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Aukey iPhone battery pack

You know as well as we do that having power available for your iPhone is pretty critical to getting through many of our days. Adding to the factory charger that came with your smartphone, we’ve explored a good selection of USB chargers for home and the car, but when they are not nearby, or you need to head out on foot, there is one more solution, a portable power pack.

Join us for a look at some of the best iPhone 7 battery packs on the market today.

Before we get started

Did you know, your iPhone is equipped with a battery with capacity somewhere between 1400mAh and 1960mAh for the older and smaller models, or the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus jumping up to 2750 and 2900mAh, respectively? That’s right, that’s your gas tank of energy to keep that screen lit through your day.

You may have noticed that battery packs also have a mAh rating to them. The same Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer technology is at play on the inside, you are simply using that USB to Lightning cable to transfer the power from the battery to your phone.

You'll want a battery pack at least the capacity of your iPhone

With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to understand that you’ll need a battery pack at least the capacity of your iPhone if you want a full charge. There is always power lost in the conversion and transfer, so let’s just say 90% of the capacity in your battery pack will make it into your phone, good thing there are 3000 mAh battery packs available.

While a 3000mAh power pack will do the trick, why stop there? We’ll explore a few larger options today, including a new pack from Aukey that measures in at 30,000mAh. That’s right, that’ll get you 12 or more charges on your iPhone 7 before you have to plug the pack back into the wall.

If you were curious, your iPad stores about 7000mAh, adjust your battery pack needs accordingly.

Enough talk, let’s get powered up.

Anker 3350mAh lipstick battery pack: 1 – 2 charges

Anker Lipstick iPhone battery pack

Starting small, you may have seen a similar lipstick-sized charger at your local store. Quality levels may differ, but the concept is the same, this 3350mAh battery pack from Anker is a basic entry into the world of portable power. Equipped with a single USB port, just remember to bring along your Lightning cable to transfer that power from lipstick to phone.

Check out the 3350mAh Anker PowerCore+ lipstick battery pack for $12.99 from Amazon today. Or have a look around, their last gen. units are not as feature rich, but can be found in 5000mAh offerings and more.

Buy the Anker lipstick battery pack now

KMASHI 10000mAh battery power bank: 3 – 5 charges

KMASHI iPhone battery pack

We are trusting people like you on this one, we have not personally used the KMASHI 10,000mAh battery pack, but more than a few say it’s pretty good. This capacity should get your more hungry of iPhones at least a few charges, and the dual USB port means you can suck it dry at double speed, keeping you and a friend up and running.

Check out the KMASHI 10000mAh battery power pack for $13.99 on Amazon today. (Hey, did you notice that this capacity is nearly the same price as the small one above? Hint, hint.)

Buy the KMASHI battery pack now

RAVPower 16750mAh external battery: 5 – 8 charges

RAVPower iPhone battery pack

RAVPower, like Anker, is a trusted name around these parts. With battery packs in the full range of capacities, let’s look at the 16750mAh RAVPower dual USB port battery pack today. Able to handle charging a range of devices, you’re not limited to your iPhone here, but if you hog this all to yourself and only charge your iPhone 7, you could get 7 or more full charges. Not half bad.

Check out the RAVPower 16750mAh external battery with built-in flashlight for $32.99 from Amazon today.

Buy the RAVPower battery pack now

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 with USB Type-C: 7 – 10 charges

Anker USB C iPhone battery pack

With only a minor bump in capacity up to this Anker power pack, the real trick here is the inclusion of a USB Type-C port. Now, that is pretty useless for your iPhone, but those with other gear kicking around, like, say, a 2015 MacBook, can rock this charger for multiple devices. Do keep in mind that you’re only going to get a couple charges on the MacBook, but you should see upwards of 9 and a half charges on your iPhone 7.

Check out the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 for $59.99 from Amazon today.

Buy the Anker USB Type-C battery pack now

Aukey 30000mAh power bank: 12 – 15 charges

Aukey iPhone battery pack

Here’s the deal, folks, I’m headed away for a week coming up soon, there will be power where I am going, but I am going to try surviving off of this powerpack alone for my phone. It’s a challenge that I was happy to accept. Packed with a Quick Charge 3.0 port, another full speed USb port and a USB Type-C port, there is little that this device cannot do. It also has a little flashlight built-in, but I’m not sure I can use the light and get a full week worth of power. iPhone users want to skip this next button, but Android users can get in on the fun for $49.99 today.

Buy the Aukey USB Type-C charger now

Hold on there, there are two versions of this power pack available. The one I’ve got is suited to my Android gear, the one you want for your iPhone comes packed with two high-speed USB ports, no QC 3.0, and a Lightning port instead of USB Type-C. Reducing the number of cables you need to haul along, the same cable that charges your iPhone or iPad will charge this power pack, and that’s a rare thing in this micro USB powered world.

Check out the Aukey 30000mAh power bank with Lightning port for $39.99 on Amazon today.

Buy the Aukey lightning battery pack now

Anker PowerHouse: more than 15 charges… way more.

Anker PowerHouse iPhone battery pack

I want to blow your socks off here, figuratively speaking. We’ve got you covered from 1 – 15 charges above, but what if you needed, say, 55 or more charges on a single charge of the power pack? That’s right, Anker has introduced an extremely lightweight (relatively speaking) 120,000mAh charger.

At just 9lbs, the Anker PowerHouse will not fit in your pocket, as most of our other options would, but it’s got enough juice to run a fridge. I mean that literally. In addition to 4 USB ports, there is a regular North American A/C outlet, a single wall plug to power a fridge, your laptop or any other moderate sized electronics.

This is the sort of battery pack you take on a family camping trip to make sure that everyone keeps charged for the week. It’s not on Amazon at the moment, but you can snap it up for an easy $500 straight from Anker today.

Buy the Anker PowerHouse now

There we have it, whether you are heading off the grid for a month, or just need a little boost to get through your transit home from work or school, there is an iPhone battery pack with your name on it. Please, again, these are some solid offerings, but you could spend some time looking around to see if there is a better combination of features for your needs.

What do you say, do you need 30,000mAh on the regular, or will a little 3,000mAh iPhone battery pack get you through your day?