

    Silver is always the best for me…

  • Sagar VK18

    Space Gray & Rose Gold both are my favorite colors 🙂

  • Ali


  • Andreea Nicolescu

    Love Space Grey

  • Mihir Chheda

    Silver colour for me!

  • Stevie_Wonder

    Def. Space Gray, it stands out a bit, but not too much

  • Ekaterina Volodko

    Space Gray

  • Ronit Roy

    88643 People registered for this giveaway including me.
    I’ll continue taking part in giveaway an trying my Luck.
    Try Your Luck – Win the #OnePlus 3T and other more accessories!!!
    bitly . com/GetOnePlus3T

    Best Of Luck Everyone.

  • Joshué Fusinato

    Silver, please!

  • Carlos Potter

    Space Grey, for sure!

  • Jeff K

    Make mine Space Gray

  • axel rx

    Space Gray

  • juandelacruz939


  • Elkaye

    Either gold or silver

  • Chloe

    Space grey

  • Jose Iñaki Alvarado Alonso

    Space gray

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Space gray would be awesome!!

  • Wellington Jose Oliveira

    Space Gray

  • Mark Anthony Lazo

    Space Grey 🙂

  • BlindPanda

    rose gold

  • Ablu

    I really like the silver one

  • Kakarot

    space gray

  • MBGrammer

    Gold for me!

  • Prashant Ghimire


  • Andrea

    I like the rose gold one.

  • Vyshakh Pv

    Apple devices always looks good in gray or white…

  • Anna Nicamhlaigh

    Rose Gold ’cause then my man can’t pinch it on me

  • Ariel Magno

    I love the space grey. Looks elegant ! 🙂

  • Sunny

    rose gold for sure… i wish they released jet black colour inn ipad too but no problem,,, rose gold is beautiful too

  • KharonGP

    Space Gray 😀

  • Süveges István


  • lindsay

    space gray

  • Zune

    Space Grey is the best.

  • Teic

    Space gray all the way <3

  • Matteo Mazzanti

    space grey!

  • Ann Van

    I love the rose gold!

  • Brittany Gilley

    rose gold for sure!

  • Shandie V.

    I like the Rose Gold best, i’m not so girly when it comes to color but it looks like fresh in my eyes. he he

  • jiang wang

    space gray is fine for me, i’m a classic guy

  • Darengan

    Space grey!! 😀

  • David Allen

    Space Gray

  • Emma


  • Marsha McVey

    RoseGold is cool

  • Tsvetan Goshev


  • Demetri Stamatopoulos

    Always loved Space Gray.

  • Jonas Mailach

    space gray!

  • Alejandro Buenrostro Ruiz

    Best color is spaceblack for sure

  • JeebusLovesMe


  • Mauricio Buenrostro

    Space grey

  • Sammie

    Rose Gold

  • Ibrahim Taha


  • Audil Jaat


  • Miloš Dimitrijević

    Space gray looks perfect 🙂

  • Roger Fingas

    I think I’d like gold, for a change of pace!

  • Danyel Gustavo

    Space Gray FTW!

  • Sai Sreekantt M

    gold for my dad 🙁

  • Austin Roe

    i like the rose gold iPad best.

  • Jarl


  • andy c

    Space grey please

  • Tadaima

    space gray

  • Alex Gonzalez

    Rose gold plzz

  • IronBroadsword1

    That Space Grey one looks fantastic

  • I would say Pink or Silver 🙂

  • Elias81

    Space grey please

  • Dan Varley

    Space Grey all the way

  • silver looks better

  • Ammar Nawawi

    Space gray always

  • MonsieurG

    Gold is nice

  • ana cardenas oliver


  • Kiki Kaoru

    Space Gray it is!

  • Reigo Liiv

    I like the space grey color

  • mad

    space gray

  • Stamenovic Ivan

    Space Gray FTW!

  • melopuf

    Gold for me. Match my LeEco S3 Ecophone. 🙂

  • Gustavo Santos

    I like the silver one

  • Space Gray

  • Maya

    space gray

  • max tsukino

    Space Gray FTW!!!

  • Jessica

    Rose Gold is my favorite 🙂

  • MatthewGoss

    I like gold

  • Cory Moddelmog

    Only choice is Space Gray.

  • Sofiane Sou


  • Rekt Cluse

    space gray pls

  • Nicolas

    space gray

  • everyday geek

    Silver looks sweet.

  • Damian Kurowski

    Space Gray

  • Jeanel Carbon

    Rose Gold

  • Roy Ordoñez

    Space Grey!! all the way!!

  • NetanelD

    The color I like better on an Ipad is green makes it speical

  • Steve QCumber

    Space grey.

  • Rodrigo Barganian Casula

    Gold one!

  • Jonathan Denney

    Space Gray

  • Agia

    Space Grey

  • Michael Stevens

    I’ve always liked how space grey looked

  • Ana Jeremic

    Space gray

  • RR

    Space Gray!

  • prophette

    Space gray – the front is more important than the back and the front needs to be black.

  • Sandler Romae

    Space Gray/Grey…..I always get that color mixed up. Let’s call it silver.

  • Sponsor Ohara

    Space Gray

  • Stan Lee

    Space Grey!

  • Jose Angel Acosta

    Space Gray

  • Doompickle

    Space gray is where it’s at

  • randre70


  • Ankharia

    Space gray please!

  • Anthony Powell


  • Karo Kun

    Rose Gold for me

  • ClaudiuIO

    Space gray ftw

  • Demonz

    Space Gray

  • zoulnix

    ++ Silver.

  • Nik Aiman

    Rose Gold!

  • Joel Lee

    Space Grey!

  • Rebecca Foster

    Rose Gold

  • Douglas Garcia

    space gray please

  • K1M

    Space Gray

  • Lane Pinto


  • Goh Boon Pin

    space grey please….

  • gus_sss

    that space gray.

  • Lisa Smith

    I like the RoseGold. And my husband would be less likely to steal it from me if it was rose colored

  • Yanis Sauvé


  • Aidil Putera Larhh

    RoseGold for this short person please.

  • Renz

    Space Gray!

  • Maria Theresa Santos

    rose gold. thanks for the chance

  • Philip†JUDAS

    Silver or Gold 😀
    Hope to win 😀

  • Brady Wallace

    The gold iPad Pro looks awesome.

  • Topogigio em Prozac

    Copper collor

  • Angel Navsua

    black, and gray are the best

  • Melon Juice

    pink one is the most beautiful.

  • Ricardo Almeida

    The Space Gray. It’s simple and always classic.

  • José Diogo

    Spacy Gray pls 😉

  • ImB4cK

    I like the rose gold

  • ZeroKizuna .

    Space Grey looks the best.

  • Jai

    I like the space gray.

  • James Childress

    Silver is best. Goes with just about anything.

  • C Rupesh Kumar

    I like space grey.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Rose Gold

  • Matej Ivanković

    I preffer the Gold iPad Pro as it look the most luxurious of them all 🙂

  • Magwheelz

    Space gray

  • Tasha Wilkerson

    Love the RoseGold! I’m a mom of three girls so ladies rule this house! Pink for the win~!

  • Jibin

    space gray!

  • Rajkamal

    if I am the chosen one then my choice is Space Gray…

  • Gumbopudding


  • Kayla norris

    Rose gold to match my 7plus

  • Nik athirah

    i want RoseGold

  • gilbras

    Space Gray

  • Goutham Reddy

    Space grey be the best..!!

  • Michaël Paap


  • Ker Vin Tan

    Space Gray – I prefer something subdued.

  • Syed Abdul Rahman

    Space grey please!

  • Patrick Pomerleau

    Gold… There is not enough gold in my life 🙂

  • Cindy


  • antares rahardyant

    i prefer Space Gray !!!!

  • Peter Song

    space grey

  • Ziad Nasser

    Space Gray

  • LorrRennXiii

    Space Gray

  • Abraham Guerra

    Pink definitely

  • Sai

    Rose gold

  • Space Gray … good luck all ! 😀

  • kat young

    Rose Gold

  • Fabian

    Space Grey!

  • Irfan Arif

    Gold Rose and Space Gray 😛

  • Dhruv Shah

    Rose gold

  • marktheweasel


  • Eyad Abu Awad

    Silver and Gold colors are the best

  • Thomas Tran

    Space Gray!

  • Veritrin Lord

    Space Gray

  • pika

    Space gray 😀

  • azcomm

    Space gray please!

  • Sourabh Biswas

    Space Grey

  • Joseph Winter

    Space gray

  • Chaitanya

    It’s the silver one! Classic looks..

  • Eddyson Bunardi

    Space Grey for me 🙂

  • Peter Streinu


  • Suresh Khurpa

    Rose Gold………………

  • Philotas Kyriakidis


  • Meatbun

    space gray

  • hvzfizr

    Space gray

  • Sue Bell


  • Pradip Tiwari

    I like the silver one!!!

  • Rain Jõearu


  • Yen Chem Lee

    Rose gold ~

  • Yanming Chen

    Space grey

  • Mark Cook

    the colors are awesome, would take any seriously, guesss fav is gold…. or blue lol.

  • maximfilin

    Space Gray!

  • Joel Wong

    Pink looks amazingggg

  • Amg

    For me Rose Gold is beautiful and elegant

  • Thomas Chanda

    Space grey

  • Nahum Delgado


  • Siddhesh

    Space Grey

  • Kobosake

    Space grey all the way!

  • Catalin Balta

    Rose gold 😀

  • Danny Roy Jenuil

    I would love to have the Gold iPad Pro! Definitely can make lots of good use for studies in uni!

  • Joel Trinidad


  • Danp

    Space gray looks awesome!

  • JJK


  • Velibor Vidić

    Silver, no doubt.

  • Aman Gulati


  • dorofte alexandra

    rose gold

  • Torsten Schommer

    Definitely Rose Gold 🙂

  • Jamie Preston

    Space Gray

  • Silver

  • Ludovico Serrani


  • Guantanamo

    Space Gray

  • Ra1n


  • Zakka

    Gold is the best!

  • chromiumman (at) mail (dot)com

    the gold

  • Cristi

    Definitely the Space Grey one. Looks the best !

  • Pedro

    Love the space grey 🙂

  • Zulkifli, Zulkifli

    i like silver

  • Leonardo Loures Quirino

    Space Gray or Silver, they’re both very discrete.

  • N2omage


  • mohamed zied sghair

    Gold is the best!

  • Maria Marous

    Gold…Thank you !!!!!!!!

  • Maham

    Rose gold! <3

  • Andrew Llewellyn

    I like the space grey

  • Sergiu T.

    Gold 🙂

  • Mirza Buljusmic

    Silver for me

  • Cosmin Dan

    Keep it classy: Space Gray.

  • Lukasz


  • Boazaki

    rose gold all the way

  • Isa Domínguez

    I like the Gold !

  • Сергей Гостищев

    Space gray will be nice

  • Yozas


  • Chathura Damith Maduranga

    Space Grey

  • Debbi Ruskin

    In the absence of black it has to be space grey 🙂

  • Damir

    Space Gray

  • Francis Pascual

    Space Gray = Cool

  • Seba98


  • Eglė Brandišauskaitė

    Rose gold!


    rose gold

  • Biggster


  • mohamed b


  • Ankit Saklani

    rose gold

  • ジョシュ

    I really like the golden one.

  • Tammy Shelton

    I like the Rose Gold.

  • Anand

    Rose Gold!

  • Marcos

    Space Gray

  • Denny Adiputra

    space grace is sick!!

  • Bunny Butt

    I like the space grey the best, although the rose gold comes in a close second for me.

  • Elia


  • Debra Marr

    I’m liking the Bronze color.

  • Süveges Istvánné


  • Erik Stevenson


  • andrei

    i like silver

  • Kristen Schwarz

    I love the rose gold. So pretty!

  • Cristina Diez García

    Rose Gold

  • AndrosX12

    The Space Grey Is The One for me!

  • Peter

    has to be the silver ipad for me

  • el_bimbo666

    Rose gold is the nicest colour by far

  • bbmore2m

    Rose gold please.

  • Priyanka Kumbhat

    I love the rose gold variant the most. It’s a Color to die for..

  • Trillina Palemi


  • Daily Diaries

    All colors are fab but my av one is Gold

  • Guy Havardi

    Space Gray is my color

  • Gabriela Teodora


  • David Wilson

    Silver colour looks pretty cool to me…

  • Saúl Morales

    Space Gray!

  • Wanda Bee


  • Isaac Gacura

    space grey will always be my favourite.

  • Maxim13

    Silver is the only color for an Ipad 😉

  • Marco Antonio Maza Hernández

    Sapace grey, no doubt

  • LynnMackinnon

    I like the rose gold best.

  • trojan

    space gray

  • Mohamad Zakariya


  • Taleim

    Got to be silver.

  • Jimmy Li

    Silver or space grey for sure!

  • Vija Leitis

    Rose gold

  • Hadi Ariff



    For the iPad, I like Space Gray color 🙂

  • Paarkum Mariano

    Thank for the opportunity, I like for an iPad Pro 9.7 color is Silver or Gold.

  • vm


  • Rahma Mohammed

    i like the gold colored one

  • Silver Ipad

  • Adrian Mastalerski

    Silver is the way to go!

  • Anita Kennett

    Rose Gold would be perfect,Thanks so very much for sharing.

  • Ruy M.

    I like all the colors, but I prefer the rose gold iPad Pro 9.7 Tablet. Thank you for the chance!

  • Shazam


  • Linda C

    Rose Gold is gorgeous

  • Jaz Davis

    Space Grey. Looks sleek, clean and sophisticated.

  • sandyalip

    I like rose gold

  • Angela Pedlar

    Love the rose gold

  • Silver color please

  • Anthea Cornish


  • Alexis Carter

    I like the gold color best…it is very chic…

  • Chenfei Woo


  • kathy whitney

    I think my color choice would be RoseGold

  • Kay S

    I like Rose Gold the best

  • Derrick Cole

    Rose gold FTW

  • andres castellanos

    wow, i like the silver ipad 🙂

  • Anshu A.

    I think Silver

  • piyawat max

    definitely rose gold

  • Indria Purnamasari

    I like Space Gray one

  • Jignesh

    I like Space Gray…


    space gray!!!

  • fonnsc

    the gold color looks awesome

  • Mary


  • Reona Okuda

    Obviously the pink one 😛

  • Gordon

    A warm gold colour for me please

  • Geoffrey King

    I like the silver one too!!

  • ilBedu

    the best is space gray

  • Jonathan B

    Rose Gold FTW

  • Виталий Матвиенко

    I like the classic color space gray.

  • RobMachete

    Rose Gold, please.

  • Carolyn Tait

    My favourite is rose gold, without a doubt!!

  • Kolia Girnyi


  • Aisle S


  • Bruno Miyabara

    Space gray is the best color!

  • Maria Pech

    Space gray is the best color!

  • Veronica Morin

    Rose Gold is my favorite

  • Denielle Nicol

    Love the Rose Gold

  • bluesbreaker


  • Mange Åkerström


  • kunjan vaghela

    rose gold

  • Michał Urbaniak

    Space Gray +1

  • Jo Ann Taylor-Southworth


  • Moses

    space grey!

  • Verner Stajer

    Silver 🙂

  • Mehedi Hasan

    I like the gold one very much. Silver one is also okay 🙂

  • Cristina Popescu


  • RicD

    I would like Space Gray colour the best. 🙂

  • cristian chelariu


  • smoraes


  • Chiaren Munoz

    Silver one!! Really hope this so i can improve my drawing skills with that Ipad

  • Akshay Kashikar

    space grey

  • boy977

    Space gray is always the best for all Apple devices

  • Salman Khalid

    You can’t go wrong with Space Gray!

  • Karen Turner

    Gold please

  • CobraG7

    Space gray is king especially for watching movies

  • Boryana Gigova

    Rose gold

  • Aldo Garcia

    Gold but I remember seen a black space iPad so that’s what I liked most

  • German Lopez

    For me the silver is the best looking one, and space gray too.

  • Nikita Gharat

    rose gold or space grey

  • adinhudson


  • janinegracebadar

    I like color silver hoping to win that ..

  • Kate

    Definitely the space grey!

  • Barbara Shelton

    Color does not matter that much but the ROSE GOLD is pretty.

  • Jhesrhel Diolosa


  • Jayne Kelsall

    Love the Rose Gold one .x

  • kirintor

    Space Gray

  • Kristine Richardson

    The rose gold one is so classy 🙂

  • Popescu iulian petrisor


  • Raluca Gabriela

    Rose Gold

  • Etakis

    Space gray is awesome!

  • Ashwant krishna

    Space Grey would be my favourite

  • Abeer Zaidi

    space gray

  • Em

    i like the rose gold

  • AtulKrishnan P

    Space Grey

  • Kevin Joseph

    Space grey

  • Zbigniew Orman

    Space Gray is wonderful 🙂

  • Андрей Гостищев

    Silver is nice

  • Dalma Balogh


  • Bubpa V.

    The silver one is the best!

  • Jeenifer Alison Ammons

    like the silver one

  • Wendi Watson

    I LOVE THE rose gold!!!

  • David

    The silver one!

  • Blind Guardian

    silver for me!!

  • spscrazy


  • Edward Murphy


  • Cole McKinnon

    Rose Gold

  • Arul

    iPad is cool in “Space Grey”

  • Mindi Eden

    I like the Rose Gold <3

  • Alicia

    I like the rose gold! It can match my iPhone when I win!

  • Courtney

    RoseGold <3 #PraysToWin I badly need this! Thanks for the chance!

  • anis abbes


  • Scott Slade

    I like the Space Gray one.

  • Kerri Stewart

    I love the Gold iPad!

  • Fabio Grandolfo

    i love rose gold!!! !!!

  • Erika Anne Sales Diaz

    Rose gold. My fave.

  • Elizabeth Robinson

    I like the Rosegold.

  • lisa mazola

    I like the Space Gray one.

  • Carolyn Daley

    I like the silver one best.

  • Andrea Long

    Love the Gold

  • jerlin jerry

    silver/grey is the slickest looking one

  • Stephanie

    I love Rose Gold the best!!!!

  • Caden Albright

    silver or space grey

  • Alexis Nikia Cuffy

    I like the Space Gray and Silver!

  • Becky Kuntz

    Silver or rose gold are awesome!

  • Andrea

    I like the gold one!

  • Rose Gold!

  • margaret caudill

    Space Grey

  • i like the space grey ipad as it is lit

  • Missycat11

    I like the RoseGold

  • jbrunscheon


  • Louise New

    I like the Rose Gold one.

  • Jim


  • Anita Duvall

    I like the Rose Gold IPad the most!!

  • Kim Miller

    I love the Rose Gold

  • Celeste Herrin

    I like the silver one! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jonathan Chandler

    Space Gray

  • Debbie Ritenour

    I like the rosegold 🙂

  • aya. salem

    yesi liked the silver 2

  • Donna Brown

    The rose gold one is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance.

  • Kathie Lanham

    Rose Gold one please and thank you for the chance

  • Maven

    I think silver is best

  • kimberly williams

    I like the white one!!!

  • DeAnn O

    I like the silver iPad!

  • Space gray

  • Erin Will

    I am loving the Rose Gold!!

  • Jennifer Webb

    I really like the Silver iPad.

  • James Carlo Anito

    Would love to have that space gray.

  • chanceuse

    really like the rosegold

  • rodrigo saberola canon

    i like the silver

  • Carol Burgess


  • Louise

    Space Gray

  • Lynda McMillan

    I like the RoseGold one. 🙂

  • Michelle Marsden

    In love with Rose Gold

  • Cathy

    RoseGold. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Alexandra Campbell

    The Space Grey is beautiful!

  • Lesh


  • Karen


  • aikex222


  • Jessica Mccrindle

    Rose-gold 🙂

  • Dasun Eranthika


  • james mclaughlin

    Space Grey is the best colour, good luck to everyone!

  • Elucidator


  • Edmon Ev


  • Kiss Balázs

    Space Grey is really nice! (as the others)

  • Martins Vinters


  • Hrithika

    Rose Gold !

  • Kai

    I would love to win a Space Grey iPad Pro 9.7 inch

  • Chander Shekhar

    Space Gray

  • Mitanshu Garg

    I like the RoseGold color on the iPad Pro 9.7.

    Warm season greeting and wishing everyone good luck and Merry Christmas!

  • Melissa Kagie

    Rose gold is so pretty!
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Annmarie Weeks

    I like the RoseGold!

  • Win Oo

    Love space gray.

  • shirley delp


  • Rafa Partida

    I like Space Grey

  • UNITE AE Guild

    silver! tis the season for silver

  • Traveler

    Silver the best

  • Naisheel Shah

    id love to get the space grey one

  • Brooke Cooper

    The space gray for sure!

  • Keith Crooks

    Space Grey

  • Maggie Bacon

    I like the white one

  • Roy Gnoti

    rose gold, me likey

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    My fave is the gold version. Cheers!

  • Dominique Croft

    Silver for me

  • Saga mub

    gold or silver

  • Nizia Jamee

    My pick would be gold

  • aviral


  • gianna christaki

    Silver!!! My favourite!

  • Shannay Ferguson


  • Robin Dewolf

    I like the rose gold!

  • Joyce Che

    Rose Gold is the most appealing one!!

  • bluebellgirl

    rose gold

  • Melanie Dardar Harding

    I love the rose gold!

  • Space Gray

  • Alex

    I really like the gold because it reminds me of Mika’s song “We are golden, golden…”

  • Janet Gillich

    rose gold,

  • Akhil S

    for tab its silver 🙂

  • kjoy

    Prefer the rose gold color.

  • Lee Newsum

    Silver, please

  • Melvina Macha

    The White Ipad is perfect!

  • ashley

    Rose gold

  • Fiona

    Love the Space Gray! Fingers crossed! xxxxx

  • Paula Dnistrianskyj


  • Fekete Tibor


  • Regina Lyons

    Rose gold , are a as granddaughter would say the pink one

  • Deborah Waddell

    Rose gold is the one for me!

  • Jamie Johnson

    Rose Gold! What can I say? I like the new twist on the Midas touch!

  • CharlesXDevil201

    love the rose gold ipad!

  • G

    gold looks great!

  • gina blades

    Rose Gold, please.

  • devo-T

    Space Gray, for sure.

  • Daniel Antunes

    The silver is the most beatiful!

  • Gabriela Romero

    Gold, of course!!

  • ericstarker

    I’d go with silver!

  • dib


  • Amir Solaz

    Space Gray

  • Brenda Williams

    rose gold please

  • Dawn Ganey

    I want the silver one.

  • Rose Sherry

    I like silver iPads the best.

  • Oleksandr Oksyuta

    Space gray

  • llyynnddaa

    pink one is the most beautiful. Lorraine Wiebe

  • grport ctrl

    i like the silver and the black

  • rh001

    Gold is my favorite!

  • Peter

    Space grey works for me (Silver is a close second though)!

  • Hildred

    I like the white color.

  • Ivory

    silver would be great

  • Taffy

    Any of them! They would all get used!

  • Fakhruddin Darwis

    Space grey of course

  • Sam Ng

    space gray

  • Pman


  • Elizabeth

    My favorite is the Silver iPad! Thanks for this chance!!

  • Happi Shopr

    I like Rose Gold

  • Hedda Abbott

    Would love the rose gold but will take any of the colors if I win

  • Alyson Eulalio

    Space Gray!!

  • Jhaiye Yamashita

    Space Gray

  • Claudia C. Davis

    I like rose gold best! Happy holidays everyone.

  • Darlene Smith Mahaffey

    I love the Rose Gold!

  • Caitlin Lucas

    i would be estatic if I won the ROSE GOLD version of this ipad!!!!! But honestly, any color would make me SO happy 😀

  • Sertineitor

    Space gray color.


  • Sewingmema


  • Robert Marquardt

    I love the new Rose Gold color, and tyvm for the giveaway!

  • Klevin D’Cunha

    Rose gold

  • doris wood

    I like the rose or gold, but really don’t care as long as I could have one. Thanks for the chance.

  • Sandra Arnold Carroll

    Rose Gold!!!

  • William Alcala

    the Rose Gold !

  • Linsay Rowan

    rose gold

  • Eliza


  • Miranda Burdette

    I’d love to have any color but if I HAD to choose, I’d say rose gold.

  • Missy Wilber

    Love the rosegold!

  • Tressie Clark

    Rose Gold

  • harmony

    space gray or rose gold for sure

  • Keslie Hays


  • Angie

    The silver. I’m a traditionalist! Lol

  • Lisa

    RoseGold !!!

  • Lnn

    I like the silver one

  • Dawn Aanderud-Cosby


  • Brenda LaCroix

    Rose Gold please!

  • 1Cat_Woman

    Ohhh, Rose Gold or Silver..hard choice! lol Both! 🙂

  • Lenore Johnson


  • hnd1975

    rose gold

  • Erin DeSmit

    Love the silver one! But all colors are awesome!!!

  • Sissy

    rose gold

  • yeans

    I love it, I’ve always liked having an ipad pro. I like space gray

  • Wilma Christine Haire Moya

    Rose Gold!

  • katelyn

    rose gold

  • Amanda

    Not too picky about color but…the rose gold will match my phone. Lol

  • Lori Thomas

    i like the rose gold, pretty color

  • Debbie Wyco Brown


  • Debbie Fleming

    I like the Rose Gold one the best, although any color would be wonderful and very appreciated I really need one for school!

  • Debra Mounger

    Space Gray


    I’m loving the silver. Thanks for the chance to win! Happy holidays and good luck to all!

  • Alys James

    Love the space grey.

  • Carolee Moore

    I’d like a space grey please.

  • Dona Becker

    I like the Rose gold one the best but I would be happy with any color.

  • Lisa Johnston

    I love Rose Gold

  • Cd

    Space gray

  • Eric Reardon

    Space Gray

  • Lisa Luke

    Rose Gold

  • Jeanne Simon


  • Debbie Sirpilla Montgomery

    Rose gold