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Apple iPhone 7 Review 20

Welcome to our November Tabtimes Monthly, an overview of the best tablet, ultrabook and smartphone related technology news and reviews of the last month. Subscribers to our Monthly newsletter will be familiar with what they see here, just be sure to sign up for our giveaway for a chance to win a hot device.

October was an interesting month as reviews of Apple’s latest iPhone hit the internet, as well as several reviews, features on Apple’s latest processor and even more. Away from TabTimes, last month we launched our new sister site Charged.io, Google unveiled its new Pixel smartphones and we’ve got tons of reviews for you from across our sister sites so kick back, enter the giveaway and join us for our top tech highlights of October 2016.

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Giveaway: Apple iPhone 7 – pick your color!!

A big congratulations to last month’s winner: Sachin D. from India who is taking home the Apple iPhone 7 Plus!!

When the iPhone 7 first landed in September, we called it one of the best smartphones on the market and six weeks later, we still stick by that so we’re giving you the chance to win a brand new Apple iPhone 7 with 32GB of storage! The best bit? You get to pick the color you want if you’re the lucky winner! Will you go for Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or the allusive Jet Black?

iPhone 7 silver

iPhone 7 International Giveaway!

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Now you’ve entered the giveaway, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and join us for a quick recap of a very busy month in the world of tech!

New reviews this month:

It’s been a busy month in the TabTimes labs with several products being examined and tested before their reviews are published.

Lenovo Yoga Book Windows

September saw Lenovo unveil the unique dual-screen YogaBook running either Android or Windows, and the Windows version paid us a visit last month. Is a touch screen capacitive keyboard really an alternative to good old fashioned keys and is this a sign of things to come for the 2-in-1 form factor? Find out in our Lenovo YogaBook review and then head over to Android Authority to check out our hands on with the Lenovo YogaBook running Android!

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review 26

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Windows tablet from Samsung but the Korean OEM’s Galaxy TabPro S is a 2-in-1 we’ve been looking forward to for some months now. Announced at the beginning of the year, it’s taken a while for it to reach the market but last month, our Tablets Editor Jonathan Feist took it for a spin. Does it challenge Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review!

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook review
We don’t just cover tablets and 2-in-1s here on TabTimes and machines running Google’s Chrome OS are a firm favourite with Jonathan Feist. Does the Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook live up to the billing of other Chrome OS devices or does it fall short? Can a Chromebook really replace a PC and does the mediocre specs list translate into a mediocre experience? Find out in our Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook review!

The ThinkPad 13 wasn’t the only Lenovo device we tested in October, as the gaming-centric Ideapad Y900 notebook also paid us a visit. With a very unique design and a processing package that can handle almost everything you can throw at it, is it the perfect choice for those who need performance rather than portability and does it have any weaknesses you should know about? Find out in our Lenovo Ideapad Y900 review!
Lenovo Ideapad Y900 (2)

The reviews didn’t end there, with updates to the Macbook 12 review and HP Spectre 13 review being joined by the Lenovo Yoga 900S review and a review of Apple’s official smart battery case for the iPhone 7. We also updated our Apple iPhone 7 Plus review with the review video and Kris also shared his thoughts on why Apple’s A10 Fusion chip inside the new iPhone blows away the competition.



In the news: new Macbook Pros and Microsoft Surface Studio!


After months of rumours, Apple finally unveiled its new Macbook Pros last week, bringing the first major refresh of the range for four years. The new Macbook Pros bring a design that’s somewhere in the middle and gone are the plethora of ports, with USB-C now the standard for peripherals. Find out more about the new Macbook Pros and the new Macbook Pro Touch Bar!


While Apple was focusing on notebooks, Microsoft was focusing on its Surface range. No, not a new Surface Pro but the Surface Studio, which is the company’s first all-in-one running Windows 10. Sporting an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, a 2TB hybrid storage drive and a GeForce GTX 980m graphics chip, the Surface Studio has a 28-inch PixelSense display. Find out more about the Surface Studio!

Around the network:

October also saw Google unveil its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, bringing with them a great camera, AI-based Google Assistant and the latest Pure Android experience. There’s a lot to like about the Pixel XL and with the Galaxy Note 7 no longer available, is Google’s flagship the handset to have? Find out in our Pixel XL review!

LG may have launched its V20 smartphone at IFA, but it took nearly two months for it to finally launch on the market. With final retail units in hand, Lanh took a much closer look at the LG V20 to see whether LG has managed to progress from the disappointing LG G5 earlier this year. With a quad DAC for audiophiles, incredible military-standard durability, impressive amounts of control in the camera and an innovative second screen, is this the true handset to beat? Find out in our LG V20 review!

Also announced alongside the Google Pixel was Google’s next generation VR headset, dubbed Daydream View. Sporting a similar concept to Google cardboard but with infinitely more style, Daydream View is set to hit the month this market at a cost of just $79. Should you buy one? Check out our Daydream View hands on and stick around for hte full review!

The Virtual Reality fun doesn’t stop there however as October was a busy month for Sony (and us) with the launch of the PlayStation VR! With 50,000 sold in the first week, it definitely looks to be a popular device so should it be top of your shopping list, come Christmas? Check out our PlayStation VR review and if you decide to buy one, head over to our Best upcoming PlayStation VR games round up to find the games to look out for!



From a virtual present to the future as we celebrate a month of Charged.io with some interesting comparisons. If you’re in the market for an electric car, chances are you’ve heard of Tesla and if you’re not sure which to buy, check out our Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3 comparison! If you want to explore what other electric cars are available, check out the Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt comparison and if money is no object and you’re not sure what to buy, our Tesla Model S vs Lamborghini Aventador comparison has you covered as well!

Looking ahead to November..

And that’s a wrap for last month but what does this month have in store? On the smartphone front, we’re expecting to see new devices from Huawei, OnePlus and other companies while on the tablet front, you can expect more devices as we run up to the festive season. Of course, the new Macbook Pros begin shipping soon so we’ll have a review of that for you as well.

Finally, we’ll also have a lot of reviews, comparison and versus roundups for you to check out this month but for now, we recommend our HP Spectre 13 review (and a comparison against the Apple Macbook 12) and our roundups of the Best 4K monitors and Best Ultrabooks!

Thanks for taking the time to read our highlights from the past month and good luck in the giveaway! Let us know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

  • Mak Cau Theng

    I like iPhone’s powerful processor, stereo speaker and water resistance.

  • João Marinho

    Love the new matte black iphone 7

  • robertlwalters

    The camera!

  • Mandeep

    Love the camera and secondly it is water proof and i love black variants

  • dravenborn

    what i like in the new iphone is obviously the new processor

  • Vivek Likhi

    WaterProofing and awesome processor!!!

  • Ivanka Ganeva

    The camera

  • Eugene

    I like the water resistance feature, not that it wasn’t before, we’ve seen it survive water tests, and that matte black color is awesome!!!

  • Alok Yadav

    to be very true iPhone is currently the best smartphone in market right now

    simply iPhone is not beatable thing

  • What I like about the new iPhone 7 is now a water and splash resistant, the design, the new home button, the new camera features it means better selfies and longer battery performance because of their new A10 chip!

  • Bobboganush

    Love the IP67 rating.

  • Hanie

    what i like about this new iphone are the camera and the processor 🙂

  • taki jeden

    It’s waterproof.

  • ali

    camera and processor

  • Tessa Theresia

    Camera and waterproof are the best <3

  • csyong

    black color and best performance for mobile gaming

  • fihan_naru

    The camera performance

  • Ali Zain

    What I like about the new iPhone 7 is now a water and splash resistant, the design, the new home button, the new camera features it means better selfies and longer battery performance.

  • antares rahardyant

    no doubt ,, the processor make me want it :sight:

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    Love sthe Good low light camera
    Water resistant
    Double the internal capacity

  • Carmen

    all newer Phones are better than my old arc-S 🙂 More batterypower, better cam, more RAM, better system… 🙂

  • Entering into giveaways like a moron.

  • Harry Kalantzis

    The camera of course!

  • Patrick Carneiro

    waterproof and camera

  • Shyuan

    The new colour black!

  • Frank DeGregorio

    The processor and water resistance. I think the home button will take getting used to, but I think it will end up being good.

  • Sachin

    i like their camera

  • Gabrielly Margutti

    The camera.

  • black color and best performance

  • Rosin

    I like how the new iPhone gets rid of the headphone jack because “wireless is the future”, but still has to be plugged into a cable to charge.

  • Zaher Nahhas

    I like the iPhone camera

  • Sachin

    hey team i won oct giveaway plz tell me how to claim prize

  • Godecki

    The best about new iPhone are IP certification and improved cameras.

  • τεмροяαℓ_αηοмαℓλ

    I like that it’s an Apple device and… it can process more than before. Also, that sleek black is awesome.

  • Darius Robin Carvalho

    Best iPhone ever, absolute beast

  • Ckc Chen

    Yea, I am here for some deals. 🙂 I hate that the iphone 7 does not comes with dual camera.

  • Badelhas

    My favorite feature is the great SOC and the water resistance. Every smartphone should have it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Synystery

    What do I like best….. SPEED!!!

  • umnikke8

    Like the water resistance

  • Luis Forteza

    I Like the camera and how fast the processor is!

  • pepetoto

    i think it’s a really nice phone

  • Vagelis Minas

    Design and Hardware

  • Nikola Kovacevic

    Water resistance and improved camera.

  • Nitinkumar Chobhe

    Build quality 😀

  • Peter Leijenhorst

    Speed! Speed is key!

  • borith im

    I like the fact the Apple finally made it water resistant.

  • Koki

    The camera performance and it’s water resistant

  • midoro

    256 GB option

  • Diogo Reis

    speed and camera

  • Theodoros Christoforidis

    The processor and water resistance

  • Edi Prasetyo Arya M

    i like the design of new iphone 7, so futuristic

  • Ashley Mains

    I like the Upgraded storage options!!

  • netmonkey I.

    Fastest on the market I think..

  • cactuspete23

    Like the battery life !

  • Venkatesh Vydyanath

    The all new dual camera and “universal” lightning port for every thing!

  • Benoit Bourdua

    It has great resale value.

  • Torsten Schommer

    A great phone with a very good camera

  • Alex Larionov

    This time I like the overall package of the iPhone. It’s water-resistant, has a great camera and performance.

  • Shubham Mishra

    water resistance and improved processing speed. Space Gray Iphone !!

  • Daniel Marian Merezeanu

    I like the powerful hardware and the water resistance.

  • I like that it is water resistance, Long Battery Life, it is fast, it is beautiful.

  • Felipe

    Cool waterproof tech.

  • Matee Jariyavorakij

    iPhone is iPhone!

  • the camera

  • ftovey7

    I love the improved camera on the iPhone 7

  • Danny

    Water resistant

  • Denise Do

    256 reasons!

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal

    Its wonderfull,the camera, rhe design, their applications, the water resistance, it’s the best ¡¡¡¡

  • Jose Ramirez

    The camera

  • Peter Dumont

    The new camera

  • Costas S Lamprinos

    it is water resistance

  • Stan Oster

    I like the new black colours

  • MarcinSzq

    iPhone7 – probably Fastest CPU of 2016


    Absolutely everything! Design , hardware , camera ….

  • waterproof future

  • lady bug

    Camera and waterproof!!!

  • Alex Fischer

    It’s a good phone!

  • Keyvan

    I like the battery life


    I like the slim profile and the new cameras quite good

  • danababei


  • Anne C

    I love the iPhone camera and the size!

  • treboreuk

    the improved camera looks amazing

  • le chinchilla

    design and performance

  • Paul Cee

    that black coloured one looks amazing, plus waterproofing

  • Augusto Moreira

    Water resistant

  • Stuart Robinson

    I had to downgrade to a Samsung A3, it makes me want to cry… Save me!

  • craigs1973

    New black colour choice and waterproofing!

  • Rohit Taneja

    Liked the new A10 fusion chip…its a power house. Good for gaming 🙂

  • Manuel Soto

    It’s waterproof

  • vyrdim

    the design

  • Ankit Saklani

    everything its screen,camera .performance,3d touch

  • Cleo Sids


  • Casper B

    waterproof is a big pro for someone as clumsy as i am!

  • jimmyjam5877

    It’s great that the new iPhone is water-resistant, but perhaps my favorite features are around the new camera and flash capabilities. The new f/1.8 aperture will be helpful for both low-light shots and for creating the kind of bokeh (blur) in the background, which have been previously been lacking in iPhone photography.

  • Natalie

    That it’s waterproof and has a better camera!

  • Apocalypso

    I keep hearing good things about the iPhone 7’s upgraded camera.

  • Leon

    I love the lack of the headphone jack. It’s about time to move forward, so why not make it harder to charge and listen to your headphones at the same time 🙂

  • Mikaela Harley

    I like that it’s new and the performance!!!

  • Pauline Linares

    I love the specs, camera, touch and colr!

  • Михайло Грицина

    The number first thing I like new iPhone is the processor. It became more faster as it was in the previous generations. And it still left the most comact smartphone with normal screen size.

  • Brian Kautz

    The new camera

  • jerlin jerry

    I love that theres no headphone jack

  • Adnan Rana

    Design, waterproof, and camera.

  • Kylo Ren

    The design the matte black color and the water resistance

  • Juankroi

    I want it

  • Andrew

    What I like best about the iPhone 7 are the dual rear cameras.

  • Chester


  • joesdadnick

    no jack plug hole and waterproof

  • barrybond


  • Anna C.

    Longer battery life

  • Cassandra

    well the camera is pretty nice and the waterproofing finally is a good thing. Best thing probably is its processor the a10x, that thing is a beast.
    They could have made the design better but hell .. its okay the way it is.. and getting one for free I would not be the one 2 complain 🙂

  • The best iPhone 7 feature is by far the camera. It’s catching up, but that still means that you get great photos in most conditions.

  • SmileyFace

    I love the design the iPhone has. I like the design on the iPhone 6&7 more than the others. It’s just a beautiful phone. However the phone is super slippery, but in my opinion that is the only flaw in the design.
    I also really like iOS, it just looks better than android (currently using a Android phone).
    So I guess in short I like the design of the iPhone, both on the outside as well as the software.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I think I would like the better camera.

  • juan Lago ( palomo)

    The camera

  • Madhamish

    I like the waterproofing, very handy id you live in Scotland!

  • Jane

    What I like the new iphone 7 is its performance, camera and new color selection!

  • arjun thampi

    water resistance…..and the camera

  • barbc824

    I like the camera.

  • Abla Hlèly

    I’m very curious about it

  • Lynn Hughes

    The Camera and waterproofing

  • Patrik Balko


  • João Guerreiro

    The Matte Black color, the Waterproofing, the Camera and the overall performance of the device.

  • Marcomatisch

    The camera is pretty good.

  • Chatio

    I like the camera and how fast it is.

  • Pedro André

    I like the fact that I don’t have an iPhone.

  • prem suman

    Just love the AirPods!

  • JaSh

    Great camera and a good looking phone

  • Kemo


  • Bogdobbler

    The camera.

  • htowngtr

    I like the camera tech with ability to have that 2x optical zoom

  • Dragoș

    There’s nothing, actually.

  • Shebli Mehrazarin

    The camera and waterproofing, of course!

  • Christina Gilbert

    I love the new camera!! I mainly use my phone anymore to take pictures, so that’s a big plus to me!!

  • jade rice

    i like the size and the camera x

  • Denis M.

    the camera is awesome!

  • Clay Naslund

    I like that is is new! What else can I say!

  • Beelze bob

    waterproof…..better camera

  • Nice OS, operating system and compatibility.

  • Debbie Bashford

    I love everything about the iphone, especially the camera

  • Alessandro

    I liked the improvements they’ve made on the rear and front camera, along with the better processor

  • Boris Virrey Maliwanag

    i like this iPhone because its waterproof

  • Asem Bala

    maybe it’s time for me to try an iPhone :). this thing looks beautiful.

  • Jess

    I love that the iPhone 7 is waterproof and offers a way larger screen!

  • Silentrose

    I think it’s one of the best phones on the market now, the size and OS is great!

  • Norm Schwartzman

    It’s waterproof and the camera

  • IsabelFer

    The camera

  • Adam Lee

    Definitely the performance! and the camera is pretty great too

  • not a new feature but I’d love a phone with force touch

  • isnuwardana

    I like the camera, thats it

  • Grendel

    Buttery smooth performance…., buttery….

  • Rachel K

    I love the design, waterproofing and the cordless headphone ability.

  • alstan

    I like the water resist of new iphones.

  • Ricardo

    everything!!! i love iphone! waterproof, camera, design, OS, etc… thanks for this great opportunity!!

  • Liuorius Mindaugas

    New home button

  • Blanky

    The A10 SoC. You can find all the other features in other phones, but no other phone can come close the the A10’s performance.

  • Znl Afif

    Water resistant, speaker, new home button and OS

  • Mr K

    Water resistance is a great feature

  • Biggster

    Dual cam with “zoom”.

  • Linzi Mcquillan

    I love he design ans the camera

  • Cynthia DC

    I think the new home button is a great feature, cause it doesn’t make that stupid clicking sound anymore xd and also the matte black color <3

  • Rodrigo Freitas

    The camera! It’s an iPhone camera after all…

  • Guido Hulscher

    It’s got Siri.

  • uldisxz

    I like that it now has water resistance and improved batterylife.

  • Etakis

    Waterproof and the camera are awesome!

  • Sami

    I love the new colors, waterproofing, and the new capacitive home button is cool.

  • alkazzzzz

    The phone itself is what i like.. its cute.. its expensive.. never had an iphone before, coz its soooo expensive

  • Christopher Higuera

    I love its insides. Not just the components but more importantly its software. I mean let’s face it, All phones look the same, but Apple phones have the spirits of Angels.

  • Max

    it being waterproof

  • Sherri VanNatta

    Water resistance

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    I love that its water proof and love the camera

  • Laurie

    I like the waterproofing….back pockets and toilets. You think I’d learn after I don’t know how many times. I know everyone out there is thinking….YUK….but it happens

  • Shaz Jack

    Love the overall design and camera!

  • Viren Mody

    I like the matte black, wife likes rose gold, and that its waterproof!

  • Neftalí Correas


  • russrpm

    The upgraded camera is the best new feature.

  • Razvan Staicu

    If it’s on a giveaway, i love it!

  • Animesh Wandkar

    I like the new home button best as it solves the problem of the physical home button failing to work after long term usage..

  • Kok Kee

    Do I have to be sarcastic? Probably the “courageous” removal of audio jack.

  • Markus

    I like most the adapters

  • Noelia Agrafojo

    I love the fact that the new iPhone 7 has an excellent performance, audio and gaming experience, and especially, that you can choose the colour of the phone and the look astonishing in every single colour!

  • Macez

    I really like the updated design

  • Rosh qpr

    Great camera and it’s waterproof.

  • Malav Panara

    Regular iPhone reliability with latest tech. And water resistance!

  • Frances

    Like theOS

  • Dirk Gingter

    I like the clear design and the good camera, and of course the good iOs with easy use.

  • angelo papas

    new camera and sleek-ness

  • Musab Mobashir

    the camera is awesome

  • gelowapups

    Camera!! and Home button 😀

  • SunSeth

    Never used one

  • Дмитро Швець

    Love the overall design

  • Charlene Lucas

    I love that is virtually waterproof and that its got better battery life.

  • Richard D Bonjour

    the camera

  • Annabel Greaves

    I love the waterproof camera

  • Tommydomino

    A10 Processor

  • RR

    I like the water resistance feature.

  • Aladenio

    i love it’s new design !

  • Kristian Malak

    The telephoto lens

  • Louise Asekokhai

    I love that it is water resistant and the camera looks excellent.

  • jra716

    I like the matte black color.

  • rotem

    the camera!!

  • Paul Williams

    A better camera, bigger internal memory, longer battery life and the ultimate new feature of it being water resistant…..

  • Rivlos

    Design;water resistance;RAM .

  • Maritza Torres

    I like that the new iPhone 7 is waterproof and the camera

  • bubba1973

    Gotta Be The Camera On The iphone 7, And FP Sensor!!!!

  • Frechdachs

    the camera is amazing

  • Vondrook4

    The camera is my favorite part

  • Mary E

    Right now my last cell phone died, so this would be a God-send if I won this. The phone has many great features including being waterproof and the camera in this iPhone

  • Claucio

    matte black color is very beautiful!

  • bhuvanesh

    like the apple’s marketing and customer importance

  • DelmaurioWalker

    I love the look and performance of the iPhone 7plus

  • Patrick

    I love the new water resistant feature! 😀

  • Paulo Oliveira

    Water resistance is a great feature!

  • Cergey

    camera and waterproof .

  • makaraj

    New camera

  • Fatou Jeng Savage

    Am seriously in love with the camera, and the home button <3 😀

  • Barry Crackett

    Love the waterproofing.

  • herc

    Great phone !!!

  • Simo

    The new matte black finish and the water resistance 🙂

  • Kiran

    The Splash & Water Resistant feature & The Ubercool Dual rear camera is What I liked a lot on iPhone7

  • Kendal Head

    I like the camera, better low light options.

  • Віталій Рогожа

    Iphoe is Iphone

  • m83893

    I’m more of an Android guy, but they are starting to get some things right. The larger screens, now waterproofing, stereo speakers, a still incomplete but better OS than in years past.

  • Ahmad Imad

    I love the water resistance feature

  • Jet Gun

    The good camera

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Being water resistant is a great feature!

  • Lynn

    I love the usability, the great camera, and that it is waterproof.

  • kim niland

    The waterproof feature is really nice to have on the phone

  • Richard Hunter


  • Enormous John

    camera and waterproof!

  • Apostolakis Dimitris

    Great all around.

  • Nyunyó

    The new camera and the no jack 🙂

  • yvsaimadhav

    better optics

  • Ivana Radin

    What I love about the new iphone 7 is that it’s finally waterproof! ❤❤

  • Shams Shimul

    I have always been a fan of bigger screens. 🙂

  • Arie Kembario

    New Camera, Water Resistance and great phone

  • Popa Nicuşor

    I lire the camera. It is super!

  • Sagar Reddy

    Quiet frankly nothing.

  • Thanks for this opportunity

  • alex potvin

    Who doesn’t like the new Iphone …..every year it seems underpowered but once the numbers stops talking the real job gets working .and damn is that phone quick ! When you can control your os these are the results you get !

  • Bigbadspikey


  • Liloo Dallas


  • Mattia Bertoni

    the same old new iphone

  • Track runner

    I definitely like the water resistance and increased screen resolution. Also, the faster speed is always a positive.

  • Lily

    I like the water resistance feature! It will come in handy.

  • Sai Krishna Hari

    i like the camera and the new home button

  • John Kramps

    I like that there is no headphone jack! I actually have a plastic plug in my current jack.

  • Carolina Roger Manzano

    New Camera and Water Resistance

  • Frederick

    Pretty much like the old ones, consitency

  • Thomas Lamb

    I like the camera,waterproof and Matte Black finish very stylish,can only hope I am lucky enough to win this.

  • Evan

    Love the new home button!


    I hope better battery than the 6

  • Mayank Gupta

    Camera and its waterproof!!

  • Zsanett La

    the Camera

  • Rosi

    the powerful camera

  • Anna

    Waterproof, battery life and camera floats my boat

  • . maria

    I like that it’s fast

  • commentator

    i like the new piano black color & the dual lens camera

  • Sagar Gurung

    i love the new color matte black other than that i have no idea about camera, display, os, IP67, etc. cuz i dont have one…

  • Angela Walker


  • g0rnix

    Camera and waterproof

  • vyacheslav84

    Amazing phone

  • Alex Ba.

    great camera, water resistant and fluent performance

  • D3nnyji

    waterproof body,two speaker grills on the bottom edge ,wireless headphones

  • Jessica Woods

    Definitely waterproof:)

  • dkking

    the updated camera and iOS system is what i need from the iPhone 7

  • MatDam

    best iPhone ever!!!!11!!!

  • Ausrine

    The color!!!! Love it 😀

  • Obaid

    Waterproof and color

  • Moussa El Hafid

    I love the design

  • Chemy

    All the accesories to upgrade the experience with the iphone, I think it’s the best selling point

  • Marvin Charlie

    Waterproof – and the force feedback home button lessens moving parts.

  • Mobin Haque

    Best iphone ever

  • grport ctrl

    the OS is the best

  • James

    nothing much

  • Spiros Sama

    I love everything on this phone…

  • Adrian D.

    water resistant and awesome camera

  • DeaconMac

    An iPhone with only 32 GB isn’t of much use to me. I could barely use a 64 GB iPhone. I’ll keep watching to see if future month’s giveaways suit my needs, but I hope you consider capacity for the items you give away and make sure they provide enough to be more broadly useful. Thanks for listening.

  • Reggie Francois

    The haptic feedback is amazing

  • Scott

    Liking the new camera and slightly bigger battery.

  • denise226

    i love that it has so many optics and it is waterproof denise smith

  • RUgungstar


  • Alberto Fernández

    An excelent camera and BLACK colors.

  • Fedir

    The camera!

  • samkar

    speed and longer battery life are the prominent features for me to like.

  • Afaque Quadri

    The best thing about iPhone 7 is its new glossy look.

  • Vamsidhar


  • Noah LaRoy

    Love the dope new camera!

  • Nedim Kujraković

    The iPhone 7 is a really beautiful phone, and colors and the new camera (or two cameras, on the iPhone 7 Plus) are probably things I like the most.

  • Mr.AAKulkarni


  • Suhas

    the headphone jack!!1 😛

  • Rogerio Berenschot

    Just one of the best phone at the moment!

  • Jacob Hornick

    Should net a nice catch on eBay

  • borzuck

    Look and waterproof!

  • Peter

    Water resistance (camera too)!

  • Megan Milstein

    Love the new camera features!

  • Kedron Clarke

    Camera. It is a fact that the Iphone has one of the best cameras you can find on a smartphone. I love the new matte black color as well.

  • Eric Lau

    I love the improvement of the camera and the photo quality!

  • Iyas

    I love the quality and performance of the new iPhone

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Water resistance ¡¡

  • SmellYaLater


  • Julia Christoforidou

    Love New Camera and Water Resistance

  • Tonia Clifton

    The camera looks awesome 🙂

  • lildan

    the camera…

  • renee walters

    I like that the new iPhone 7 is waterproof and the matte color is so nice!

  • Gheorghe Radu

    Nice camera!

  • maov999

    I think the câmera and the waterproof are awesome.

  • Shabba

    That they added water resistance.

  • zupammt

    Perfect camera in new iphone

  • koostamas

    I like the new colors.

  • Sonia Beltran Paris

    Camera and waterproof ¡

  • Mark Chamberlin

    Water resistance!

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    Love the camera and the battery!

  • Farshad Chowdhury

    camera quality

  • Christian Jakobsson

    Camera and water resistance!

  • Alan López

    The fact that they just didn’t catched up with the specs but they now have the best of them all makes me want to give it a try

  • Dieter Wolf

    The fact that it’s waterproof is awesome!

  • Adrián Iriarte

    Water resistance!!

  • Dirtdiver069

    I like that apple has finally went waterproof.

  • Tiffany Chen

    iPhone 7… Waterproof. and the crowd goes wild!!!

  • Nestor

    Finally the water proofing! Couple that with a superb processor and OS then u have a perfect phone!

  • othmane

    the best new thing is waterproof

  • Andrés Bernal

    Love the camera! It´s perfect!

  • Adam Wright

    love the camera

  • Velibor Vidić

    5 year software support!

  • Kristi Kellberg

    I definitely love the new camera which will take fantastic pictures.

  • Arwen Elfa – Maria Raffaela

    I prefer this Version of iPhone the 7 Instead of 7 Plus – I Like very much the different kind of colours and the great power of the camera – Sharing ………

    • Arwen Elfa – Maria Raffaela

      Could you correct the end of the Giveaway October 30 it’s passed – you have to change month 🙂

  • Daniel T

    The new specs and camera are awesome

  • Vakhida

    I love the water resistance and camera quality

  • KBalaz

    the camera and still using a BlackBerry device, so unlimited apps at my disposal

  • Jerry Cartwright

    If I have to pick just one thing that I like better than my POS Galaxy that I have now, it would have to be the camera. My wife has a 6S Plus and the camera on it is heads above mine. I can only imagine how good this one is. Sure hope I can win it.

  • Nikki

    I love how its water proof

  • Karl Mabutas

    OIS and I’m sold already <3

  • Fiona

    Water resistance!

  • ashish sonpitale

    First of all it is APPLE. What more do you need to love.

  • John Owusu

    That A10 processor ia an absolute beast!

  • Debayan Chanda

    iphone 7: 4.7″, best formfactor available in market, amazing camera, matte black variant and superior memory management of ios.. i’m sold!! if only i could afford 😛

  • Jimmy Li


  • Yvonne

    I like the water resistance feature.

  • Anyike Laura

    Water resistance and Camera hope to win

  • Petros Loukas


  • Markus Worm

    the best is the haptic

  • Voltage 5

    Added dust and water resistance

  • Keffie

    the waterproof and the updated specs

  • aceraspire

    Camera and water resistance are best features of this iphone!

  • aaw234

    I think the new iPhone’s best feature is it’s spectacular camera.

  • Heather Haigh

    I like the look of it and the fact it is waterproof.

  • Brenda Silva

    I have to agree with many, the water resistance feature is a plus! But what is really great is the camera and easier functioning.

  • Edmundo

    Better camera is always a plus!

  • BMFPoochie

    That they’re expensive, so I could resell it.

  • Bon Javier

    The like the redesigned home button on the iPhone 7.

  • luismunozvillanueva

    the camera is the best

  • griso

    I like 3,5mm jack 🙂

  • Philip Gould

    the camera

  • Shahin zadeh

    Upgraded storage options & better camera.

  • Ashley

    I love the camera!

  • Mad Wuman

    The best feature for me is that it is waterproof, I have ruined a few phones in water related incidences

  • valbuk

    I like the fact that it has a water resistant metal body

  • Mostafa Sayed

    Larger screen

  • Kiran Tom

    The camera and its easy to use

  • sn893

    Love the non-physical home button. Lots less failure & better water proofing!

  • Nuria Macías García

    The camera is the best

  • Tim

    The camera and water resistence

  • Richard Newton

    The camera’s versatility

  • João Tiago Nunes Martinho

    The camera.

  • Emma Maria

    The camera. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Gábor Horváth

    The new haptic feedback & the screen is nice

  • onyiakpanisi

    I love the camera and the capacity.

  • Bruno Caldas

    The non fisical home button is awesome. They finally did this!

  • Hirak Sarkar

    Water-resistant body
    Non-physical home key

  • TrishFr

    I love that it is waterproof, I can’t tell you how many times I have lost a phone due to water. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Marcos Andrade

    Great giveaway!!

  • William Gonzalez

    The new iPhone’s telephoto is sick.

  • Stacey Carnell

    It has to be the camera! Love taking pictures <3

  • Jerren Solomon

    Camera as usual

  • Petar Vučetić

    Cool camera on the new iPhone, and I like the new home button

  • Isaac C

    I like it is splash and water resistant

  • adamulos


  • Road_GRaider

    Stereo speakers in landscape mode. Not enough phones do this

  • Corinne Fisher

    The waterproof factor is a definite improvement

  • Ronald Gagnon

    I has 32GB of storage

  • Alessandra Wilkinson-Smith

    Got to be the fact the screen isn’t cracked like mine is now after dropping it yesterday!! But seriously the new camera is amazing!

  • GusV

    Best for me are screen and camera.

  • Jorge Carvalho

    The 32 gb storage

  • Francisco Belmiro Ferreira Cas

    O telemóvel é fora de série..

  • Sharyn S.

    Waterproof and camera!!

  • Another Skywalker

    Nokia Asha 302 with cracked screen. Well Apple would be a godsend for me

  • sharyonda

    Love the jet black color.

  • Celso Rodrigues

    The camera is pretty good.

  • definitely camera!

  • Roman Kudryavtsev

    Thanks for giveaway

  • Kaustubh Laturkar

    Its got one of the best camera in its class which works great in the low light conditions

  • Taha C. Raza

    Waterproof iPhone *-*

  • Ilya Evgenevich


  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    Water-resistant body

  • Elke

    I like the camera.

  • Bjørnar Berntsen


  • robert koch


  • R. E. Rodriguez

    The camera and the jetblack colour.

  • Alexis Baril

    The camera! I’m not too excited about no headphone jack but I love how good the pictures look.

  • MassOreoKiller

    The camera and 32Gb of space 🙂

  • Marcelo Hernan Zimmt

    i like the camera

  • Sandeep Babu Vannempalli

    Let me have my hands on it. All i have been doing is reading the reviews to get to know about the best on iPhone. I probably think that the Name apple is just enough. and it has got the stunning looks on it.

  • Amandeep Singh

    cmon give me one already

  • Anan

    the new black color

  • Marcelo Hernan Zimmt

    sorry, why it says, that the give away end on 30.10.2016?

  • Sandra Alabama

    good camera for taking pictures

  • Jessica Phalange

    what I like best is the number 7.

  • Margaret Riordan

    The camera. My old iPhone 4s (inherited witha crack right across the screen and it’s been down,the toilet! ) I’m desperate for a new one.

  • Usama bin sabir Spectre

    IOS 10.It,s why there,s nothing something else like iphone.

  • Sam Pinto

    The software experience is what I like best on the iPhone 7

  • EM Sabile

    waterproof… and the camera

  • Tomas

    The camera

  • tamer wahba

    Great features

  • Jenny Watson

    waterproof and camera – YAY

  • Richard Eagar

    Like the size and the updated specs

  • Abhijeet Nagawade

    Missed the plus

  • Michael Kristensen

    I like the camera the most 🙂

  • Gloria Walshver

    It has all the features that I want and need.

  • Hussein Aboelseoud


  • Алексей Сергеев

    i like photo


    great smartphone with great features superb camera

  • Cheryl Rahkonen

    I like the camera on the new iPhone 7.

  • lisag983

    What’s not to like? The camera, the space, etc.!

  • D Grady


  • Tim Igamov


  • I like the stereo speakers

  • Ana Dager

    What I like most about iPhone 7 is the better quality camera!!

  • Micheal White

    The Jet Black finish is something special to hold. ( Best Buy has one on display) Hands down my favorite mobile device next to the HTC Nexus One and the HTC M7. It looks like something out of a Syfy novel. Haters gonna hate but I skipped the Pixel because it was hideous imo. Still rockin my M7 like a champ (: I know the innards of Apple products work superbly but I haven’t owned one to make an informed decision honestly. I can’t wait to try force touch. You’d think waterproofing should be standard on a $600+ device that’s essentially your life partner
    P.S. front facing stereo speakers are a must.

  • Love the camera

  • Steven Pinder

    What I like best about the new iPhone is that it’s virtually the same as the last iPhone. Oh and it doesn’t explode.

  • Karli

    the longer battery life

  • Levi Smith

    I like the new camera

  • Omie

    Battery Life of course

  • Jonnie Tamares

    I like the waterproofing and camera of the Iphone 7.


    Best Camera, Display, and speakers.

  • Colm walsh

    I lovery the screen and the speakers

  • kittylt

    Love the camera,Thanks for this lovely giveaway good luck

  • XL Elliott

    You gotta admit Apple knows how to optimize!!!

  • marek

    i love the colour – jet black ofc

  • thepittsmn

    It’s an iphone and I don’t have one.

  • zLatkO

    Overall performance with great battery life.

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    I think the better camera is my favorite feature.

  • Ervin B

    it look so goood

  • Lorna Kennedy

    I love the idea of being water resistant, and improved battery life 🙂

  • Diamen91

    The beautiful design and the good camera are my favorite features

  • Jeremy Field


  • Donna O’Reilly

    I’d love to win an iphone!

  • Aritra Banerjee

    The lightning headphones is one of my favourite features

  • Sergio Teixeira

    I like the waterproofing and great battery life.

  • Best things about it? resale value.

  • emma hunt

    The nifty updated camera

  • jannickmadsen

    The great camera

  • G13NN H

    Waterproofed & the camera!

  • Minco

    Finally waterproof, and nice design

  • Ashish Bharam

    iphone 7

  • Mikhail Azarov


  • Jenson D’Souza

    IP67 rating

  • anthony goddard

    Waterproof and the camera

  • Andrea Storey

    Love the high quality camera.

  • Adrian Nicholson

    Waterproof OFc

  • What I like about iPhone 7?
    The “All of it”!!

  • Marylloo


  • Reinhard49

    I like the new camera and the new black colours

  • Jennifer Meyer

    Since I’ve dropped mine in water before waterproof is awesome

  • I’m glad they get rid of that useless 3.5mm jack.


  • Raphita Cano

    El diseño es impresionante

  • Nizia Jamee

    dual camera and water resistance of course 🙂

  • Leah Cohen Belknap

    I like the long battery life. I have the original iPhone and it is time for an upgrade. I love the size of it and the way it fits in your hand. I checked it out at Best Buy and wish I had the money to buy it but maybe my luck will change and for once I might possibly win one.

  • Douglas Garcia

    great camera!

  • John Dsouza

    The new camera

  • fossie55

    I like the camera and long life battery.
    Florence C

  • Eduardo A. Figueroa Martinez

    Great phone

  • Esther Muñoz Martín

    Battery Life of course

  • Stanko30

    Nice phone, would like to try it.

  • Alex Taskaev

    Camera & Waterproof

  • Margaret King

    I like the new camera and the speakers,

  • Mario Rudelić

    love it!

  • Bale Who

    i do not know, i am not an apple fan but the camera is fun 🙂

  • Great Artiste

    That all the Apple fanboys will buy this overpriced boondoggle. Hope I win it, so I can sell it to one of them at a bargain price and buy myself a new Pixel XL.


    I like it’s Water Resistant feature !

  • Andrew Nemirovsky

    The water resistance and new camera!

  • Regina Dsouza

    Stereo speakers…

  • Jörg Häntzschel

    Battery Life of course

  • Trantor

    water resistant!

  • Cristian Daniel

    The camera definitely.

  • Riko Syahrir

    i love water resistance phone wireless airpod and the bettery of course haha gl guys

  • Debanjan Paul

    it is waterproof and memory management of iOS is so good.

  • Roberta Mariano

    Battery Life and Camera!

  • Hazel Soares

    Jet Black colour looks slick…

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Waterproofing is probably the best feature

  • Catherine Robichaud

    I love that the iPhone 7 has a great battery life.

  • Sergey P

    What I like about iPhone 7?
    He sooooo cool! And my old iPhone5 buggy and weak battery…

  • lancsman

    massive storage and Godsend WATERPROOF

  • dorofte alexandra

    i love that is water resistance

  • eddiex

    I like the app catalog, and developers.



  • Ashwant krishna

    Water resistance & camera

  • Alvaro Gonzalez


  • Michael Ekborg


  • Justin Tabibian

    The Dongles!

  • Mysterious

    What I like best about the new iPhone is that it’s water resistant 🙂

  • Robby Miller


  • Haroon Mazhar

    build quality

  • malik hussain

    The camera and water resistant in iPhone 7 is some dope to me.

  • Vedran Glavaš

    New camera and water resistance

  • Carolyn Barnett

    water proof and speed

  • Randy Vincent


  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    New processor, waterproof and camera.

  • Barrie Bullock

    It can make phone calls.

  • Shortie Warren

    Water resistant

  • Kelly Young

    I love that it’s waterproof!

  • Isaac Gacura

    I love the improved camera with OIS the best.

  • deadmaudj


  • Satish Pradhan

    Build quality. Asking with water resistance makes up for the big money it costs.

  • miguelm75


  • Jamal Tyler

    The new “matte “black colour and that it’s water resistant

  • Pavel

    I just like the design. Also the opportunity to win it 😀

  • Alfons Munné León

    I absolutely love the camera, the waterproof capability and the new matte black color, AMAZING!!

  • Md. Ridwan Hossain

    I really like the apps and great performance.

  • Jotapbmpl

    i like the IOS

  • Lewis

    Battery Life!

  • Diva

    Waterproof is the way to go!

  • Reza Anditama

    A10 64bit QUADCORE

  • Julio García Muñoz

    I like the waterproof capability.

  • Minnie Stumph

    What I like best about the iPhone 7 is the fact that they boast that it is supposed to have the best battery life ever in an iPhone…as I do a lot of work on my current phone and have to charge it at least twice a day

  • daniesaints

    iOS, obvs 🙂

  • Robert Kovacs

    I like the camera!

  • Rafael Campos Las Heras

    Great phone, great design, amazing camera and specs. It is all good.

  • Sian Jameson

    i live the fact that its waterproof which is a must with my 4 children lol

  • dangrig

    I dont even like the iphone. lol
    I just like to read your reviews.

  • Mary Hoffman

    Loving the Processor,Storage,Camera, & Waterproofing!

  • Maddalena Spadone Dalton

    love the camera

  • Debbi Ruskin

    It’s waterproofnessity for sure! In our house accidents don’t wait to happen, lol

  • Harsh Yadav

    I like its waterproof feature, its design nd camera

  • Joshua Polley

    The iPhone Camera is hard to beat, and I like that they’re finally waterproof…

  • Harsha Boppana


  • Mouhdia

    Its design

  • Ayush Nayyar

    I just love the water resistance of the new iphone most.
    Love you guys.

  • D J Freeman

    The fact it is waterproof is a winner

  • Aaron Koast

    I absolutely love the dual cameras and the ios 10 updates are to die for

  • quahog_convo

    The camera and its processing has always been the best part about the iPhones!

  • Maxim13

    New home “buton” is a nice feature and is nicely implemented

  • Non Ya

    love the sleek design

  • Heman Adams

    I love the fact that iPhone 7 Plus has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This translates in to a brighter and crystal clear display experience

  • The camera. Love it.

  • John Webster

    waterproofness and picture and screen quality

  • Ian Miles

    Waterproof is the way forward.

  • I like that it’s faster, water resistant, and has a better camera!

  • David Lockley

    The camera on the 7plus is supposed to be excellent plus the new dual speakers.

  • Ai Shaths

    Water resistant,Chipset , camera

  • Simon Butler

    I like that it has a bit of water resistance now, I’m not too keen on the new Audio USB but the fact that using an updated digital connection will increase sound quality certainly ticks my box as I love my music and this is where Podcasts are my best friend so after an adjustment it will be better 🙂

  • Virginia Ribblett

    Water resistant and better camera.

  • hamisha

    Jet Black gives the phone a James Bond like style

  • scott d

    The water resistance was desperately needed, great addition.

  • Akram

    Nice Phone.

  • andygoblue

    performance improvements

  • Hugh Jones

    It’s great that it is waterproof!

  • Dee anne Partridge

    Love the HD camera and new Home button

  • Samer Rustom

    Design and jet black color

  • Andrei Saputra

    i love the design and HD camera

  • Vishesh Panwar


  • mariodcastro

    what i like the best are the new colors we can choose!

  • Fed-Up

    Waterproof – great feature.

  • Dan Valentin

    Battery is an improvement. The chipset also.

  • Anja Rossello

    better camera and waterproof. silver for me please



  • Ariska

    waterproof resistance, simple design and new color


    very good durability stronger than lg v20 really good job Apple

  • Jackie Kelly

    The fact that if it falls into the loo it’s not the end (like it was for another of my phones).

  • Mary Lamprinou

    waterproof and HD camera

  • Hamad Al-Absi

    Best OS and good performance

  • Filip

    the A10 Fusion Chip

  • duckian

    The dual rear cameras.

  • sgdq

    I like that the iPhone has good profit margin.

  • catherine warburton

    It iswaterproof and has an awesome camera

  • David Dua

    Love the new home “button”

  • Lucy Thompson

    that it doesn’t explode… often

  • Julian

    Waterproof feature finally arrived

  • Ardelean Adrian

    New procesor !

  • Melissa Stretch

    I love the camera, with 4 boys it will get a lot of use!

  • Guilherme Y.



    I like everything about it! It’s Fantastic

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I like that it’s waterproof!

  • Sydney

    I love that it is waterproof

  • Tony Hone

    Much better camera !!

  • Konstantinos T

    Waterproof..was about time!

  • Attila Baráth

    camera, 4k video recording and slowmo

  • Florin Circu

    The waterproof design and the new home button.

  • dkthomson

    Well for a kick off it doesn’t burst in flames when you’re using it. Also I have a 5S, my daughter has a 6S and it’s time I had the bragging rights.

  • Tyrone Macedon Sr

    32GB of storage!

  • Hào Nguyen

    Liked the chipset the most!

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    camera and waterproof!

  • Luc Mainguy

    Waterproofing is awesome!

  • Fakhruddin Darwis

    Love the design.

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    The new camera!

  • Hee Chang

    camera and camera. also did I mention the camera?

  • Vimlesh Singh Rawat

    the all new matte black is awesome

  • Eric

    The camera!

  • Mathew Larsen


  • rajkaur

    i like that its jet black and no pressure on the button also that its water ressitance

  • ggrugger

    Metal constructed phone with water-resistance protection makes it perfect for those who like to be outdoors

  • Treptači svemira

    camera is the best

  • Mark Williams

    would love to try out the double lens camera! Also, the fact that it’s waterproof….

  • Deniz Serifoglu

    I like the faster chip and the antenna bands’ placement – makes it a better looking handy phone

  • Elijs Dima

    It’s got to be the camera. Like them or not, apple does mobile phone cameras really well.

  • prateeksamal

    Definietly the Design

  • Helen Winson

    Its waterproof which means its nearly Helen proof x

  • Alexia Pagani

    The improved camera!

  • June Etherington

    The double lens camera

  • Kevin Cozens

    water proofing is quite cool 🙂

  • Raquel González Valles

    The amazing camera!

  • Rich Toomey

    Matte black and water resistance.

  • Led

    It’s blackness.

  • Rahul Rajan

    A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture
    Embedded M10 motion coprocessor

  • Corry Lehmann

    Love the camera!

  • Juarez Lisboa

    camera, new home button and waterproof!

  • Steven B

    I love the design and that it’s water proof.

  • Ignacio Puente

    waterproof, fast, touch id, waaay better than my actual phone

  • German Carranza

    I like the premium feel and the resale value!

  • Alejandro

    I think finally having it waterproof is the best feature!

  • Melissa Kagie

    Its waterproof!

  • Ajay Aujla

    I love the new matte black color

  • Tracey Jack

    Definitely an awesome camera

  • Ryan MK

    I like that it’s waterproof!

  • John Brinson

    Great camera and it’s waterproofing.

  • Derek Wilson

    It’s all about the water-resistance.

  • richard skuse

    the camera

  • JJLopez

    Waterproof & camera

  • Denise Davies

    Waterproof. Way to go


    The best new feature that Apple introduced to the iphone7 is the IP67. Now they are a real contender against samsung and LG They both have water resistant phones. Next a bigger battery in the future.

  • Irina


  • Brian Harrington

    the excellent low-light camera

  • tubbyj


  • Cecilia Warrick

    The camera and being waterproof.

  • Andrew Taylor

    It’s Waterproof, lost too many phones to the wet stuff.

  • Florentin Daniel Rotaru

    About the new iPhone..I like..to be mine! 😀

  • camera, 4k video recording

  • inkchick

    The camera and the fact that it’s waterproof. Great features.

  • Víctor Valera

    The excellent camera!!

  • Coman Viorel

    I like all about the new iPhone! everything is just awesome about this new device.

  • Anthon Delizo

    What I like about iPhone’s new features the most is the waterproof and the camera.

  • Farhana

    Camera and waterproof ability

  • Ellio74

    What I like the best about the iPhone 7 is the build quality, which has always been one of the best!

  • robfunk

    I love the styling, it’s super thin, perfect for my pocket.

  • Teresa

    Being water resistant

  • Colin Bowett

    Nice looking photos!!

  • smaisey

    No idea, i’m still stuck on iPhone 5!, would love to upgrade to an iPhone 7!!!

  • Matthew Deaton

    the camera!

  • Greg Hall

    water water no where

  • Richard S. K.

    The display looks gorgeous.

  • Samuel M.

    I really like the cool design!

  • Jed Harper


  • John Collis

    The camera looks good.

  • The new camera!

  • Eva Palomares

    I think the camera it has is spectacular!

  • Jai Cabigan

    dual camera

  • Sharyn Campbell

    The design and the fact that it’s waterproof

  • Cristovao Osorio


  • selbys

    I like the waterproof feature the best. slhaydon@hotmail.com

  • Chris Vogt II

    I need an iPhone so I can read all of my iBooks on my phone. And the dual camera looks interesting.

  • Aaron Medina

    That dual camera set-up

  • Abdelghani Benhari

    i never had an iphone and i think it’s going to be a good one to start with and i love the screen and double camera lens

  • Nerea

    I love the design 😀

  • Margaret Gallagher

    The camera is the most amazing ive seen giving amazing picture quality

  • kathleenkelly

    Well, what I like best about the iPhone is of course because I don’t have one but seriously, I have an iPad 3 that I have had for awhile, I love it even though it is now considered old. An iPhone 7 has a lot of features that I like and it would be perfect because I love Apple products and the fact that my phone is an LG Tribute. So I could certainly do with an upgrade. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Giorgio Scampini

    Is the qu emas I like the new iPhone 7 I like Icloud security, like Touch ID, I love the new home button fingerprint scaner I love be Apple, and I like your screen 4.7 inches, isn’t very big or small mu for me, is the perfect size, but of all the things that I like an iPhone 7 It is becoming the owner of an iPhone 7, that would be the most wonderful

  • Andrew Tran


  • Nigsdylan

    the water resistance – something Iphones should have had from day 0

  • Karkus Viktor

    No more headphone jack. 😀

  • Toni Bajer

    The feature I like best is that it is water resistant…

  • Sam Ng


  • Junephel

    The impressive display and of course the powerful processor! Actually, I love this phone in every aspect

  • Daniel Hey

    I like that it will not crash and burn, literally,
    as some other phone that I will not mention.

  • Teni SinLa

    Hmmm,…. I would love everything in it,… especially the high quality of camera!

  • Adi Avraham

    I love the new colors and improved hardware

  • dkn

    likes about iPhone 7: IP67 water RESISTANCE, low light performance of the new camera, stereo speakers, SoC. please contact me if I win so can narrow between Gold or Rose Gold.

  • Pablo

    The camera, probably.

  • Whitney Kralicek

    I am excited about the new camera!!! I also would love the extra gigs!! I really need them!! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!!

  • RuiCruz

    I like the design

  • Mo Al Tamimi

    I love the new home button and the waterproofing

  • Carmen Esteban

    Water ressistant and the camera, very very nice and cool

  • Arturo

    The water resistance and the new home “button” are pretty neat

  • Kevin McCarthy

    The double lens camera is Cool!

  • Samuel Chan

    the extra storage

  • Apeksha S

    Its water resistance!


    it is Waterproof

  • Marlene V

    I love the great camera

  • steve weber

    I love the low light camera mode feature.

  • Brenda Williams


  • riahsohaib

    i like the new water resistance feature and the new A10 processor which means a great performance

  • Fiona King

    The camera is great

  • Mailo Life

    The fact that I never owned a decent phone is the only reason why I am trying to win this iPhone! :'(

  • Azzuri

    Great camera

  • Patrick Miller

    The camera is a great feature!

  • Emma Wright

    The camera!

  • dorth615

    The feature I like best is that it is water resistant.

  • Mikey Board

    The new camera with it’s double lens

  • Andrea

    The camera!

  • Kilauea

    I like the dual camera feature.

  • Sara B

    love that it’s waterproof

  • 7axman

    What I like about the new iphone 7 is the fact that it is free in this giveaway!

  • Kimberly M.

    I love the double lens camera.

  • Vilma Pacheco

    Like that is waterproof!!!!

  • The water resistance is what gets my vote. Too many other flagships ignore this

  • The dual lens camera, for sure. And the fact that it’s water resistant.

  • Mohammad anjum

    Camera sounds great

  • Waterproof

  • TheAntic

    The new camera features

  • Rick M

    The camera would be the biggest draw for me

  • Jibin

    dual cameras look cool i guess

  • Ron

    As a real die-hard Android fanatic, I have to say that the new iPhone looks very compelling.
    Especially the piano black version. And the double camera seems to be very good as well.

  • herbz

    finally a power camera

  • Marc Hedgley

    The wireless airpods for me

  • shelbyward

    I used to carry my SLR around everywhere with me but now that I have three kids, it is just another hassle so I need a phone with an awesome camera. This is it!

  • dac615

    I like that it is water resistant with an awesome camera!

  • mary delgado

    would love to have one

  • Antikhab Hussain

    its water resistant that i like and its cool looking phone

  • Andy Eshegovich

    As always with iPhones – the camera!

  • Luciane Huang

    I looove it that it is waterproof!! 🙂

  • S.S. Stylinson

    I really like that its now water proof

  • Natasa

    I’m definitely keen to try out the new camera! It looks awesome!

  • Danh Le

    Always love the UI experience and peformance from each and every latest chipset manufactured by Apple.

  • Jaz Davis

    Although I never have my phone near water, being waterproof is a good idea. But what I love most is the screen is break proof. Even though my phone is always in a wallet case to prevent damage to the screen, this is the most important feature to me. I’m very fussy with my stuff and hate imperfections. Overall the iPhone 7 looks amazing! The jet black looks sleek and sophisticated. 🙂

  • Martin Lathan

    The superb new camera….

  • Jayson Lagman

    I want to try its awesome camera!

  • lyric king

    Good camera

  • Martin Stojcev


  • lyric king

    Nice size

  • GS Wong

    I like the camera best on the new iphone!!

  • Ramon Lim

    I like it because of its brand. And its minimalist feel, best for simple guy like me.

  • Isaac stromberg

    I like how the two cameras on the plus take one picture

  • Crazy3lf

    It’s a phone, it’s da phone!

  • Nigel

    Higher base memory

  • May Czos

    What do I like best? Stereo speakers and the fact that they finally updated the camera.

  • Eivan Sabater

    waterproof iphone7! so i can take it to the shower 😀

  • John Sauchelli

    Great Phone!

  • Eliza Burke

    how it looks

  • Ricardo Arieira


  • Andreas Worm

    the new colors

  • Doktor Ivsa


  • miva2

    I’m not a fan of iPhones but you can’t say the hardware isn’t good. Sure you can get higher specs for a lower price elsewhere. My favorite property of the iPhone is it’s size. It’s the perfect size! More high end phones <5 inch please.

  • sofnor

    the waterproof

  • warren

    wow waterproof!

  • Sab

    It’s water resistant

  • Daniel Yatabe

    The dual camera

  • Luis Angulo

    Definitely the double lens camera! !

  • phil

    it’s very light

  • Duarte Alves

    Stunning camera!

  • djpayne2

    Nothing but free is for me

  • Pedro Moya

    The camera!

  • Igor Volodko

    The waterproof, Taptic Engine.

  • just_a_lemming

    I’d say it has to be the water resistance – something that Apple users seem to have needed with all the stories I hear about dropping them in the toilet!

  • Iwan Taurus

    Metal constructed phone with water-resistance protection. Improved front and rear cameras with optical image stabilization, deliver much improved photos, especially in low light. A faster processor, better battery life and more onboard storage.

  • Deninxon Maldonado

    It’s the best phone ever, amazing design, and the perfect replace to my old Moto g 2013

  • Jon Patrich Tantan

    I loooove the camera on the iPhone! Also, iOS is clean and modern!

  • GdhawesGwen

    I would like the improved camera on the iPhone 7

  • Walter Wisnu Purnama

    waterproof and new home button! and matte black just beautiful

  • Winter_z

    the fact that it’s Water proof

  • Jhon Banjo Bacelonia Panesa

    waterproof, that means more lifetime to the phone

  • Juan Carpio

    Love the speed!

  • Victoria Kinsley

    This would be so cool to win!!!

  • Vishma Ekanayake

    the fact that the iphone 7 is faster than most of the current market smartphones.

  • Dimuthu

    Like the new camera

  • docashhosale

    It’s got the best camera.

  • Becky Martin


  • tendo13

    I like that it doesn’t explode as much as the Note 7. 🙂

  • Carlos

    I like the new iphone because I dont have a phone and I could really use one!!!

  • Jonathan35is

    I love the taptic engine! Feels great!

  • Great camera and performance.

  • joanne lowery

    Love the camera, how powerful in an incredible light weight phone that fits in your hands. amazing job.

  • Karl Joseph Directo

    camera of Iphone7 is superb.

  • Mohit

    It sucks

  • tocao bernadeth

    I love the new and improved camera.

  • Kerry V. Kallipersad

    I like the new colours and the improved camera

  • Austin Scott

    The Haptic Feedback is amazing on this thing. Gotta say that’s my favorite feature. Also IOS 10 is a step in the right direction.

  • pinkrosev


  • Celeste Bernardo

    i love the camera

  • Juliette Fong

    it’s between the speed & the double lens camera, love them both.

  • tank82

    Great camera and performance.

  • sh4un

    it’d be free

  • Khristian A. Willis

    The cameras aren’t a new thing, but looks like they take great pictures.

  • InkieSquid

    Love that phone cameras keep getting better, and would like to give this a shot 🙂

  • Alexandr

    dust and water protection

  • wcse

    waterproof is the best feature

  • Ajames

    Going for the camera on this and see what has improved 🙂

  • mommojo

    Love the cameras and all the choices of colours!

  • elizamatt

    The double lens camera is my favourite and I’d love to try that out. 🙂

  • Jim Yee

    I like the camera and easy to use

  • Rodrigo Bernardo


  • Mel

    The camera sounds awesome!

  • Kelvin Xin

    Matte black is great ! And it’s the fastest phone atm i think ?

  • Pops

    Love the waterproofing and cameras

  • Raymond T Cubeta

    Larger battery

  • EM

    Everything looks amazing, but I think the camera attracts me the most.

  • R. Rizky Indarnoto Wibowo

    Very good design and build quality..And the double camera is awesome !!!

  • Zune

    Loved the waterproofing & great camera.

  • Mario Cubeta

    The new water resistant feature

  • Irsyaduddin Ishak

    it is the ‘iphone’

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    I like the great camera and waterproof feature!

  • Italo Franco

    Because Yes!!!!

  • I like the water-resistant feature the best. the new camera is good too!

  • Joyce Che

    New camera is the best!

  • Katherine Bamford

    The slimmer and tougher iPhone 7 is the perfect make for my clumsy fingers that are forever dropping everything! Thanks Apple for catering for my fingers! 😉

  • Ray Saunders

    excited about the camera improvements!

  • Clayton

    I have no clue whats new with the iPhone 7. I’ve never owned an iPhone, just android phones. I’m sure there are cool things about it and if I am the chosen one, I’ll find out! 😉

  • Hiew Vun Yau

    Dual Camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, that’s the feature I noticed straight away.

  • Rodney Stone

    I like the easy to use apps

  • ลุงหมี ตาแก่ขี้บ่น

    I love reliable system.

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    iPhone 7 has added waterproof, smarter APP, lightweight, stylish designs this new phone. I love everything about these new features.

  • Brice

    I’d like to experience the new iPhone and a new next gen of sound.

  • ko chandru


  • Sonya Allstun

    I like the water-resistant feature the best. the new camera is good too!

  • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi

    I love reliable system.

  • James Kim

    The new iphone is amazing! The new home button and the waterproof feature is phenomenal!

  • Jericho Pedragosa

    I love the camera of new iphone 7. 🙂

  • Stanley Hoo Chee Joo

    The Jet Black Colour and Water Resistant Feature.

  • Lucy

    The jet black colour, camera, water resistant & the finger print sensor seems my phone doesn’t have one.

  • The improved internet speeds and connectivity as well as the new camera with Bokeh effects have me wanting to upgrade already — but since I have a 6S, I think maybe I’ll wait til the 8 — maybe — unless I win one that is haha. — My fave thing about all the iphones though are all the awesome apps <3. And the battery life. I can go 2-3 days sometimes without needing to charge even after playing games or using GPS. So the improved battery life would be another feature I'd enjoy on the new I7.

  • Joseph Eloriaga

    I love the camera!

  • Ƒikri Zaki H

    the camera is best and perfomance aswell.

  • Taka_San

    Dual camera

  • George Haff

    Waterproofing is probably the most useful feature, while removing headphone is the least smh lol

  • Isaac Daly

    It’s an iPhone. Enough said

  • Dan Chen

    I like the two cameras on the back for great photos!

  • Igor Farago

    Build quality, camera

  • Edmond Leung

    I like the camera as good as DSLR.

  • joel alejandro

    waterproof and new camera

  • BillJude56

    The camera is my favorite feature.

  • Cahley Tod-Tims

    I like how it’s waterproof!

  • Arindam Mallick


  • Anthony Zhizhin

    Good balance between HW and SW, that makes UX fluent and solid.

  • Amogh Ayya

    The Camera is the best 😀

  • Abdullah Firoz

    Liking the new and improved camera!

  • I want the matte black iPhone 7 . Please!

  • I like camera iphone 7 🙂

  • Chor Somano

    Pleased to try…

  • Barbara Fehmel

    There is nothing I don’t like best, everything is great, as I do not have a phone other than a mobile that doesn’t even take a photo. SO EV ERYTHING IS GREAT ON THIS PHONE.

  • carlos guillen


  • Rohit Dhyani

    I like the camera features

  • Pranjal Shah

    I like the style it provides and it’s camera is amazing. Also it’s waterproof and definitely the earplugs.


    Water resistance

  • Bharat

    Its waterproof finally and no 3.5mm jack which I’m good with cause i use wireless most of the time and the new camera has some new bells and whistles and one last thing the jet black version looks goddamn good!

  • J3 sWaGsTeR

    iphone 7 is my most liked phone because of its camera
    NO need for dslr affter this.

  • p3h2o

    Always a fantastic camera on an iphone.

  • Lucille Lanuza

    I love the camera!

  • Abdulatif Randy

    Aside from the amazing dual camera, I would say i definitely love the amazing new colours!

  • I like the courageous headphonejacklessness of it

  • Linda C

    Great camera

  • John Paulo Navidad Ruiz

    I like the processing power of the new A10 chip on the iphone 7.

  • Ron

    The camera.

  • Hussain

    Smooth OS,camera,design

  • kranthi kumar

    Looks of this crazy phone iphone 7

  • red

    Definitely the dual camera,I think every one else will go this way also

  • Sebastian Peña

    the camera is awesome

  • Jepree Espe


  • Ryan

    Rose Gold! Dual cameras!

  • Vee II

    Love the camera, nuff said.

  • kk


  • Rohit Kavathekar

    What most i like about iPhone 7 is an Awsome Rear Camera Setup Which take Beautiful & Crsip Images.

  • Elias81

    the camera

  • Larison Umandal

    Rear camera is something awesome to try and its water resistant as well for underwater shots

  • Carlos Luis

    The performance of previous iPhone was already quite good, so the best of this new iPhone is undoubtedly the camera, and on the plus version what I love most is the dual camera and the bokeh effect in iOS 10. Just amazing!

  • Fareez

    The best thing about the Iphone 7 is, of course the camera.

  • JLhugo

    The new added feature, waterproof. 🙂

  • Gee

    That camera would do wonderful things! I love it.

  • Bang Amin


  • May

    I love the new double lens

  • Aldo Garcia

    the things I love in the iphone seven are:
    its design… simply beautiful
    and the speed and stability to run any app

  • Octavio Linares


  • pervezanayet

    I like it’s new 12/7 mp camera & fast processor .
    I want the matte black iPhone 7 . Please!

  • Ling Cheung

    I like the home button.

  • Ever John Corpuz

    best phone of 2016-17! Super fast processor and great camera.

  • Saher Sam Anayi

    the camera and the sleek black version

  • blackwidow63

    ease to set up

  • chraid

    I love the camera!

  • Javier Sanchez

    I love the speed of iOS.

  • mandybfl

    the dual camera is amazing!

  • waqasjawad

    camera and water proofing….

  • Didit FA

    simply like it because it’s an Apple..

  • Dennis Dubs

    I’m impressed with the new Dual Camera, I hope it will improve “darkness” photography.

  • xlerx

    I like the dual camera of iphone7

  • Alex Benitez

    great camera

  • Harsh Vardhan Kabra

    the bigger camera module and the new black colour options.

  • thewaldone

    Would love to get the iPhone 7 because of its more polished OS, more gorgeous screen, better camera and splash resistant body.

  • Imre Vaczi

    the camera

  • Rajesh

    Dual camera on iPhone just gave me an orgasm

  • MD Abdul Saleem Khan

    Dual-cameras on the rear is the best part of iPhone 7.

  • Manjushree Kabra

    the waterproofing and dual speakers !!

  • Brent Desjarlais

    I’ve always liked the Iphone camera, of course.

  • Kalen Ho

    I love the matt black color. it’s the coolest iPhone ever.

  • Sujan A Poovaiah

    the camera!!

  • Kirti Kabra

    camera and waterproofing of the iPhone 7 !

  • Shashank Kumar

    Dual camera in iPhone 7 touches my heart.

  • PL

    The dual camera looks really interesting, I’ve never tried a phone with that before.

  • Adi Sibiu

    It’s the best!

  • Suveena Kabra

    all the new features of the iPhone. the new camera, waterproofing, dual speakers and the jet black colour!

  • Mufazzal Dordawala

    It is an iPhone … Simple !!!

  • Lance Patrick Cruz

    That would be the Jet Black colorway!

  • Juanita Thorn

    My dream for the past 10 years has been to own an iPhone but finances haven’t allowed this…in answer to the question ‘what I like best about the iPhone7?’ …..EVERYTHING!!!! Seriously, everything. The dual camera and the waterproof traits on this phone are standouts…my fingers will be crossed and I ask the Universe to guide the iPhone 7 in Rose Gold my way….pretty please with 2 cherries on top 🙂

  • Junior Wijaya

    what i like best from the new iPhone 7 is the new A10 chipset

  • Hypnotoad

    I like that the new glossy black iPhone 7, it will look amazing when I cover it with a case!

  • jc_komas

    I like the dual lens camera and A10 chip!

  • Avinash Kumar

    The Camera 🙂

  • Midhun Murali

    Water resistant and dual camera features are the best for me

  • Diana

    Dual Camera

  • Sinisa V.

    I like dual camera and sexy body….

  • Diego Cordoba Ramirez

    I love the new black colours and the water resistant!

  • Kenzi Gonsalves

    That JetBlack color is mesmerizing! *-*

  • Sann

    no cracked screen – whoahhh

  • Dimitar Maznekov

    Camera is the main advance.

  • Adrian F

    The new home button and the “water resistant feature”

  • Faiz .Anuar

    The non exploding battery ;p

  • Anshu A.

    I like the sleek design.

  • Hiren

    The updated processor and waterproofing

  • fonnsc

    waterproof and camera!

  • Maribel R

    The double lens camera and that is waterproof

  • Phil Darling

    The waterproofing of the iPhone – I won’t fear the rain again

  • The camera. Seems utterly magnificent.

  • Nevena Dimitrova


  • Ompong

    I like The dual speaker,water resistant,specially the software,can you give me the matte black,i want a free phone pls.,i cannot afford to buy.

  • Florence Susanto

    Design and waterproof

  • Paula (lilpeej)

    This is just a great phone all-round, and I would be extremely happy to win it!

  • Bhupendra

    just the awesome performance.

  • Mohit Singh


  • Nicholas Joshua C. Del Rosario

    Iphone 7 camera and its new home button with haptic feedback 🙂

  • Pradip Tiwari

    This is just a great phone all-round, and I would be extremely happy to win it!!! No matter how much people talk about androids, everything in an iPhone is pure magic. I love everything in it.

  • Remah Sharaf

    would love to try out the double lens camera! Also, the fact that it’s waterproof!! I love it

  • Vipul Chaudhary

    i like the new dual camera setup.

  • Alexander Vendi

    I like the home button, camera, and performance

  • Roy Weekes

    Has to be the camera

  • Zohaib ZJ

    I like 3d touch home button and water resistance

  • Andreas Theodoulou

    water and dust resistant

  • Cristina Popescu

    the camera

  • Dhananjai Kajal

    iphone 7 as expected brings few new features but with great finishing and hardware

  • Jinky Villamin

    Iphone reigns supreme!!!

  • boawkaba

    no headphone jack. lol

  • Naveen Arur

    Glossy black color!

  • John Smith

    The dual camera sounds great

  • Kevin Winkler

    3D touch!!!

  • Gianna Katal

    The camera and besides this, i love Apple products!

  • Inês Fernandes

    The camera!

  • Usama bin sabir Spectre

    I really wish that they remove extra entries option on every share.This is so unfair.What about common people like us who don’t have any followers,blog or Page.U should really consider this after all it is us who support u.Each sunday i notice that a person with above 1k followers wins prize.No matter what,i will still take part in those giveawys cause i belive in Hope.

  • Igor Strelnikov

    I like excellent sreen.

  • iShiva Kunwar

    the dual camera is just awesome

  • Alexandru Diaconu

    black is the power color of this new gadget

  • Andrei Dinicu

    What I like the most in iPhone 7 is the processor and camera.

  • Sam Pontes

    I actually like the lightning connector.

  • Yash Moon

    i love the camera lens of the phone ..just awesome..

  • Tamara d’Auvergne

    the dual camera of the iPhone 7.

  • AdrianB

    The most I love is dual camera on iphone 7 plus but is a great phone overall, so I wouldn’t mind one 🙂

  • Nur Aisyah Binti Zamzuri

    I love the design of that phone

  • doslav

    camera, camera and finally… CAMERA! 🙂

  • Ben Crossingham

    It’s new and powerful lol

  • Nick

    The Camera is as always Look good

  • Francesco

    I like how it sounds.

  • Al Cro

    Nice prize. I like the matte black colour.

  • MooVe

    epic camera!!!

  • FaKeeRa

    no headphone jack

  • CrDac

    the best iphone

  • Raluca Gabriela

    I like the most the dual camera.

  • Stefan Szasz

    Camera and IOS

  • iowarose

    I like the camera as I continually take pictures.

  • iceman

    The camera

  • ranjan kc

    No earphone port .

  • Terence Mealing

    the camera

  • Bernadette Balino

    I would love to try the effect of dual camera

  • Mitchell Jones

    I really like the new colours and the semi water proofing (BOUT TIME!!)

  • Денис Красько

    Newest IOS and water resistance

  • Monish Kapadia

    its new look and the jet back color

  • John Tyler

    I consume a lot of media and having a stereo speaker in a phone is really a nice feature.

  • Trev Dunne

    This is so awesome!!

  • Rakhimzhan

    Stereo speakers

  • Francis Davies

    it is a better iteration of the previous models

  • mrjayviper

    Performance is unmatched

  • Miguelo

    I like the camera double lens!!

  • Gidi Farkash

    Not again 🙁

  • Benjamin Hie

    the lack of headphone jack
    it will force the industry to focus more R&D into more wireless technologies

  • motionist

    The dual camera plus the fact that they are now focusing on water resistance

  • sky1309

    The Dual Camera and the iOS.

  • Jacob Zammitt

    Sleek design

  • panats

    Excellent screen.

  • King Dave M. Salazar

    Not just because it is the latest offering from apple, i believe it is the most loved phone and fastest with prime performance.

  • Alexandr Taskaev

    camera zoom

  • Daniel Dal Bello

    The 5.5″ display!

  • allen_b

    I like camera performance 🙂

  • Mihir Chheda

    The dual camera is something I was looking for and I guess that’s the best thing about iPhone 7!

  • Andre

    The camera 😉

  • stephenmahoney

    Love the new iPhone 7

  • Todor Todorov

    I would like to try something different than Android.

  • Francis Noceda

    I like the waterproof body and improved camera which has OIS now.

  • Keila Martins

    I hope to win it!! ^^

  • Vlada Jekic

    Best on iPhone 7 is A10 Fusion processor and iOS.
    Nothing can replace waterproof Matte Black iPhone 7 256GB with strongest processor on market. Nothing.

  • Edis Zukić

    I love that its Waterproof build and from hardware I am most impressed with cameras

  • Umar Luqman

    The performance and software optimization of iPhone 7

  • Mahar Yoni Ardi

    Dual Camera.

  • Velociraptor

    i love the camera

  • Giorgio Scampini

    It is a great device, hope to win this time

  • Luis Martins

    the camera is great…

  • sivaram

    I phone 7’s camera, increase of phone memory ,water proof are unique for I phone

  • Remah Sharaf

    Never I win win anything before but I hopre

  • adam

    Like the look and dual camera

  • Randi C

    I love the what i call water-resistant feature and the new dual camera. A great innovative product!

  • ellory

    battery life

  • 5H1N1GAM1

    The new color is pretty cool

  • Fistigons

    The camera. It looks amazing.

  • xFunky

    water resistance and dual camera setup!

  • Michelle Green

    Love the new camera and the waterproof body.

  • Fauzul Kabir

    I like nothing about iphone 7. its a really shitty phone. Guess what ! pepople still ends up with shitty things in life. So, give me that shit. Thank You 🙂

  • Patricia Demedice

    es estupendo! participo! i love iPhone 7.

  • Edward Demillo


  • Liberty Floro

    I love the camera and it’s water proof!, super amazing!

  • Ekaterina Volodko

    Water resistance and best camera!

  • Asyraf Rafidi

    A great phone all rounder!

  • ChrisM

    ip68 rating is awesome

  • Romas Jankauskas


  • Gustavo

    iPhone 7 has a great design!

  • Amenla Aier

    I love everything about this phone. Simply the best!!

  • Kat

    I just like that it is new. 🙂

  • Jacqui Graham

    the new camera and the waterproof body.

  • Carol Oddy

    32gb of storage space, love it…

  • Miroslava Bogdanović

    Battery life A10 Fusion chip 🙂

  • James

    This phone is shamelessly embracing a wireless world – the future. I can’t wait to get the AirPods and they would go really with a new iPhone 7! Hope I win!

  • Andre Spencer

    Dual Camera sounds cool

  • Ges

    I love the water resistant as I am quite clumsy so liable to drop my phone is the craziest of places

  • Himanshu Prakash

    The new camera seems to be amazing.

  • Dual Camera

  • Hiren Patel

    iOS is my favourite.

  • SS

    Great camera!

  • Dual lens camera is good!

  • Rolihlahla Marianne

    i love that it’s waterproof!

  • Lauren Thomas

    I love the fact that the new iPhone 7 has the best performance and battery life ever.

  • Kareim Patterson

    The CAMERA <3

  • Jim Marlon Macaraeg

    The Dual Camera will work excellent for me since I love taking pictures.

  • Sunita Katyal

    I really love the Dual Camera option so I can take the best shots!

  • Honey Briane May Sumicad

    It symbolizes prestige!

  • the real wermi

    the best things are the waterproof and the optical zoom

  • Jose Javier

    The camera and the design!!

  • Quinn Dumala

    Water Resistance, Never thought they’d go for that but I’m glad they did

  • Marc Kampmann

    I like the camera most

  • FishingLucks

    it exudes elegance!

  • Reginald Sandifer

    I really like the improved battery life.

  • Emil Abraham

    love the display…..colours are good too

  • Thomas Fuglsang


  • Christina G

    What I like best about the new iPhone7 is that it can play the music app that my husband wants to use – I would love to give this to him for Christmas.

  • Nestor Grande Grande

    I like the camera most

  • Harsh Harlalka

    Water and Dust Resistant, thats what everyone needed!
    And the new Home button with taptic feedback along with the camera!

  • Rene Gatdula

    3D Touch is useful…lovee it..!

  • Mohammedsafwan

    I like water resistant setup for new iPhone 7

  • Dawn Samples

    Water resistence is ideal and the large storage is great x

  • Melissa Palmer

    looks a fab phone would love to win this fingers crossed xx

  • Yash Patil

    I have never won a giveaway before.I have been for over 1 or 2 years.I love the haptic feedback button and the Dual Camera in iPhone 7.

  • Philip†JUDAS

    Amazing phone
    Hope to win
    I want it sooo bad
    GL to everyone 😀

  • McLovin

    For sure it will be the build quality.

  • Gokul Raj

    Well i like the design and camera of the iPhone7.

  • Jonathan Leung

    I like the lack of the headphone jack, so much future-proofing!

  • Nur Fatehah Muhammad Yusuf

    the camera! love also that Iphone now water resistant

  • Srečko Vinter

    What I like about iPhone 7 is that minimum change in design and that premium feel in your hand. Also iOS is way better than android.

  • louise clarke

    I love the rose gold colour

  • Ariana De Guzman

    Such an awesome phone! Aside from looking very simple yet elegant, I like that it is waterproof and has a great camera. Nice quality. I would love to have this phone.

  • Nacio Larrazabal

    Great but the whole time you will be asking yourself where did I put my very expensive tiny AIRPODS…….

  • Milene

    The color <3 I just love the colors of the new iPhone

  • Sean Corpuz

    overall a very good phone.. :)..

  • Darla Peduzzi

    I’m excited about the new dual camera. Would love to try it out!

  • Vivek Padmanabhan

    Camera Duh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonté Burke

    The Dual Camera is what I like the best.

  • Karen Weedon

    The improvement in the camera is my favourite feature!

  • nafie bdk

    i guess the camera is what i like the most !!!

  • Vitalik Polishchuk

    new camera of new iPhone 7

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    I love that it’s water and dust resistant

  • paula mccormick

    I think the camera looks fantastic

  • Chris Mckenzie

    Like the move to wireless headphones. Leaving more space for future goodies.

  • Mario Novillo

    I love iphone´s camera

  • disqus_B3BkuMV85H

    I like that I might win one

  • xeper

    That jet black just looks so good!

  • Alexander Genvarev


  • Armaan Modi

    Let me win!!!! (Black).I love the gaming experience on an iPhone.

  • Samia Nahhas

    Like battery life

  • Max Rinkana Zukatokime Banik

    more RAM

  • hannelory21

    I really like the camera! 🙂

  • Sagar VK18

    I like the camera & its has water resistant 🙂

  • Omonja

    The option to have 256 gigs of storage is awesome

  • Tauseef taz

    IPhone 7 the name! Pls lemme winnn!

  • Popescu iulian petrisor

    i like dual camera on model Plus

  • Becca Hams

    The battery life and camera!

  • Frank de Castro

    I’m intrigued by the processor of the iPhone 7. Looks like it’s really fast.

  • Olieyn Shukry

    The jet black is the awesome one..i like the way it’s built…..

  • Mané Ligeiro

    I like the “courage”!!

  • Aashish Pokharel


  • Chris Minko

    I like its style

  • hayley cooper

    The colours are lush!!

  • Kerri Stewart

    I LOVE it! So many things to LOVE about it! The cameras on the 7 Plus! The look of the Jet Black color! Water resistance! {Although personally I’ve never gotten my phones wet, thank GOD!} And finally, I can’t wait to try the Air Pods!

  • Gabriel Lupu

    I would be really happy to win this Phone . Please give me this chance.

  • Carlos Miguel Pereira

    The screen

  • Vitumbiko Nkhwazi

    the thing i like is the camera…..

  • Sany

    the double lens camera!

  • Tomás Schertel

    I wanna win this!!!!! 🙂

  • ValeSapo

    I like Dual Camera and iOS 10!!

  • Evelyn Frierson

    Modern Style.

  • john

    Amazing phone, great specs, possibly free for me 😉

  • Mislav Komerički

    Customer service s superb

  • Juan Carlos Diaz

    I think the new iPhone keeps its distinctive design. Everyone can identify an iphone.

  • Nasir Imran

    i like its look

  • el_bimbo666

    Depth of field function in portrait photos


    love the camera of the new iphone

  • rosannepm

    I have a 6 and love it but I like the large bezels of the iphone 7. I’ve been so pleased with Google giving me directions while driving. My husbands navigation in his new truck doesn’t hold a candle to my Apple phone. Rosanne

  • Jose Angel Acosta

    The iPhone 7 its well made while its specs may ressemble a tipical an mid-range Android, actually isn’t not having qHD in the iPhone 7+ means nothing nobody can notice differencies unless you use it to watch VR videos on somthing like Google Carboard

  • Fulga Miha

    The camera. But the device itself is a jewel.

  • francesco

    I like the software side and the camera

  • For me the best feature on the iPhone 7 is the excellent camera.

  • Federica Pantaleo Licari

    I love that it not longer has the physical button, and on the front it’s all glass

  • arzo

    the all rounder phone ….best iphone ever

  • Jeffrey

    The iphone 7 has got a good camera and the software version is upgrade therefore new features would be available.

  • abdsase

    iPhone 7 is not the best but certainly not bad at all.

  • Design and the camera. Also the latest specifications and IOS are great

  • Florine Ryan

    Everything is to like about a free phone, plus it’s an iPhone. It’s just special in every way. The design is rad though.

  • anthony harrington

    I like the screen size best

  • Karen Calderon

    I really like the added water resistance. Also that new matte color just looks really good. I love that stealth look.

  • thomas rusinak

    The military style durability impr5esses me

  • crypt

    Great display!

  • Mohammad Mohammad

    would like to try the camera!.

  • David

    The camera and style of the phone

  • gmurray1952

    The all glass front

  • Yune Chan

    double camera , waterproof , and ios 10 ! don’t want anything more than that !

  • daydreamsun3

    the double lens camera

  • Will Endsley

    i love the button is so different and it water proof i think its pretty cool that they are bringing back black personally it should have never left

  • joe stimac

    it’s new

  • Natalie

    I like the double lens camera!

  • bobygk

    I like the dual camera configuration…maybe I can leave my dslr at home finally

  • Walter Van Tine

    I like the new camera!

  • Olexander Tkhoryk

    it’s new

  • Mary

    The camera

  • Chris

    The camera, the new matte black color and that it’s waterproof.

  • Patrick Zitek

    Great camera and it’s waterproof!

  • John Fuller

    better user interface

  • Joana Sousa

    I love the double lens camera and the new colors, I don’t even know which one is the best!!

  • shannon fowler

    I love the camera upgrade and the fact that it is waterproof.

  • ronn

    Of all the features, the camera: dual lens, OIS.

  • tc_mar

    i like all kind of iPhone but especially i like new iPhone 7 because the camera setup is nice and since it is waterproof

  • David Hollingsworth

    I like the battery life. That’s one of the most important aspects to any smartphone.

  • Vince C.

    Love Apple products and everything about the I-phone.

  • Carlos Ramos Falcón

    For me, the combination of waterproofing the device while improving the camera hardware and software opens up new and exciting possibilities, especially for trips to beaches on the west coast of PR and rivers in the interior of the island.

  • Christy DuBois

    I love that the new iPhone 7 can withstand water since accidents tend to happen. I love my iPhone. The only complaint I have is Siri is lacking considerably. I have read the IOS 10 have her an overhaul. I will see if she’s any better when I update which will be soon.

  • Hania Balewicz

    Thanks for this article and giveaway!

  • muhammadusamasheikh

    I have always preferred android phones over iphones but the jet black color is great.

  • The lack of headphone jack is a real innovation.

  • Thomas Jones

    Dual cameras are very cool

  • Alessio

    Dual camera is amazing! <3

  • Gina Ferrell

    I like the double lens camera and that it’s waterproof.

  • Alexius PF

    The brand new design <3<3

  • Dmitry

    Camera is not bad.

  • vanessa

    the camera is the best feature

  • maloriella

    heard a guy put his iphone under a faucet to show off to his “android” wife….waterproof? thats what i love! among all the rest

  • Christian Gombio

    I like the water resistance. Its something that’s been long overdue for a phone like this, and I’m glad they finally added that feature.

  • Guilherme Uesugi

    I really like the new matte black color and new dual camera on the 7 Plus.

  • axinosgr

    I love iOS 10, the matte black, the better camera and of course the better colors of the screen…

  • Merrie

    I like the water resistant feature the best!!! Never know where you’re gonna’ drop your phone and what may be laying on the ground when you do!

  • George(tte) Washington Bunny

    I like that it’s water resistant. Not as good as waterproof, but still very helpful.

  • E L

    Looking like every other celfone in the market now

  • Sue Marie

    The #1 feature is the waterproofing.

  • iamjoelnavarro

    me want matte black

  • James Arnold.♪

    The A10 chip is just the deal maker.

  • rebelglam


  • GT

    I like the dual camera

  • Mark Terrazas

    I love the “splash” proof feature on the new Iphone.. I am a dishwasher by trade and I always keep my phone next to me, worrying about it getting wet..Not with the Iphone 7 I wont …good luck everyone!

  • Shawna

    I love that the iPhone 7 si water-and dust-resistant, with an IP67 rating.

  • chromiumman (at) mail (dot)com

    love that it’s waterproof

  • Ali Johnson

    The improved camera.

  • Stephen B Lee

    Waterproof and the fantastic camera!

  • Joanne Thompson

    I like the water resistance the best.

  • ToGor

    Hmmm … I never not have iPhone – only see that at shop …. It is always very expensive … I think try – I hope won 😉

  • OscarO

    The new water resistant feature and the camera too

  • Anoop

    Jet black edition

  • Sue Barney

    I love that it is waterproof and has a fantastic camera!

  • Stephanie Keill

    I really love the new camera, would be amazing to take memories of my.kids with! Thank you very much for the chance , this is really fantastic , good luck to everyone! (:

  • Javier Harrison

    The powerful A10 fusion chip, waterproof and stereo speakers. I’ll love to try it myself!

  • tammy ta

    The camera, the new matte black color and that it’s waterproof.
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    Two cameras…awesome.

  • Glen Eagles

    The speakers sound phenomonal and the water resistance is a definite plus

  • alice lightning

    stunning top of the market with everything you could wish for in one very smart looking phone, sensational prize giveaway indeed

  • Great sound, camera and storage.

  • Aditya Jatoo

    camera in iphone 7 should be the best feature.

  • MrRichTea

    Water resistance

  • Aditya Bhatt

    New colors and water resistant, and that camera 😀

  • jwtsonga

    best thing about the new iphone is that it is waterproof!! And the camera is epic!!

  • marktheweasel

    the camera

  • SRB

    Yay to water resitance on the iPhone

  • vishal

    I love the matte black color available only in iphone 7

  • James Aepap

    i just want to get this phone for my bday 🙂 and the camera and performance of this phone is superb

  • H F

    Water resistance first and foremost.

  • ali-n

    Never used an iPhone. Looking forward to checking it out…

  • Nick Gonzalez

    The waterproof (to a sense) or water resistance is what makes me want a iPhone the most.

  • Kevin J

    That I could win it and finally have a current phone! 🙂

  • Martin Ambre

    This iPhone will not make you sell your kidneys instead you’ll land up selling your Heart

  • Solange

    The new water resistant feature and the camera too.


    dual camera is great

  • CJ

    Like the upgraded camera!

  • Dana Matthews

    I like the awesome camera that comes with it!

  • Olivia Taylor Stromme

    32 gb of storage !

  • Kobosake

    Love the smaller size

  • Naif Dimachete

    A10Fusion Chip

  • Kuya Elfs

    this is it ! <3 #iphone7

  • Derrick Gichuki

    An all-rounder. I like the speed of the phone and the new color option-matte and jet black

  • Prashant Negi

    camera is great and its water resistant

  • Christine Evans

    Water resistant feature

  • fsociety

    The camera, fo sho

  • InfiniteMidnight

    I like that it is water resistant.

  • kirintor

    By far the best thing about the new iPhone is the camera in my opinion.

  • Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado

    The camera!

  • I like the water resistance

  • Reem Khouri Nahhas

    I just like Apple products.

  • Agustin John Cabredo II

    I like the Dual Camera. Love taking photos

  • Camera should be good enough for my needs

  • Andrej Čuščak

    Double lens camera!

  • farhan2742

    I just love the water resistance of the new iphone.

  • TV87

    always the camera…

  • Eric Kung

    Love the battery life of the phone!

  • Alexey

    I love iPhone 7

  • Jefrey Zakharia

    Camera and Water Resistance

  • Petar Ristic

    The price

  • Nick

    A great designed well built phone with some lovely features. Now if only theyd drop itunes integration as a necessity…

  • Krunal G

    I like Dual camera and waterproof feature..!! Amazing.!!

  • Neil Hawkins

    Good second camera and improved battery life impress me

  • Jo Carroll

    Dual camera and water resistance

  • Gadila Sainath

    The new A10 processor is an absolute beast. The phone is complimented by its slick design and the simple change of the antenna bands position gives the iPhone7 a more premium look compared to the previous versions.

  • Jure

    Of all things, I like iPhone 7 camera the most. 🙂

  • Dan N Trace Harman

    I love the dual camera on this iPhone also the water resistance ( although I would challenge it to stand up to my five year old grandson who recently recreated a well known brands TV advert and placed my phone in washing machine ) So the Best thing I Like about this iPhone 7 is that its a Phone that will work 🙂

  • denisesnyder

    That is waterproof! Love all apple products!

  • Kelly Anne

    Great design! Love the water resistance and durability

  • Ruben Joseph H. Clavano

    The best iphone ever!

  • Nathaniel Sharp

    I like the new home button – really clever, and the waterproofing with it is nice.

  • Catarina Monteiro

    The Iphone have a great design combined with great specs.

  • noeway

    It has better night time shoot than the previous iphones. And also the OS is one of the most simple and easy to use.

  • csmith0306

    water resistent

  • hvzfizr

    The A10 processor! It’s a beast!

  • Rebecca Mercer

    It’s water resistant

  • plopo


  • kassandra_tan

    What I like best about the new iphone is the A10 Fusion chipset powering the new iPhones, up from dual-core in previous generations. This is made up of two high performance cores and two high efficiency cores. Depending on the task, the appropriate cores will provide the most suitable performance while also optimizing battery consumption in the process.

  • Bill Burditzman

    Better low light camera

  • Edward Eatman

    love that its the fastest phone on the planet

  • Fok Kee Tan

    What I like is the 12MP main camera with f/1.8 aperture, phase detection auto-focus, Optical Image Stabilization and a quad-LED dual-tone flash. Plus the secondary 12MP 56mm telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom without reducing quality. What makes the iPhone 7 Plus one of the best shooters on the market is the simplicity with which I can take a photo; simply fire up the camera and tap the shutter button.

  • Cameron Cronje

    what do i like most about the iPhone 7

    It’s an iPhone and i cant afford one if i buy it

    but mostly: its camera and jet black colour.

  • Guilherme Santos

    The new CPU and the wide color screen are lovely!

  • Fuan Cho Tan

    These are what I like about the new iphone is the new features in iOS 10 that includes enhancements in iMessage – such as the
    ability to send stickers, write handwritten notes, send heartbeat
    and replace words with emojis as I type – and improvements with Siri,
    which can now work with apps from the App Store.

  • Gnaw Yeow Tan

    What I like is the increased storage where storage options have now all been doubled to 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.
    I also like A10 Fusion chipset that powering the new iPhones, which make the phone seems to handle everything you throw at it. Whether it’s gaming, browsing, hammering out emails or anything else, there’s doesn’t seem to be much that slows the iPhone 7 Plus down.

  • nolene

    The Dual camera! capturing all those precious moments with the kids, Priceless

  • Batigoal Prince

    unstoppable, no freezing and long lasting battery

  • Milan Stanković

    I like the Dual Camera

  • Cindy Tan

    Why I like the new iphone is because besides the 12MP main camera with f/1.8 aperture, phase detection auto-focus, Optical Image Stabilization and a quad-LED dual-tone flash; there is also secondary 12MP 56mm telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom without reducing quality.

  • Jeanine

    Good camera

  • Yeong Beng Tan

    What I like is the A10 Fusion chipset powering the new iPhones, up from dual-core in previous generations. There is no discernible lag at all; moving around the interface, switching between apps and scrolling in-apps, the phone seems to handle everything you throw at it.

  • Atanas Stoyanov

    the camera is perfect 🙂

  • salman shaik

    definitely not the removed headphone jack

  • cynthiac

    I like the camera and that it’s water resistant.

  • Melissa hoffman

    i just love the water proof

  • Jordan Schor

    The new colors!

  • furctom

    Solid user experience with solid hardware

  • James Williamson

    It’s all about the splash-proofing for me! Don’t have to worry about water getting in to it around the house, especially in the kitchen.

  • Edith Marie

    Waterproofing is the best feature.

  • Iv

    iPhone 7: I like the dual camera !

  • csantiago78

    I like the waterproofing and that iOS apps are so much better particularly the sound ones.

  • Shubham Kariwal

    The phone is an all rounder . With the water proofing and elegant design it just sets you apart. The camera it doesn’t even needs to be talked about. Plain and simple it’s an iPhone.

  • Dhruv Gupta

    Every feature in iPhone is lovable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    I really like that it is waterproof.

  • Ryo Hansel

    Amazing phone right there, definitely an upgrade from a 4s I’m stuck with :/

  • David Stepetin

    I like the capacitive home button

  • Aditya Aggarwal

    The iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera which is the best in its class.

  • Nina Cockburn

    I like that it’s waterproof

  • Gurasis Singh

    that matte black

  • Rible Koukouz

    Its camera!

  • James Nickerson

    Always love knowing I have a great camera with me at all times. So having a better one with the 7.0 is worth me checking into

  • MosTafa OsaMa

    ios 10

  • Giorgio Scampini

    iPhone 7 Me gustaría mucho ganarmelo

  • Tracydeanne

    The double lens camera!

  • Trash 3ͯͧͪͫ̅6̭̜͖̎9̍̈

    that camera is really good

  • Rita

    I love the camera

  • Vlada Jekic

    This is my only chance for iPhone 7. I would be so happy with iPhone 7 Matte Black.
    I really enjoy in iOS and iPhone have everything I need. Waterproof feature is very important thing and A10 Fusion is best thing on iPhone 7. If I win I will keep my iPhone SE Space Grey as legacy and design of Steve Jobs as souvenir and use iPhone 7 for every day, than when iPhone 7s show up I will sell him, invest little more and upgrade on iPhone 7s.

  • Himanshu Garg

    The best thing I like is its camera

  • Shahrukh Zaman Akash


  • Ashwani Korpal

    All iphone

  • Zaje

    Headless Jack

  • Amanda noble

    The camera,plus i like that its waterproof and it looks sleek and smart

  • Samir Hmdme

    what i like about the iphone 7 is the design (black color) would love to try the new camera.

  • vm

    dual camera


    The storage space!

  • Nitish Mishra

    Well…what I like most about iPhone7 is the base storage increment to 32GB as this was badly needed &…….
    I love this ❤Matte Black❤…….

  • Dave

    I love the camera

  • steveyh

    The fact that it’s now waterproof!

  • crystle tellerday

    its way cooler then the phone I have

  • Evayo

    It’s alright I guess

  • Dawn

    The speed, stereo speakers, a much better screen, and it’s water resistant.

  • Rohani Rimu

    I like the display

  • Yvonne ‘von’ Ryan

    l love the Camera as everyone is saying how awesome the camera is

  • Ian Lemuel Frugal

    Apple did a great job making iphone7 water resistant,and having 32gb is enough for me but I would be very happy to have jet black.

  • Arun Deo

    I like its awesome design and its stunning display <3

  • Danny Graeser

    It’s a great phone. I mostly love the dual speakers. 🙂

  • Matthew Wardle

    i love iphones

  • Brahma

    Don’t have to worry about splashes of water or rain.

  • Dana Cross Morin

    The 12 Megapixels camera and that it’s waterproof, those are my favorite features. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Vasily Volodko

    The waterresistance and real camera!

  • US>you

    I like that its processor can smoke almost any other phone’s cpu

  • Deborah Caudill

    I love the iphone even though the last one I had was an iphone 4S. I had everything programmed into my phone and all of the coolest apps. My son had one too, so I could always reach him when I needed him and he could check in with me so I didn’t worry about where he was or what he was up to. I had a GPS tracking app on the phones so I always knew exactly where he was. I was laid off work in 2012, so I had to cancel my service. I would love to win the iphone 7 because I love iphone. I think the best features are the dual camera and the quality of the photos. I love that there are so many colors to choose from too. Thanks for having this fantastic giveaway!

  • Muhammad Usama

    what i like about the iphone 7 is the new camera and the speed of iphone is just insane

  • Diaa EL-_-din

    My best iPhone’s operating system


  • peacesun

    I like the shape and number of pixels on the new iPhone because anything that helps you take better pics is well worth having.

  • Cosmin S

    I like the fact its the fastest phone on the market, despite not having the ‘best’ specs.

  • Lolly

    The camera

  • buster422

    Water resistant makes it great!

  • Newton Tugadi

    Just because it’s an iPhone

  • Chris Elsby

    I like that it’s newer than the phone I have

  • Linda Meranda

    Always used android because I’m a dinosaur. Ready to try the Iphone

  • Devona Fryer

    Love that it’s water resistant!

  • D

    water resistance is always a plus – though pretty late to the party 🙂

  • el ignus3

    Just its incredible performance,design and durability!

  • Bioleta Biniari

    Have to agree with my spouse; excellent performance and staying power!I just love that it comes in pink.

  • Chardia Vigilant

    Well I love the new home button and on the iPhone 7 Plus i love the dual camera

  • rosana

    o desing, e a camera adorei

  • The removal of the headphone jack is my favorite feature.

  • Jon Kahl

    Love the jet black!

  • I like its camera quality.

  • dave

    digital audio

  • Silva Lowie

    i like this IP67 certified – dust and water resistant
    – Water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes
    so i can take a selfie while under water! 🙂

  • Harishk5694

    brilliant phone

  • Karen Y

    The storage capacity!

  • Avisha Beeharreea

    The water resistant feature is most appealing to me and its large capacity of storage.

  • Processor…

  • happyenchilada

    I like that they’ve bumped up the base to 32gb instead of 16…16g is way too small which todays apps.

  • Anna Capalbo

    I love that I can swim with it!

  • Austin

    matte black with the stereo speakers and IP certification makes me want the Iphone7.

  • Freak_1988

    Best think abt iPhone 7 is its water resistance feature.

  • Rhyz

    Like how fast it is deigned to work with newer versions of ios

  • Brandy Sue Monday

    I like that its not android, i have had nothing but trouble with them and need to change


    Processor and water resistant.

  • Arnav Mishra

    the camera on the iPhone is awesome

  • paulCap128

    Fastest phone, Great app ecosystem,

  • Joanne Casey

    I love the fact that its waterproof

  • Gianna Katal

    I love the camera!

  • FRGuzman

    Well, if I get it in the giveaway I’d love the fact that it’s free…

  • Jason H

    i like the A10 Fusion Chip of the new iphone

  • Michał Zińczuk

    Water resistance is the best

  • Rohan Kuche

    Apart from loving the matte black color on the iPhone, I love the new improved processor and the display even though its still HD.

  • Vijander kumar

    Hi, this is not just a good.. this is fantabulous Phone. its all feathers are great. too clear image pixel quality, ohh what to I say more, I don’t know. all I say is just want to grab it at any how. 🙂 don’t be-leave me??? try me !!

  • mimz

    Looks like a really great phone!

  • Deborah Clarke

    That it is water resistant. This is very important to me as I have a habit of using my phone in the bath !

  • Ifti

    The camera of course!

  • purple

    What I like best about the new iPhone 7 is the performance of the new chipset.

  • Tuan Dang

    Mostly enjoy the new camera in ip7 plus, and also new antena bar’s place
    And now the ip7 Plus can RESISTS WATERRR!!!!!!!

  • Giorgio Scampini

    iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, por supuesto que me gusta, y como todos los que participan también quiero ganarlo, suerte a todos los participantes

  • Rukz

    I like the camera .They had improved it

  • Lê Quang Phú

    The matte black one, definitely

  • bohwat

    the no jack bold move

  • Gail L.

    I like that it’s water resistant!

  • pasan

    I like camera most

  • Jun Hizole Moreno

    dslr effect 🙂

  • Mari

    I just love the Specially made body of the I phone from I Phone 4 itself.. And the new dual camera feature is just awesome and really wanna put my hand on it. Finally the IOS which is cant beat by any other OS till date. And the features of IOS 10, I just love this.

  • Yunz Yuen Seng

    iPhone 7 is a well rounded phone, with an awesome camera and of course is waterproof

  • Roksana Sudarikova

    i like the way the new iphone 7 is waterproof

  • Victoria Moreno

    I love the camera!!! Absolutely flawless

  • NoDGe

    whats not to like?!

  • Android Guy

    I like the better camera thats now on the iphone 7

  • Renato Souza

    I like the best in the new IPhone is the waterproof and the camera technology.

  • Soufyane Zanfoukh

    I left iPhone brand on 3GS ! May be another opportunity to re-visit iPhone on its 7th édition?!

  • Sadik Brika

    The camera, Waterproof, design, And god damn, it’s an Iphone, this explains it all.

  • Sophia Teaño

    the camera’s amazing!

  • LamCh

    It’s the latest Apple phone lol

  • John Dean

    It will beat the pants off my iphone 4 in every way. be a lot quicker. better camera, be able to download the latest IOS and up to date apps, it will be a dream come true 😀

  • Marlon Joseph

    Finally the iphone is water-proof

  • Grace A.

    I want to take crystal clear selfie under the water using this phone. Yeah.

  • Gustavo Santos

    I like its performance

  • Bogart X

    Dual camera is amazing…..having a different focal length is a nice feature

  • kooocko

    The thing I like is the performance and camera

  • arvin tocino

    i like the dual camera set up on the new iPhone 7

  • Raul G JS

    What I like the most is that it doesn’t explode

  • Rahul Gopal

    Dual Camera .. The Most Exciting Feature

  • Dean Liensdorf

    Love that the camera is now a true low light camera with an f1.8 aperature and that it has OIS.

  • Jarl

    have never used an iphone, but very curious, so would like to find out what i like about iphones 🙂

  • a5v3h5m

    Haptic feedback, 3D touch, speed, new home button, new camera, new colors… I love everything about this iPhone!

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    Camera is amazing. I wish to win. Thanks for this chance.

  • fabryx92

    I like the new matte black color!!

  • Dāvis Šīre

    I like the colors.

  • Leslie Belt

    I’ve had an iPhone since the original 3…I just gotta have it! It’s an iPhone, enough said!

  • Prince Michael

    It comes in matte Black, just like my bike 😀

  • Oscar Cooke-Abbott

    The iPhone 7 is an improvement for Apple in terms of adding features, such as water proofing, which is something that has not happened in a while for them

  • Gubrinho

    I like that its is waterproof.

  • Ariadna Calvo | ॐ

    What I like the most is the interface, the camara and the speed of the device!

  • Nothing…

  • Mariela Nava

    The fact that this new one is waterproof is pretty cool, and I’d also like to try out the camera

  • Love the matte black color ;P

  • Luis Cesar

    iPhone 7 Silver.

  • Fateh Muhammad Ghaur

    The apple processors are top of the line and the best part about iphone 7 is its camera, 😀

  • Vitor

    I really like that A10 fusion chip… Especially in mate black… Hehe

  • Joel King

    I like the waterproof feature

  • j4m3z

    I like the fast processor.

  • David Samardzic

    finally returning that matte black color to the arsenal

  • ilovepizza

    I like that the 6s’ already fast performance has been improved greatly in the 7.

  • Love that black is back and now its water proof… I’m not using a headphone so great that they remove the port for that 😛

  • José Mendes

    The performance without any doubt!

  • It is corporeal and exists in linear time.

  • vp220

    Dual camera FTW!

  • Laze Janev

    Nice phone

  • Louise Pipos Akut

    The improvement on the camera is a big plus! Also, the new jet black color has upped the game in terms of looks. And of course, it’s a great phone overall.

  • Mohamed Mogy

    I like new colors water proof and processor

  • Sujith.S

    According to the benchmark numbers,It is the second fastest phone in the planet.

  • Ricardo Almeida

    The simplicity.

  • Il Manu

    I was impressed by the display.

  • chakfung2

    Its gaming performance amaze me.

  • Skyryvet

    Water proofing

  • Tanay Bagrecha

    Speed, incorporation of home button, camera performance are among the things i like about iPhone 7

  • Momo Harb

    its awesome, only the 3.5mm jack is missing :/

  • amir ahmad

    what i like for the new iphone is their new processor and water proof.

  • Santiago Latapi

    I mean, it’s the iPhone 7.

  • Vikandr

    Dust and watet resistance.

  • Zayoud Ahmed

    i like the camera

  • David


  • dimash

    i like its camera

  • Maxim Covali

    The return of the best color: Jet Black!

  • Kumud Shah

    Iphones awesome camera.

  • William Karcher

    I like everything about it , I’ve been using a old flip phone for about 12 yrs now !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie W

    I really like everything about the iPhone 7 but especially like the cameras.

  • Emma Gibson

    It looks fab!

  • Pályi Zoltán

    I like the compactness.

  • jan

    Rose Gold please ! Can’t wait to take pictures

  • everyday geek

    Love the IP67 rating and improved camera.

  • Emma Robinson

    The camera

  • black matte, like the camera

  • S.A. Muda

    just noice

  • Sharul Nizam Ismail

    love the new colour, matte black and the amazing dual lens camera

  • Betty Spry

    I like the Upgraded storage options

  • MichaelPerkins

    I have a 4s, so its quite a bit faster, more secure, and the wife & kid have 6’s, must catch up

  • Umer Surmawala

    The new matte black colour with the A10 chip’s extra blazing fast performance!!

  • Migs

    Best phone currently available for enterprise users.

  • Dual camera and design

  • Piêtra Claver

    The câmera!!

  • Jhoy Ho

    Just want to try an apple iPhone

  • teeslee

    I like that it’s waterproof

  • AbbyOla

    I like how this new iPhone will be better, faster, and have better specs than the previous models.

  • Prabhas

    Since the upgrade and the inclusion of the dual camera lenses I really like the phone. Matte black would be my favorite color amongst all other.

    • sharyonda

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      sharyonda@yahoo.com (e)
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  • satish shrestha


  • Rohan B

    Dual camera is absolutely amazing! But, the headphone jack part kind of disappointed me.

  • Vasily Betin

    The new A10 processor unmatched!

  • Janez Logar

    I like that its the first ‘officially’ waterproof iPhone, the improved camera, and the matte black color.

  • Aashish Satyal


  • Qasim Abbasi

    Well iPhone is my Favorite

    and now its water proof make it more loving and with best iOS 10 and the Best Camera

  • Jorge Mota

    Dual camera and design

  • d c

    the processor is a beast

  • Sujeet K.C.

    The speakers. i just love the new iphone 7’s stereo speakers. they sound great.

  • adarsh nair

    best phone ever

  • Derek Brewer

    I love the water proofness/resistance

  • Jonathan Tupas

    I really love the camera and the design of the new iPhone

  • Badger McG

    I`m loving the matte black colour and the speakers on it. Really great for listening to my music whilst working remotely.

  • Qboss

    I think dual camera is the best feature of new IPhone.

  • Mauro Conte


  • Anna Brown

    The dual camera is its best feature. Cameras are an important feature for me when choosing a phone


    Best thing is its improved camera,which is now best in business

  • Samantha buntain

    Dual camera

  • Selly

    I like the new colors and that it’s water resistant

  • Kaushik Medhi

    I liked the water resistant, Dashing gorgeous design, security system features of the new iPhone 7

  • ジョシュ

    I like everything! I love it.

  • Ross Eamonn Franey

    Save me from Marshmallow 🙁 what I like best is the OS, as well as how smooth it runs. I enjoy android but there is 0 choppiness from what I have seen on IOS!

  • Massimiliano Maruca

    I like the new colors and that it’s water resistant

  • Giorgio Scampini

    He seguido rigurosamente cada pasa, twitter every day, y comentando porque realmente necesito un smartphone, si lo gano sera maravilloso y si no sucede al menos hice lo necesario, pero espero ganar este gran equipo celular como lo es el IPhone, ademas de que me gusta mucho su sistema y sus prestaciones

  • VJ Ind

    Faster than the fastest!

  • Rethiqlor

    Love the A10 chip’s performance boost over its predecessors, plus the water proofing at long last.

  • ranju ms

    IP67 certified – dust and water resistant which makes iphone 7 a value for money device

  • Divya Asha

    There are so many awesome features in iPhone7. The water-resistance protection feature attracts me a lot. The 12MO primary & 7MP secondary camera is another attractive feature. So I love this phone.

  • thomascomp

    sleek style

  • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

    White color would be great.

  • Donna Jacoby

    I like the amount of storage. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Deep Ghose Dastidar

    Not much a upgrade from the iPhone 6 in terms of looks and design. But the processor and ram upgrade is the best part of iPhone 7.

  • mariamm

    i like everything about it , i will be extremely happy to winn!!!!!!!!!! this phone is over magic ……dual camera, waterproof, it’s shape, size, volume, everyythinngg

  • Diego Leras

    I like the iphone 7 because is water resistant

  • Jade Levester

    I love the design, looks nice.

  • Jona

    I love the camera and its dust and water resistance feature

  • Peter Streinu

    Great device!

  • dd721411

    Camera as always

  • Tony Winters

    i like the build quality

  • spikemtz

    My favorite thing about the new iPhone is the camera. Definitely a few steps above my $70 ZTE phone from Wal-Mart.

  • Tahir Hasan

    Performance and the new Touch ID

  • John Ettery

    the camera and its dust and water resistance features are the BEST

  • Rahulj942

    i like the matte black colour

  • Astro arunesh

    i like the apple logo…….lol

  • Grzes

    I like the new black color!

  • Tracey Woods

    I like the amount of storage and the camera.

  • Raktim Roy

    good camera and its performence

  • Vikas Sonkar

    Dual Camera

  • Cindy Conner Bowling

    That it is water resistant.

  • Outrager

    Better battery life is always good.

  • Marina Grigório

    What I like about this phone? I like the fact that it is infinitely better than my Sony, which is neither Android 5 hahhaa really want to win!

  • Jacqueline cordoba

    I like the Camera. I love all this phone. It’s so amazing.

  • Amber

    Love the sleek modern design!

  • gad-get

    It looks amazing

  • Isa Domínguez

    I like the camera!

  • David Triscari

    I like the new camera featres – always looking for them to improve

  • Tony Cruz

    It looks ok but my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge blows it away!!!!!

  • wowo

    I like it because I need a new phone

  • Pm Liu

    I like the camera

  • Jeffin

    Let’s see the new high end performance of an Apple device coming from an Android guy

  • What I like the best is its performance.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I like the camera on the iPhone 7.

  • kolton

    iOS 10

  • kim mignella

    love the camera

  • Farhana

    Love the color options, my fav is of course rose gold!! I’d like to win one, any color is fine though.

  • liziimm

    The operating system is just unbeatable. I’ve had the S5 and S6 Samsung, and I am so over android operating systems.

  • Sabbir Hussain

    The home button that isn’t really a button

  • Anjali Ahuja

    That black colour gives me goosebumps

  • Jason

    Those antenna bars have been moved to make it slick.
    About the workings of it – can comment after I win it 😛

  • L H

    I love that the phone has 32GB of storage.

  • Harsh Vardhan Kabra

    I think iPhone 7 with 4.7″ display is a much better hand held device and much easier to fit into my pocket!

  • AndreGhazaliArmi

    i love this , its very exclusive and double lens ? its amazing :v

  • Kirti Kabra

    Can’t Go wrong with the new features of the iPhone 7 and the matte black colour way.



  • Suveena Kabra

    Moving to iPhone 7 from the iPhone 5s would be a really good performance boost!

  • John Gibson

    dual camera

  • Manjushree Kabra

    Once you start using iPhone’s you can’t use other phones different OS’s.

  • Subraya Shenvi

    The feature that I like is the water resistance. I always want to take photos in rains but couldn’t do so. Having this feature just make it easy for me to take as much as pictures I want without worrying about the phone getting spoiled.

  • Hamza

    I like the waterproofing and the Jet Black

  • etozhebogdan

    Like the portret mode photos on iPhone 7 Plus smartphones

  • jellie1

    Can’t say I like it other than the updated specs. It needs a headphone jack.

  • etozhebogdan

    Like the portrait mode photos on iPhone 7 Plus

  • Amarpal Dhillon

    Its a great performer all over and optics as well.looks great,feels great.

  • ssnsmudge

    I love that the phone has 32GB of storage

  • Hareesh Kabadi

    I like about iPhone Is It’s Camera

  • Subhash Chauhan

    looks and overall feel.

  • Sharon stanley

    I love the fact it is water resistant. The amount of tech I have lost through leaking bags, accidental drops in the sink and even rain is unbelievable

  • Teresa Tang

    It is the quad-core 64-bit processor with the A10 Fusion chipset powering the new iPhones which I likes best

  • diannearsenaul

    The dual camera seems great

  • karen spicer

    i like the camera placement

  • azkaban

    I would surely love to win something for the first time in my life,that too an Iphone!! What’s not there to like in this new product by Apple? It is the next thing!! Although, I really love the dual camera,the exceptional low light photography and videography and the super water resistant feature.

  • brian hoffman

    I guess it’s cool it is nearly the same as the older ones

  • Diaconu Cristian Iulian

    Even though isn’t a new design, it still look good, especially the new colors. Personally i like the cameras system.

  • Alex

    I like the black version, the solid state home button and the new antenna bands.

  • Melissa hoffman

    i honestly love everything about it

  • Edward Dekkers

    For me, if I had to choose just one feature, as a person who loves to photograph, it is the major improvements and enhancements made to the camera in the new iPhone 7

  • Giorgio Scampini

    IPhone 7, aquí estoy esperándote para poder utilizarte.

  • Michael Bond

    I like the new taptic home button, and the new jet black color (which really hides the antenna lines well).

  • Chui Ping Yan

    Best. Phone. Ever.

  • Formhault

    I like the fact that it’s FINALLY got stereo speakers…

  • Rosario Casarino

    I like

  • Fonda Wade

    I never owned one.. so.. I’d like to find out what I like best!

  • Zulkifli, Zulkifli

    i like the new color, matte black.. but i still prefer the white/silver one…

  • Thea Kleynhaus Lennox

    The performance are awesome

  • Jakub Sivcak

    I mostly like the new finish of black matte collor and the waterproofing.

  • Edinson Esp

    stereo speakers

  • Simone Pulcini

    Love the materials and production quality

  • Natalia Dzu

    better quality

  • Grant Dreyer

    The Camera

  • Eduardo Diaz del Valle


  • Leo Ios

    It’s an iPhone!!!

  • Jishnu V

    The A10 processor is a beast……. And it’s battery management is supercool

  • Jishnu V

    it is on 7 plus buddy

  • Ester Mosquera


  • Demian Szmulewicz

    I think it´s a great phone… The camera and the battery are fantastics

  • Darren Scrubb

    stereo speakers

  • I like the high quality camera

  • hollybelly

    The camera feature

  • Mary


  • Olya Magutsy

    Wateresistance, design and camera. I really like this smartphone!

  • Amy Z

    I like the waterproof feature! Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts like me 🙂

  • Lucas Emrich

    it’s value when i sell it

  • denise low

    I like that it’s waterproof. Love to have this phone

  • Tom Betty

    I like the waterproofing, the 2 lens camera, and the new A10 processor makes it the phone to beat !
    AND it is still an iPhone, which is all anyone could want !

  • greeceeeee

    i like the design,the dual cams and that is waterproof!

  • Victor

    The design

  • Joseph

    the dual camera

  • Francisco Palomares

    I like the design and the camera

  • Aldous Francisco

    Just the thought of an upgraded iPhone is tempting for me 🙂

  • Camera

  • joy venters

    I love everything about it – the camera, it’s water resistant, you name it – I love that it comes in Rose Gold

  • George Cleanthous

    Camera stablization and battery life

  • Ariessa

    What I really love about iPhone 7 is the no headphone jack feature. Apple is certainly thinking differently than others beside knowing how to take its iPhones to a whole new level. iPhone 7 is surely something from the future and to get my hands on one of those is definitely a dream come true. Also, as an iPhone 4 user of 5 years, I think it’s about time for upgrade. #iPhone7 #Apple #iOS10

    • Vlada Jekic

      Exactly. It’s time to wireless headphones become reality.
      And Apple is leader in innovation and it’s not weird if they first remove headphones jack. Airpods are excellent. For me that’s not flaw, that’s advantage over other previous models, headphones cable know to annoying… Special during summer… now Airpods in ears and no cable.

      • Ariessa

        Plus, wired headphones are so yesterday. All hail Airpods!

    • Giorgio Scampini

      I have not had the opportunity to have iPhone, but if iPod, two in total, currently a 5th generation iPod, which in what to my regard is excellent, and of course I have an iPhone as you are participating in this giveawey. But I will be honest to say that one of the qu eno things like is it easy which is usually break the wire of the headphones, I have indeed broken the of both in less than a month of use, often happen to me since I practice bowling sports level and when I’m in my practices I used to use them, but it always ended up breaking the cable , so in last instance finished buying ones with bluetooth connection, the only downside of these is that I should always be pendiene of recagarlos before going to a practice to not stay without music to half of my ritual of practice.

      • Ariessa

        Lol, we’re just the same. I’ve broken quite a number of headphone cables in just a few months. So, I’m really looking forward to AirPods.

  • bn100


  • Ron Ablang

    Taller but thinner.

  • Pratik Trivedi

    The packaging is cool.

  • Jignesh

    Apple IPhone has a incredible performance and great camera..

  • Hamza

    I like the waterproofing.

  • Raquel Solis

    I love the dual camera and it’s water resistant great phone ever!

  • Kiss Balázs

    The new SoC and the f1.8 aperture are really good features.


    In the past,I have used iphone and various android phones. an iphone is an iphone… 🙂
    The design looks sleek. esppecially Ilike the 7+ varient
    divided over the silver and matte black options

  • Ximo Agut

    Camera stablization Also, the fact that it’s waterproof

  • Cuteba

    I like the smart battery case

  • Elaine

    I like the camera and the water resistant feature.

  • Priyanka Joarder

    I’m really interested in the new A10 chip that apple has installed and I love the camera on the iPhone 7. The new waterproof system also really appeals to me and I think it would be so cool to take pictures or videos underwater!

  • Jaeho

    the iphone 7 is undoubtly the best smartphone of the year. with the new i0S 10.1, the system has changed alot of its features. it is mandatory to click the home button to unlock it, rather than sliding to unlock.

    i really hope ill get the new iphone 7, entered last month’s giveaway but i was unlucky. so i’d like to try again for this month’s giveaway.

  • rochelle33

    I like the way it is made

  • spscrazy

    I like the waterproofing and camera.

  • DarylDaryl

    Camera and Performance! Cheers!

  • Jai

    I like the overall smooth performance of an iPhone 7. Its closely integrated with good hardware configured well for its software!

  • Samantha

    The camera sounds good

  • Ilona

    I like the larger screen, great for watching videos on web. I like the rose gold color.

  • pkcable

    The camera!

  • disqus_B3BkuMV85H

    Does the giveaway end on Oct 30 as is written or in 22 days as the number at the top says?

  • emmanuel cuizon

    Jet black please. Dayum this would be a great Christmas gift for me 😉

  • Jesucks

    The best thing about the iphone IMO is the camera and the screen

  • Jitendra Kumar

    the most thing i like in the new iphone 7 is its fusion a10 proccessor and the camera.

  • Chelle

    I like the resolution and processing power of the iPhone7 Thanks!

  • Akhil S

    the camera is the best part

  • AirieF3nix

    It doesn’t have that old crappy technology called headphone jack… /s

  • nik athirah

    i just check my friend’s new i phone 7 and totally fell in love with it.

  • nik athirah

    the camera is just flawless

  • nik athirah

    Hope the new iphone 7 will be mine soon (thank you tabtimes in advance)

  • nik athirah

    i just watch the comparison between the new pixel phone’s camera and iphone 7 but i totally ship for iphone 7

  • nik athirah

    the new macbook pro laptop is just awesome

  • nik athirah

    the emoji key is just too cute

  • Jason Christian

    Nice device! loving the stock-like Android experience!

  • Vlada Jekic

    As many people say Fusion A10 processor, Waterproof feature and Airpods are best parts of iPhone 7. I hope only Apple will continue to offer new models without headphones jack because many people didn’t accept idea in first moment but as time pass they will see that Airpods are much better option than normal headphones. Objections about losing Airpods are really bad. What we need cable for everything to prevent lost. Really stupid objections for great features from side who will do that only 1-2 year later.

  • David

    Prefer the Pixel, but would love to give it a try

  • Menrath Marcell

    It’s waterproof

  • Ljupco Ristovski

    Everything is great! Design, performance, features, …

  • Wagner

    Its tottally waterproof.

  • Amolak

    I like the design and the unmatched performance.

  • Angel Karibo

    I love the new heaphone feature, how it’s waterproof, the different color variations it has, and the better cameras.

  • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

    For a lot of people the question remains what make apple tik? From my little research I discovered that at the heart of apple success story is the unique chip that surpass in performance even the best android phones. Apple improve on the iPhone 6 with the introduction of the quad-core Apple A10 Fusion chipset. The iPhone 7 is indeed a winner

  • Brandon Curtis

    I finish on the Jet Black model.

  • rngwrm

    i’m not really a fan, but other people seem to like them, and they’re way overvalued, so i could probably sell it, buy a decent-enough android, and pocket the difference.

  • Mithun

    I just the brand. No special reason

  • Juan Ramírez

    The dual Camera and the design

  • Oxy

    The camera definitely

  • rajee

    love the new camera feature

  • Will Larson

    I love it’s minimalist design….

  • Eduardo Mendes


  • Jurathlon

    I guess the matte black addition to color choices is nice and… well that’s it really.

  • GoNoles2014

    I love the camera the most, and the overall design as well.

  • I love everything about the new iphone 7! I would be absolutely beyond ecstatic, if I was chosen as this month’s winner! 🙂 However; I realize there can only be 1 winner soooooo, wishing everyone who enters, GOD LUCK!!!! 🙂 <3. <3 <3!!!! Getting back to what I love about the new iPhone 7; I am a Registered Nurse & was working full-time as a Community Visiting Nurse, as well as, I designed & was teaching a full diploma course @ our College in our city, for nurses, to obtain a diploma in Community Nursing,when they completed & graduated from my course. However, I had a patient actually cover a huge hole in his front top steps, with a rug. I ended up falling through this hole & shattering all the discs in my lower back…….Long story short, I need to keep my mind active but since I'm basically on continual bed rest, 24/7, due to the severe back pain from the accident; &, will NEVER be able to go back to work period; my iphone is my LIFELINE!!! It functions as my computer, as I'm not able to sit for periods of longer than 5-10 minutes, my connection to the outside world, my news source, my communication device; I could go on & on!!! The 1 thing I really love about the new iPhone 7, is there isn't a headjack!!! I can't begin to tell you how many pairs of headphones I go through a week!!! Because I constantly use my iphone 6 Plus, and I wear earbuds very many times throughout the day, inevitably, the cord from the earbuds always get caught on something , gets accidentally tugged on when I don't realize the earbud cords have caught on something & BOOM, another set of earbuds for the garbage!!! I also love the size of the new iPhone 7, not only physical size & that the iPhone 7 now comes in a 256GB size, I luv the upgrades in speed, Siri, camera functions…..I could go on & on but, I digress! However, I do need to mention that, I'd literally not only be ecstatic if I was the chosen winner for this month but also, I absolutely adore the Pink Coloured iPhone 7!!! Thank you so much for running this contest, Tab Times & again, Good Luck To everyone entered!

  • Pierre kabuya

    i like the camera and its perfomance that is second to none

  • Cristi Ionescu

    best camera

  • Sam abdul

    Dual camera for the + and the optical image stabilization

  • kori16

    I really like its design!

  • Abdulrahman

    Dual cam

  • Hamxa

    i love IOS

  • Kenneth Apurillo

    I like the camera and the jet black color option.

  • Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    The dual camera setup is my favorite.

  • Valentina Rakar

    I like thee design.

  • Legion

    iPhones don’t really need an explanation as to what’s good about them. Each iteration comes out with cutting edge innovation that gives you boasting rights in all of your friends’ circles. Matte black rules the kingdom!

  • charlene41356

    I love taking pictures so I would have to say the camera is one of the best features on this phone.

  • Mary Maria

    This is just a great phone all-round

  • sai nitish


  • Mahesh Kumar

    Dual Camera setup.
    That’s new for Apple

  • Nihad Nassar

    i just love the bold step they took by removing the earphone jack.

  • Brian Embry

    The camera and speed of the OS is what i want to try…

  • Emma Rawlinson

    It’s so thin!

  • Suiraarm

    Me encanta que tiene doble camara y siempre e sido fanatica de Apple *.*

  • Ariel Magno

    The camera is superb <3

  • ganesh_v

    A10 fusion quad core a next step to apple

  • MrSexyGabek

    A10 Fusion!

  • Joel Wong

    Integration and battery life

  • Anton

    I like it’s price! Funny, ha?

  • ralb

    I like it’s slim design

  • Watcher

    Perfect, gonna miss headphones jack thought

  • Josh Santolaja

    Iphone 7 is awesome

  • Divyanshu Srivastava

    The best thing about iPhone has always been the Performance where it has always outclassed any premium Android device. The degree of integration and smoothness is still unmatchable.

  • JuanPe A Secas

    The processor and the camera, of course

  • paspals

    dual camera setup, new home button…

  • Petar Rogina

    the optimization and stability of it’s OS is definitely a big plus

  • AndrosX12

    My favorite new feature of the iPhone7 is the Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses on the new camera rig.

  • Andrey Tsaruk

    Cool apple phone )

  • Anarion

    I like the fast storage.

  • Salma Al Sibai

    i like the dual camera and the design

  • nik athirah

    matte blacks is totally my style

  • nik athirah

    i really want an iphone 7 right now

  • Chris

    I enjoy the higher memory in the cheapest tier of the phone.

  • Anthony Rankine

    Those tasty iphone pics

  • Imree Zaidee

    I love the camera on the new iPhone 7

  • Joy Marie Benosa

    What i like best in the new iPhone 7 is Sleek aluminum design is now waterproof, bigger
    storage 32GB up to 256GB,

  • Rahul R

    the best feature is its price, since it is impossible for somebody like me to buy it!!

  • Darwin Dela Peña

    I like the water resistance and the camera.

  • tiffany dayton

    Everything is more advanced. It is cool looking and my phone broke.I need this.

  • Siddhant Kewaliya

    waterproof and camera are most exiting feature i like about iphone 7

  • Jamsheer Ali

    the processer and ofcourse the super cam on iphone 7.

  • Mura Abra

    The a10 processor is most i like

  • Sam Soon

    I most like is the a10 proccessor, camera and waterproof. Win Win Win

  • Swapnendu Sanyal


  • Bex Smith

    has to be the camera

  • agi ×

    I love the camera the most about the iphone 7.

  • Crismunyoz

    It´s beautiful, I want this smartphone

  • Mak Zi Weng

    New home button, long life button.

  • iphone 7 awesome!!~

  • Dragos Bardac

    The thing I like the most is the new camera with the 1.8 aperture.

  • kevin saju

    Best thing about the iphone 7 is its new home button and A10 proccessor

  • Amit Singh


  • Nazia Sharif

    Thank for opportunity, iphone 7 is my biggest dream its awesome

  • Julian

    I definitely like the camera best about this iPhone.
    The high resolution display together with this amazing picture quality is just amazing!

    Also the home-button is quite funny, I have tried it in a tech-Store 😀

  • Aravind

    the best performing phone

  • Matt Steven

    i like the new colour gamet and the new camera of the iphone 7

  • Frank S

    Surprisingly, I really like the idea of having NO headphone jack – ONE port for EVERYTHING! Of course the stellar processor is a BIG plus!!

  • Gordon

    The jet black version looks stunning, the improved specs plus the fact its one of the few flagship phones to be really one-hand friendly is whats really drawing me in. Oh go on you know you want to give me one!

  • Alex Panaite

    What I like the most about the iPhone 7 is the new home button and the new colors.

  • Nix

    I like the camera, taptic engine without mechanical home button and overall design

  • the processor and the camera is the best of this new iphone 7

  • kkakkoong

    I really like the design 🙂

  • Greg Butler

    Apple’s Processor is killing snapdragon 820 and the camera is’t bad either. I hated to say that as a long time Android man!! Truth hurts sometimes.

  • Sarah D.

    I love the STORAGE SPACE!!!!! But, considering I have a rather cheap phone with a limited amount of storage, anything is nice. 🙂

  • nik athirah

    i hope i can win iphone 7 this month after struggling so much last month


    Music is life. From reviews onlike for me, its the speakers, the presence of two speaker grills on the bottom edge of the phone because the 3.5mm headphone jack is gone giving space to only the lightning port now for headphones, or if you have to go wireless or use the provided adapter, which comes in the box,. This might come in as a disadvantage at some point probably when you might want to charge and listen to the music at the same time regardless i think its a good innovaton. The camera features also is another upgrade to love…

  • Chetan Belle

    Surprising you guys giving away mobile on Tablet forum

  • Kartikey Sharma

    it is probably the best phone on the market (if you prefer ios)
    2. water proof
    3. fastest phone
    4. my phone is getting near to 4 years anniversary
    5. i am really trying my luck for last 3 years

  • Antony Guan

    The thing I like most about the iphone is the new specs it has to make it the fastest phone yet because of it’s amazing ram managment

  • Not recommended, just pick the PLUS.

  • Maha Rashtrian

    I like it that is has a good battery life and is water resistant. It also looks very classy and premium.

  • Vitor Vieira

    I like the amazing design

  • Srinidhi

    i like the new color that they come now. Jet Black. And the IP67 Raiting.

  • Sam

    I like the fact the iPhone 7 has duo speakers and is waterproof.

  • Akshay Prabhu

    What I like in the new iphone?
    the clean design, the antenna bands dont spoil the look anymore and bigger camera sensor for #Crispy pictures!

  • Shrishail Gharat

    Overall I like the design of the new iphone.And it looks like a boss in the Matte black version.

  • Patricia Fujii Uesugi

    I like in the new iphone 7 is the a10 processor and the camera.

  • Theiss Robert

    I love it’s better than my piece of shit phone.

  • Giorgio Scampini

    Contando lo dias para el sorteo de este gran smartphone


    The 2TB hybrid storage drive & the camera

  • Nikolay Antonov

    The quad-core Apple A10 Fusion chipset
    Water tight body
    Stereo speakers – IT WAS ABOUT TIME!

  • Allison Lee Sherwood

    The no headphone jack feature is a great idea

  • María Chaviel.

    Ireally like the camera of the iphone 7

  • sonnyJLG

    What I like most about the new iPhone 7?
    That’s a tough one… could it be the Clean futuristic looking design(matte black ftw)?…
    Or maybe the new Fusion chip that seems to destroy all benchmarks with ease and performs like a elegant beast?…
    Perhaps it could be the new features implemented like Water resistance, force touch technology(amazing) and of course their great new camera hardware???
    It’s an all around great device and I would love to own an iPhone or any new apple product for once in my life just to see how the other side lives…
    Who knows, I think I might Love it and transition over to the iOS/OSX family completely.
    That would be a treat to finally own an apple product, the thought alone has got me excited!

  • Alexander Werner

    As an iPhone 5 user since it came out, what I like best about the new iPhone 7? The upgrade compared to previous generations on RAM, touch ID, and waterproofing! (Already dropped mine in water once and that turned into a nightmare-scenario quick disassemble and rest in rice XD)

  • varunnarula

    the best thing about the iphone 7 is the water resistance and slim profile

  • Knightr43

    Camera is by far the best on the market.Period

  • Sergey Nevmerzhitskiy


  • corinne wright

    Love the fact it’s waterproof!

  • Reed Marshall

    the camera, looks awesome

  • Scott Walls

    water resistance



  • Francisco Perez

    i think the processor the best !

  • Melon Juice

    the most thing i like in
    iphone 7 is its
    fusion a10 proccessor and the camera.

  • Paul Wilson

    The new iPhone seems to have plenty of oomph.

  • Nomar

    How fast it is, plus the Jet Black color.

  • Javez David

    matte black!

  • Ram Aditya

    Dual lens camera is one of the best thing in iphone 7

  • matte black is my only choice

  • nik athirah

    matte black is bae

  • dguy25

    Security updates

  • I like that they improved the camera and having no headphone jacks would certainly be a less hassle since users won’t be bothered by wires.

  • jdkcc myth

    camera too

  • Tooth Fairy

    What is not to like on this fantastic new iphone model? The camera must be really wonderful!

  • Abdullah Mohammad

    Probably the fast processing iPhone has is the best feature, especially apps start up.

  • r_espaillat

    I love two features, the waterproof and the new camera

  • Best thing on iPhone 7 is Camera and a10 Processor!, Hopefuly can win this giveaway, thanks! (Mate black please)

  • Sarah Orie

    I like the depth-of-field effect the camera on the plus has.

  • Christopher Cheong

    its a NEW iphone!!! .

  • John Tsepis

    The best feature of the new Iphone is the Camera and the home button

  • Agent 47


  • rahul pathak

    The waterproofing feature is my favourite

  • Gurpinder Singh


  • Stephen Abra

    This phone is one of the best phone of late 2016 providing a better screen brightness, water resistance and overall improved battery.

  • Nathan Hickling

    I like the water resistant metal body for when I drop it in the toilet.

  • Patricia Porter

    Love the choice of colour and I would pick Rose Gold.

  • camilabethcazenas

    i like about iPhone 7 is the camera and the different colors of each iPhone. I also like about iPhone 7’s new features. And to be honest, I like modern things, so I kinda like it’s ios. I really love to take different kinds of picture, and I wanna be a photographer or filmmaker in the future (that’s why i want to have mac because of imovie) so inorder to practice or enhance my skill more, I want to have a phone that’s like have a high quality camera. And I think iPhone is one the best. And also the wireless earphones, because in the previous earphones, the earphones got easily broken because of the wire, and I think the new earphones will not be broken easily. AND ONE LAST THING THAT IS GOOD ABOUT IT FOR ME, IT IS WATERPROOF!!! That’s the things that I love about iPhone 7 and in short. I REALLY LOVE iPHONE 7 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Victor Hugo

    The think I like the most on iPhone is its camera

  • Adnan Popara

    It doesn’t have audio jack 😀 hahah there I said it 😛

  • Davor Lukenda

    matte black

  • JBobea

    awesome phone!

  • Sam

    iPhone got THE best camera in the market right now

  • Susan Smith

    I love the great camera in this phone.

  • niane

    i’m just in LOVE with it’s BEAUTIFUL minimalist design that gives it a modern feel.

  • Terri-Louise dudey

    The camera looks fantastic also love the idea of it being waterproof xx

  • disqus_3IXVfTkr7a

    i like camera the most, of course

  • Lyle Bob

    it’s gotta be the camera

  • Eugen Tudi

    it’s gotta be water resistant

    • Angelia Jolie

      sure its gonna be 😀

      • Yuppieki

        same for me

  • Samir

    The camera and the water resistant.

  • Prem Griddalur

    The best new feature of the iPhone 7 has to be the new camera. The test pictures from various reviewers have just been outstanding and the colors in the images taken on an iPhone 7 are really vivid and pop out at you.

  • smoraes

    nice smartphone to win and use good camera

  • Jobi Cosme

    I love the water resistance and the removal of the headphone jack.

  • nik athirah


  • Viswanath_M

    My phone

  • Danonymous

    Water resistance and that A10 chip rocks for the iPhone 7!

  • Mark Bugz

    it’s water resistances makes it cooler!

  • Sarath Vipin

    The best thing about the iphone is felt is the camera. which is still one of the best you can buy on a smartphone

  • Henry Chai

    iPhone 7 comes with water resistant feature and its a10 processor and the black colour <3

  • Diana

    I like the water resistance, and the camera

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    A10x spee